Ouyang Nana cried for three funerals in a row, and 9000w netizens could not hold back: I never thought of saying goodbye like this.
Ouyang Nana cried for three funerals in a row, and 9000w netizens could not hold back: I never thought of saying goodbye like this.
We all have to learn to say goodbye calmly on the day when we are about to part.

has Ouyang Nana changed careers?

A few days ago, I got a hot search about her on Weibo:

in the video, she is dressed in dignified black and is busy grooming the remains of a dead puppy.

she gently stroked and wiped the dog's body and gently combed its hair.

after finishing the collection, it's time to say goodbye to the dog.

this is a scene from Reality Show's "adventures in the Corner of the World".

because of "too easy to cry", this variety show has also been frequently searched by netizens.

in each issue of the variety show, the stars will visit the corner of a city, immersively participate in the lives of ordinary people and talk about trivial and warm daily life.

this time, regular guest Ouyang Nana and flight guest Li Bingbing will come into contact with an unusual profession-pet mortician.

the destination of this stop is a pet funeral home called Paradise Office in Chengdu.

Nana and Brother Xiang, the boss of the firm, received a phone call from the favorite:

"it doesn't eat or drink, it loses its response, and it's on its deathbed."

after learning about the pet, Brother Xiang decided to leave for the guest's house immediately.

the puppy held by the pet owner Yao Min is ugly, and he can't make it to his 18th birthday.

ugly has been with Yao Min for 5 years.

in 2019, Yao Min received chemotherapy for cancer and hovered on the brink of collapse several times, with children and ugliness keeping her alive.

whenever Yao Min can't hold up and burst into tears in the toilet, ugly will quietly squat at the door of the toilet, guarding her.

two years have passed, Yao Min's illness has been cured, and all the hair lost by chemotherapy has grown back, but ugly is about to leave.

the 18-year-old of a dog is equivalent to 88 years of age of a human, and no one can stop the failure of his systemic organs.

near the end of his life, he can no longer eat, stand up and walk, nor can he respond to his mother's cries over and over again.

although ugly is extremely painful, he may be unwilling to leave like this.

it barely holds up, breathing faintly in her mother's arms, staying one more minute, it will be able to stay with her for one more minute.

but failed to make it in the end.

at the farewell ceremony, Yao Min looked haggard. She hated that time was too fast and that the days spent with ugliness were too short.

"they love you all their lives, and there are too many things in our lives."

one word makes people break the defense in an instant.

Paradise Office, like a container, filled with the sadness and helplessness of pet people, but also comforted the little lives that left one by one.

Brother Xiang said that he never urged guests to spend the last time with their pets and would leave room for them to continue their conversation until the mood of the guests calmed down.

as a pet mortician, I sometimes face some helpless situations, just like the experience of this cat named Sister Apple.

the owner made a decision for him: euthanize him.

Sister Apple is ill-fated. She started as a stray cat. After being adopted by a family in the neighborhood, she developed breast cancer.

then it was ruthlessly abandoned until it met its master summer.

she took her to see a doctor, had a tumor resection, and took good care of Sister Apple, and her body was recovering very well for a time.

but they had only been with each other for half a year, and just when they thought everything would be all right, Sister Apple's cancer metastasized and the disease relapsed.

at this time, it was very embarrassed to breathe and completely lost its usual demeanor.

summer and her husband both know that most of a cat's breast cancer is malignant, so they agree that instead of watching him live in pain, it is better to set him free.

it's just that when this innocence comes, summer is in the ward, but it's hard to make up his mind.

she stroked the frail Apple sister over and over again, crying and talking to it.

summer was too sad to stay with Sister Apple, so she had to wait outside the ward.

in times like this, all a pet mortician can do is comfort.

both Ouyang Nana and Li Bingbing witnessed the euthanasia of pets for the first time, and they couldn't let it go for a moment.

after leaving the pet hospital, Nana, who also has two cats, kept wiping away her tears.

Li Bingbing lamented: between life and death, between one step.

as a pet mortician, no matter how many emotions he has in his heart, he should send away his pet honorably for his guests.

the next day, they finished the last trip of Sister Apple:

completed the encoffining ceremony for it, printing its small footprints on the board;

and cut off a pinch of the cat's hair to save a thought for the owner.

Brother Xiang and Yue Yue of Paradise are a couple.

they originally founded the pet funeral home out of guilt about a deceased pet cat.

pulling the lamp is the first pet they keep.

they had to find a private workshop, hurriedly pushed the body of the lantern into the stove and hastily settled the matter.

after sending off the lamp, Xiang and his wife were in a very mixed mood.

accompany inThe little life around them for such a long time left without even a formal farewell.

in 2019, ideas hit the ground. Brother Xiang and his wife Yue Yue took a fancy to a piece of land on the outskirts of Chengdu that used to be a pigsty.

the surrounding trees are shady, and the glass room is mainly decorated with pure white, with carefully arranged pet body coffins in the middle.

the hanging white cloth is made of Yue stitch and thread.

they orchestrated every farewell ceremony in Paradise.

after receiving the request from the guests, Brother Xiang and Yue Yue first came to pick up the remains of the pet, and they would accompany and appease the sad pet owner.

then go back to the office and clean up the small animals' bodies so that they can leave cleanly.

then prepare the objects used for the farewell ceremony according to the requirements of each pet owner;

although many people are biased against "holding funerals for pets", Xiang and Yue feel that it is necessary.

the current number of pet owners in China has reached 62.94 million.

every year, a considerable number of pets leave the world, so what will happen to their bodies after they die?

and for those who have lost their pets, how can their feelings be placed and placed?

Pet funeral home came into being.

there are many urns for pets in this Paradise firm, all of which are temporarily stored by guests.

not every pet owner can quickly accept the fact that his pet has died. If there is a place like Paradise, they have an emotional buffer.

being able to bid farewell to pets is worth the encounter.

program, there is a white-haired guest, Miss Zhang Jing, which impressed me very much.

she has just lost a pet dog she has had for 15 years this year, but unlike other sad-looking guests, teacher Zhang Jing is particularly calm.

in her 70s, she and Ouyang Nana and Li Bingbing talked straight to the point about life and death.

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she even planned how she would face it when she died in the future: call all her relatives and friends and hold a farewell party for herself.

she takes life very seriously and doesn't want to go with regret; at the same time, she also knows that one day, it will be better to prepare in advance.

it's not that she doesn't care about Duoduo's death. Losing it is like losing a child of her own.

when it comes to the meeting 15 years ago, everything is still fresh in my mind for teacher Zhang Jing:

it was still early when she went to class. She heard Duoduo, who was abandoned before the full moon, and stopped screaming as soon as she picked it up. She thought it was probably fate.

since she raised a lot, she has become more aware of the natural law that all life will come to an end.

so she is psychologically prepared to find a pet funeral home worthy of trust for Duoduo on that day.

she read a lot of reports and noticed the Paradise Office in Chengdu.

when the dog died, she held a farewell ceremony and let Duoduo leave with dignity, and she was relieved a lot.

in the process of saying goodbye to people, pet morticians become the link between life and death.

as a ferryman in an angel firm, Xiang and Yuer have witnessed too many differences, but they have been hoping to comfort more people who have lost their love.

program, the warm family of four of Brother Xiang and Yue Yue welcomed a new member of the cat.

parting has always been a heavy topic for human beings.

but you can't refuse to meet just because you're afraid of parting.

We should all learn to say goodbye calmly on the day when we are about to part.

this is true for both people and pets.