People pay for their emotions all their lives.
People pay for their emotions all their lives.
There has never been a satisfactory life, only an open life.

A friend asked me at a dinner party:

what do you think is the greatest advantage of a person?

I said: emotionally stable.

Why do you say that?

because I have seen too many people, I lose my temper and give up my temper at the slightest thing, which later leads to a very bad result, and I regret it again.

said with remorse that if he had controlled his emotions and had been less impulsive, he might have saved the situation.

it is a pity that there is no regret medicine to buy in life, and what you have experienced cannot be repeated. Instead of being sad afterwards, it is better to think about how to avoid a similar situation.

in this world, everyone knows the big truth, but it is difficult to control the small emotions.

but it is precisely those bad emotions that have been ignored that have led to too many irreparable consequences.

anger is sent to the family, leaving regret

in these two days, moments were scanned by a video.

in the video, a woman is looking out of the window, ready to jump from a tall building.

her husband apologized desperately, saying that I was wrong and that I was wrong.

it turns out that that night, the husband went out for a drink and came home, and the two had a quarrel.

maybe she couldn't stand her husband's attitude. the woman was out of control and made a frightening move.

in the process of rescue, the woman said aggrieved, "didn't you tell me to go to hell?"

the husband hurriedly replied, "No, I'm kidding."

but who would have thought that such seemingly joking words could make his wife risk her life?

after the successful rescue, the husband hugged his wife tightly and repeatedly apologized to appease his wife's emotions, with guilt, reluctance and remorse in his words.

just through the live video, you can feel the husband's anxiety.

you should know that in real life, not every time you lose control of your emotions, someone will cover for you.

Bad emotions not only slander each other, but also continue to destroy the relationship between two people.

so, when facing your loved ones, speak slowly and do things slowly. Don't let bad emotions ruin the relationship and leave a lifetime of regret.

in this world, only those who can be kind to their loved ones are worth trusting.

if you can control your emotions, you can control your life.

anger is sent to strangers, leaving regrets

I don't know if you remember such a piece of news--

two men quarreled over 10 yuan during a card game in Zhuhai, Guangdong.

it wasn't a big deal, but the two men quarreled.

emotion surged to the top of his head in an instant and was quickly ignited, and the two men turned from quarrels to scuffles, which became more and more intense.

one man picked up a flowerpot and brick, another rolled up his sleeves and waved his fist, and onlookers persuaded the fight, and it took a lot of effort to pull them apart.

but unexpectedly, the person is opened, but the mood has not been relieved.

A man couldn't make up his mind, so he went to the store to buy a knife and chased him to another man's house and stabbed him several times.

he may just want to vent, but he didn't expect it. For a moment, his blood was pouring, and his life or death was uncertain.

then, the man who stabbed the man was also arrested, and he will be greeted by prison.

in this way, a good game of cards turned into a tragedy.

for 10 yuan, life ruined the happiness of the two families.

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in fact, if you think about it carefully, why not?

if one of the two could be a little more magnanimous and calm.

be able to endure when you are in the mood and wait before you start a fight, so as not to produce such bitter fruit.

people say that letting go of one's emotions is the beginning of disaster.

when your words and deeds are completely pinned on your current mood, it is like strapping a ticking time bomb with you, and danger is coming at any time.

Life is a spiritual practice, there is no plain sailing life, there is how you face the state of mind and state of life.

A really good person must have learned how to get along with emotions.

keep your anger in your heart, but you hurt yourself

so, will it reduce regret if you don't get angry with others, but keep your anger in your heart?

the answer is no.

when I think of a friend around me, I always like to sigh and lose my temper at the people around me if I am a little upset.

for a time, she often complained to me about chest tightness, loss of appetite, bad food and bad sleep.

coupled with irregular menstruation, she went to the hospital for examination after she didn't get better for nearly half a year.

the doctor said that this was due to endocrine incoordination, and breast hyperplasia was found in her breast.

if it goes on like this, the possible consequences will be unimaginable over time.

she was frightened.

in addition to the regular treatment, the doctor also told her to keep a good mood and less angry.

the reason for saying this is that the harm of anger is reallyIt's too big.

so don't get angry all the time, let alone keep your sulk in your heart.

people live a lifetime, there will always be a variety of trivial things to disturb our lives, we can not control the weather, but we can change the mood, we can not foresee tomorrow, but we can cherish today.

people's happiness in this life is often in their own hands.

so, what should I do when I encounter an unavoidable bad mood?

think of a sentence:

the reason why a person does not succeed is not because he knows little, but because he lacks control.

this includes control over emotions.

Dr. Ronald, an expert in emotion management, said:

stormy anger, which often lasts no more than 12 seconds, destroys everything when it breaks out, but then it is calm.

but it is this short 12 seconds that can determine the happiness of your life.

if you really can't help but get angry, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and ease your mood for a while.

if you have time, you might as well find a way to vent. In the not-so-good days, you should learn to create little things that heal your mood.

whether you exercise, play a TV show, or have a good meal, you can temporarily divert your attention and dispel your negative emotions.

you should know that life is a spiritual practice. There is never a satisfactory life, but a life that is open to life.

No matter where you are and what situation you are in, try to be the master of the environment and try to live a happy life.

when the heart is gentle, everything is perfect; when the heart is pure, the situation is good; when the heart is happy, life is happy.

, may you be the master of emotions, control your own life, and live your own life.