People, never let the mood get sick.
People, never let the mood get sick.
Everything goes well when you are in a good mood.

as the saying goes: things turn from the heart, circumstances are created by the mind, and troubles are created by the heart.

everyone will experience many setbacks. If you take every unpleasant thing to heart, your heart will be overwhelmed.

so, when you live a lifetime, you must not let your mood get sick.


if you are in a good mood, you will not be tired

Zhuangzi once said in the World: "I know what I have to do, but I feel at ease."

means: in one's life, there are always some things that cannot be solved satisfactorily.

when we are faced with these helpless things, instead of circling around it, let the heart also suffer. You might as well think that it is predestined and accept it calmly.

there is a short story:

an old lady has two sons, the eldest son owns a wholesale umbrella shop, and the second son is in the straw sandals business.

whenever the weather clears up, the old lady sighs and says:

"in such a big sun, umbrellas are hard to sell, so it must be hard for the eldest son."

but as soon as it rained, she thought of her second son: "how can I sell my second straw sandals in such a heavy rain?"

once people make their mood sick, it will be very difficult to recover, and the burden on their hearts will become heavier and heavier.

therefore, for a long time, no matter whether it is sunny or rainy, the old lady always looks sad and depressed.

until later, a master listened to the old lady's worry and comforted her:

"you should be happy, old man. You think, your eldest son's umbrella will be sold on a rainy day, and your second son's straw sandal business will be very good on a sunny day. "

the old lady thought on second thought that this was indeed the truth, and from then on she was in a good mood and no longer had a sad face.

as the saying goes: if you think about it, you will be pure land, and if you don't think about it, you will be hell.

Life is like a play, it depends on how to perform.

when you look at life with a joyful vision, life is naturally enlightened, but if you always like to look at things, your heart will suffer.

learn to keep a good mood and get more sleep, so that our life will be much happier and more comfortable.


when you are in a good mood, you will suffer less

there is a saying: "the worst and the best will pass."

in the long river of time, no matter it is brilliant or bleak, whether it is happy or painful, everything will pass.

so, when we have something to worry about, if we are always obsessed with how excessive and unreasonable that person is.

this will only lead to resentment in your heart and be controlled by negative emotions.

remember a story I read before:

A general was accused by a minister of being selfish and deliberately partial to some people in investigating and dealing with corrupt officials.

the general has always been upright and impartial. Hearing this, he went back to his house angrily, unable to eat and sleep, and was in a very bad mood for a time.

A doorman named Han Shanzi, seeing that the general was so angry, came up with a good idea for him-to write a sharp letter to "retaliate" the minister.

the general immediately accepted the suggestion, wrote a "retaliation" letter on the spot, and showed it to Han Shanzi.

after reading Hanshanzi, he shouted, "that's right, that's what you want, General."

but when the general folded the letter and wanted to give it to the minister, Han Shanzi stopped him: "General, wait a minute, please don't really send the letter?"

the general asked, somewhat puzzled, "Why?"

Han Shanzi said, "No, this letter is not for you to give to each other, but for you to throw into the fire."

when you wrote this letter, you were angry. In fact, you were relieved after you finished it. Looking at your expression now, I think it has been put down.

then don't let anger occupy your heart, just let it disappear in the flames.

do not realize that this will only make you more and more miserable and unhappy.

the argument of the famous Festinger's Law is:

"10% of life is made up of what happens to you, and the other 90% is determined by how you react to what happens."

as the name implies, we can control 90% of the things that happen in our lives, except for 10% we can't control.

there are always bad things in life, but you can always be the master of your emotions.

although most of the time, we have no way to change others, but at least we can change ourselves, from a different angle, to a different state of mind, that is, the willow and the flowers are clean.

understand this, no matter how big it is, it becomes a small matter, and the pain is naturally less.


people, never let your mood get sick

the most difficult thing in one's life is the heart, and the most difficult thing is to cross the heart.

people live as long as they straighten their hearts.Attitude, pick up the mood, life will be smooth.

but these sheep have a problem. They like to steal vegetables from the garden.

this makes the maid in charge of the vegetable garden often criticized.

the maid was very upset about this, and she was very depressed for a time.

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over time, she held a grudge and often beat the sheep angrily. As soon as the sheep meets the maid, it also becomes very aggressive.

once, in a struggle with the sheep, the maid was in a hurry, so she threw a burning charcoal on the sheep's back, and the wool immediately burned up.

as a result, the sheep could not stand the heat, and the fire instantly ignited the houses and pastures.

there are so many unpleasant things in life that even if you get through everything, there may not be great joy.

but if you indulge in the aversion to pain and stress all day long, life will only get worse.

people have seven emotions and six desires, and when they are in a good mood, they naturally have bad times. Only by reconciling with themselves can they lead a better life.

there is a saying:

"A good mood is the seed of one's survival and state of mind. Cultivate it and protect it, and success and happiness will come uninvited!"

in a bad mood, there is a quagmire everywhere; if you are in a good mood, everything goes well.

in the future, no matter where we go, we should learn to support ourselves, give ourselves more strength when we fail, and comfort ourselves when we are in pain.

remember, there is no impassable thing, only an impassable mood, if the heart is clear, then everything is clear.

May you always be in a good mood, live a simple and pure life and be happy and determined for the rest of your life.

encourage each other!


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