People, must be atmospheric! The atmosphere makes a lot of money!
People, must be atmospheric! The atmosphere makes a lot of money!
May you see through the world calmly and never dream of people.

through the ages, those who achieve great things must have an atmosphere in mind.

what is atmosphere?

is like plum has clank arrogance, if the orchid enjoys peace with the world, has the bamboo high wind and bright festival, is like the chrysanthemum's tranquil place.

the sky and earth are vast, so it can hold the sun, moon and stars;

the sea accepts all rivers and nourishes all living things.

only when people have the atmosphere can they accept the heaven and earth for the vicissitudes of life.

being a man in the atmosphere is a spiritual practice in life.

the ancients said: "the superior man should put up with what others cannot bear, tolerate what they cannot tolerate, and deal with what they cannot do."

those who have atmosphere will become great, and those who have atmosphere will be able to go smoothly everywhere!


A man of atmosphere will calm down in the face of adversity

in this life, there is not only the brilliance of winning the bright moon and inviting stars into the eyes, but also the dilapidation of residual flowers and vagrancy.

and the really strong people, even in the low ebb of life, are secretly trying to go uphill.

once saw an exclusive interview:

A man, when he first graduated, was teaching in the primary school in his village. Due to lack of experience, he was kicked off the stage by the students in less than a week.

later, he raised chickens, brewed wine, caught fish, and even shot holes for people on the cliffs of stone mines. But they didn't make any money.

almost everyone said his life was over.

but then he became the boss with tens of millions of assets.

the reporter asked him, "how do you manage to fail without flinching after failure?"

he said nothing, looked at the glass in his hand and asked, "what will happen to this cup if I let go?"

the reporter said, "it must be broken. "

"Let's have a try. "he said.

as soon as he loosened his hand, the cup fell to the ground with a crisp sound, but it was still intact.

he said: "I'm sure most people will think that this cup is bound to break." However, this cup is not an ordinary glass, but made of fiberglass. "

Napoleon said: "every adversity contains the same amount of seeds of success."

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atmospheric people have a sunny mindset and can afford to let go.

even if you only have a breath, you should firmly hold on to the successful hand and wait for the opportunity to burn your bridges.

although fate has pushed you to the bottom, you have to breathe hard the moment the sun shines in.

in the cartoon Hal's moving Castle, the beautiful and optimistic hostess is cursed by the witch and becomes an old woman.

as an ordinary person, she might seek life and death, but instead of trying her best to help others, she slowly regained her youthful appearance in the process of doing good deeds.

as the saying goes, the world kisses me with pain, but I sing in return.

Life, to have the ambition to rise to the sky, but also to have the open-minded optimism of falling into the tiger's den and Longtan.

the so-called hidden dragon do not use, when you are in adversity, even if you are brilliant, do not rush to prove yourself.

only those who can keep calm, be patient, and hold their original mind can go on more calmly.

No matter in prosperity or adversity, people in atmosphere can handle it calmly!


an atmospheric person, who is right or wrong is not angry

Nan Huaijin, a master of Sinology, once said: "the real practice is to practice the mind in the world of mortals."

No matter what changes have taken place in life, only when you have peace of mind, can you win a big victory and your life can take a turn for the better.

atmospheric people are generous and calm in the face of all kinds of things in the world.

Master Dream window once took a boat to cross the river. the boat was not far from the shore when a menacing general on the shore shouted, "wait a minute!" Take me across the river! "

at this time, Master Dream window said to the boatman, "Boatman, the boat is not far from the shore, so give him a convenience and pick him up later!"

the boatman respected the monks so much that he followed the advice of Master Mengchuan.

either felt that the boat was coming too slowly, or something was bothering him. When the general got on board, he swearingly pushed Master Mengchuan aside and took his place, not to mention gave him a whip.

