People, unfilial piety can not be handed over; people, not sincere can not be placed!
People, unfilial piety can not be handed over; people, not sincere can not be placed!
A man chooses a wise king and a minister, and a bird chooses a good wood to perch.

in the temple, there is a master, and every new apprentice must first let him sweep the floor.

if he asks, "is it clean?" The new apprentice replied, "sweep it clean."

ask again: "is it really swept clean?" Then answer: "really swept clean."

then he must not accept this new apprentice.

Why? It turned out that sweeping the floor was the examination question given by this master.

he has put some coins and leaves in the corner.

is to test whether the new apprentice can bear hardships and stand hard work, whether the new apprentice is thoughtful and careful, and third whether the new apprentice is greedy for money and goods. If he has passed all three hurdles, then he will accept the apprentice.

by the same token, you should be more careful in making friends.

"A clear turbid must come from a different source, but the wind is not the same as the soaring." The poems of Fu Xuan of Jin Dynasty show the importance of choosing friends.

in life, the three values of making friends are more important than facial features, and character is more important than material.

if a person has a bad character, he or she will probably suffer losses when dealing with him.

instead of spending energy on people who are not worth it, it is better to cherish those who really care about us.

it is said that if you know horsepower from a distance, you will see the hearts of the people for a long time.

people with personality problems often have these manifestations, so never make a deep acquaintance.

your life will be smoother only if you stay away from the people who consume you.


people are unfilial and cannot be handed in

writer Bi Shumin once said:

when parents are around, there is still a place in life. When parents go, there will be no way back in life.

parents are here, home is, home is, there is still a foundation in life, a soul and a destination.

the deepest sorrow in life is that children want to be raised but not loved.

the Thai short film "take Mom to Class" depicts a strong relationship between a mother suffering from Alzheimer's disease and her son, which is still impressive.

A teacher always brings her Alzheimer's mother to school and sits in the back row of the classroom, which annoys many students and parents.

the headmaster had to talk to the teacher because of the parents' protest. Unexpectedly, at this time, the mother suddenly got lost, and all the students who were preparing to go home spontaneously helped to find their grandma.

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at this time, parents found that the teacher's filial piety to their mother imperceptibly taught their children to be grateful and return.

A warm word, a big hug. Children repay their parents' love for them in their own way.

Sheep has the grace of kneeling breast, crow has the meaning of back-feeding. Not to mention people?

filial piety is a quality that everyone should have.

but it's easy to talk about filial piety, but it's hard to do it.

some people say that to buy a house for parents, hire a babysitter and have a big meal is to be filial to them.

in fact, for parents, material enjoyment is far less real than spiritual comfort. What they need most is companionship and understanding.

you might as well smile more and show less anger, be more grateful and less disdainful.

these easy things do not need to be borrowed from anyone, nor do they need to pay tuition fees to learn, let alone any effort.

in retrospect, is it really that difficult?

host Ma Dong told the story of how his mother was cheated by TV shopping on the Strange Story.

Ma Dong said, of course I knew she had been fooled again, but instead of throwing cold water on her mother, she pretended to be surprised and gave her a compliment.

sometimes pretending to be stupid is a different kind of comfort.

filial piety comes first, filial piety is the foundation of our life.

A person's filial piety or unfilial piety can directly reflect the character of this person.

there is a saying like this: a person who knows filial piety and gratitude is at least kind in his heart, and no matter how bad it is.

making friends is in itself a choice and shaping of the three values.

if you don't cherish the people your parents care about and regard kindness as an encumbrance, how can you take the kindness of others to heart?

as the saying goes, those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black.

it really matters what kind of person you are and who you are with.

but filial piety is filial piety, obedience is obedient, it is necessary to make friends with filial piety, and those who are foolish, loyal and filial piety are not worthy of deep acquaintance.

those who can't be traced in the past are years, and those who go but can't be seen are dear.

when you're not sure what you're going to do at this stage, be filial to your parents. That's the only thing you can't do wrong anytime, anywhere.


people are dishonest and can't be dealt with

Confucius said, "I don't know what a man can do without faith."

as the old saying goes, it is far away but true in meaning. if a person cannot stick to the integrity in his heart, it will be very difficult for him to live in the world.

honesty is the best pass for a person to walk in the world.

have seen such a philosophical story:

he said to the children who came to be recruited, "I will give you a seed today. Three months later, if anyone can use these seeds to cultivate the most beautiful flowers, then that child will be my heir."

three months have passed, and countless well-dressed children have taken to the streets, each holding each other.Flowerpots with flowers in bloom come to participate in the final competition.

there is only one child with nothing in the basin and tearful eyes.

"Dear King, I water hard every day, fertilize carefully, and hold the flowerpot in my arms even when I sleep, but I haven't planted anything?"

the king laughed and said, "honest prince, you will not plant any flowers, because what I give you are fried seeds!"

the end of the story is obvious. The child became a prince because of his honesty.

you know, it is impossible for life to blossom splendid flowers from lies. It is most important to be honest with others and yourself.

people without integrity lose not only trust, but also their own lives.

in history, the king of Zhou you, who smiled for beauty, lit a beacon that symbolized the border alarm signal, and when the enemy really attacked, the princes did not want to be fooled again.

similarly, in the story, the boring guy shouted, "here comes the wolf, here comes the wolf!" The sheep-herding child, when the real wolf came, no one came to help him.

it is said in the Book of changes: "those who are helped by heaven are obedient, and those who are helped by people believe."

people who are really reliable have the quality of being sincere to others. They never want to be opportunistic, and they will keep their promises when they promise each other.

because sincerity is the foundation of communication between two people.

We often say that it is better to make friends with gentlemen than villains, and it is one's character that is valued in making friends.

honest people, "one promise" is as noble as a "daughter", there is a response to everything, everything is settled, and thus won the respect and trust of others.

for those who consume your trust again and again, you don't have to talk to each other, see clearly earlier, so that you won't let your heart be trampled on.

people, only by treating others with sincerity, can they win hearts, careers and life.


it is impossible for everyone to be alone in life, and it is undoubtedly a blessing to have three or five bosom friends.

however, when you walk around the world, you are not afraid to meet a true villain, but you are afraid to meet a hypocrite.

to judge whether a person can make a deep acquaintance, it depends on whether he deserves your respect and admiration.

Man chooses a wise king and minister, and a bird chooses a good wood to perch.

if two people do not share the same point of view, it is difficult to maintain them even if they become friends.

so, don't be afraid of losing anyone, leaving people who are not worth it.

May each of us have a pair of discerning eyes, make more good friends, devote ourselves to practice and be the best of ourselves!


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