Master Mengguang didn't say a word, and his head was bleeding.

everyone was scared when they saw it, but because of the general's ferocity, no one dared to say anything more.

after the boat reached the shore, Master Mengguang stepped out of the boat as if nothing had happened and washed the blood off his face with the river.

the overbearing general felt ashamed when he saw that the Zen master had no intention to embarrass himself, so he went forward and knelt by the river and sincerely apologized to the Zen master Mengchuan.

Master Dream window said calmly, "it doesn't matter, people will inevitably be in a bad mood when they are away from home."

such self-cultivation not only forgives others, but also sublimes oneself.

there is a saying that goes like this: "it is easy to be friendly in doing things, not to grind your temper when things happen, and to accept all rivers to nourish the atmosphere."

in life, satisfactory days are always rare, and it is inevitable to experience right and wrong.

if you haggle over everything, people will live more and more tired and only add to the trouble.

Wise men usually choose to meet with a smile and swallow their anger.Go and turn it into an invisible measure.

youdao is a person who has a big belly and can not tolerate the world. He smiles often and laughs at the things that are difficult to enjoy in the world.

A magnificent man is broad-minded, because he can bend and stretch, so that his days can last a long time


Life is not only enterprising, but also learn to make appropriate compromises and empty your heart in order to find more beauty.


atmospheric people, low-key people are not arrogant

atmospheric people have a pattern that is not ostentatious, and have integrity but no arrogance.

if a person is too high-profile, he will not only be shut out, but also easily run into a brick wall everywhere.

when Franklin was young, he went to the home of an old-timer. He held his head high and strode into a low hut.

as soon as he entered the door, he banged his forehead against the door frame with a bang, and immediately became black and blue.

the old-timer smiled and greeted him and said:

"it hurts! You know, this is the greatest achievement of your visit to me today.

if one wants to understand the world and master human feelings, one must always remember to bow his head. "

bowing your head is not a symbol of weakness, but a low-key, introverted calm.

mature rice knows how to bend over, and only the empty barnyard plants will hold their heads high and show off in the wind.

the same is true of life, if you blindly hold your head high, it is easy for people to stay away, or even be beaten and excluded.

those who achieve great things should not only have the courage to strive for the top, but also have the atmosphere of being willing to bow their heads.

the so-called atmosphere is not the arrogance of half a bottle of water, but the humility of our teacher.

when Confucius was traveling around the world, on his way to Jin, he met a seven-year-old boy who stood in the way and asked him to answer two questions before he got out of the way.

one is: "Why are geese barking so loudly?"

Confucius replied, "the goose has a long neck, so it cries loudly."

the child said, "Frogs have short necks. Why are they barking so loudly?"

Confucius was speechless.

he said to his students in shame, "I'm not as good as him. He can be my teacher!"

Confucius' atmosphere comes from his own quality and self-cultivation. For things beyond his ability, he is not good at being a teacher and always keeps a humble heart.

the more magnificent people are, the more they understand the size of the world, and we are so small, like a drop in the ocean.

keeping a low profile is not only a simple action, a casual conversation, but also an open-minded wisdom, but also the best attitude to be a person.

with atmosphere in mind, you can look at the sun and the moon like water, and look like a mirror at the Spring and Autumn period.


there are three qi in life: win in harmony, defeat in temper, and succeed in atmosphere.

atmospheric people are neither humble nor arrogant, as deep as mountains and as thorough as water. There are the calmness of Mount Tai's collapse in front of him without changing his face, the unambiguous progress when he enters, and the felling of fruit that should be retreated without hesitation.

A person with an atmosphere is like a mirror in his heart. He responds with his feelings and shines on everything. The surface is as calm as the lake, but the heart is as vast as the sea.

an atmospheric person naturally knows the best way to do things: one is "flat" and the other is "light".

flat, everything can be at ease, light, life can be quiet and far away.

all sorrows and joys are angry, and every glory is withered.

I wish you to be meticulous and be a good man.

May you see through the world calmly and never dream of people.


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