People who are too tough are not happy.
People who are too tough are not happy.
If heaven wants it to die, it will drive it crazy.

if a person is too cowardly, he is easy to be bullied; however, if a person is too tough, it is not a good thing.

Laozi said, "if the wood is strong, it will break."

that is to say, if the branch is tall, it is easy to break.

if a person is too tough, it is easy to incur calamity because he does not know how to concede, or because he thinks he is strong and does whatever he wants and violates the way of heaven.

Mencius said, "those who lose their way have little support."

No matter how strong a person is, if he deviates from the Tao, he will become a "weak".

people who are too tough will not forgive others with words

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some people always like to outdo others in words.

once they find that others do not agree with their own views, they will change from being calm at first to talking harshly, turning an ordinary conversation into a heated debate.

they often don't care whether a thing is worth debating or not. anyway, they have only one goal, that is, they must win.

over time, people around them understand their personalities, and once they find that they are going to start a debate, they will take the initiative to "surrender" or even stay away.

they never lose an argument, but what they get in the end is people's fear and alienation of them, as well as their own loneliness.

once there was a classmate who belonged to the kind of "reasonable and unforgiving" character.

he once proudly said to me, "once I catch someone else's mistake, I can kill him."

hearing this, I can't help but shudder. It's better to stay away from being so mean and ruthless.

the ancients said, "Rao Ren is not a fool, and an idiot will not forgive others."

A person can be "reasonable and forgiving". In fact, he is not only tolerant and kind to others, but also kind to himself.

the so-called "plant good causes, get good results", be kind to others, in the end, you will win the goodwill of others.

seize the mistakes of others and unscrupulously release the nature of being "mean". In the end, this meanness will return to yourself.

people who are too tough don't know how to make concessions.

as the old saying goes, "losing is a blessing."

when you are alive, you will always encounter all kinds of unhappiness, and it is inevitable to suffer losses. Sometimes, a small loss can avoid a greater disaster.

for example, if you are having dinner with your girlfriend and the hooligans at the next table whistle and provoke, what should you do?

if you can bear this breath and choose to leave, then you will be safe.

on the contrary, if you can't bear it, argue with it, or even get into a big fight, the result is likely to be unimaginable.

the reason why hooligans are hooligans is that they are unreasonable, and if they argue with them, they will undoubtedly cast pearls before swine and even provoke them to greater evil. if they fight with them, they will be weak, and it is obviously "hitting stones with eggs".

at this point, some people may say: isn't this too cowardly?

Sun Tzu's Art of War says:

"there will be five dangers, one of which is resentment, which can be insulted."

that is to say: "the general has five fatal weaknesses, one of which is impatient and irritable, and will act rashly because he is insulted."

the same is true for individuals. If you ignore your true strength and be driven by a moment of anger, you will only get hurt.

"hitting a stone with an egg" is not brave, but is carried away by anger, and violates the action principle of "acting in accordance with profit, but not in accordance with profit".

people who are too tough can't have a long career

everything in this world has its own law of development, and with human power, it cannot be changed.

people who do not know the way of heaven think that they can rely on their own strength and do whatever they want. as a result, they rise quickly, and likewise, they perish quickly.

and the really wise people, they know that there is only obedience to the laws of the world.

as the saying goes, "those who follow the path prosper, those who go against it perish". Only by obeying the Tao can it last for a long time.

in order to develop our own cause, rely on our own financial resources, power, and status, and do whatever we want, we will indeed see obvious results within a short period of time.

however, this achievement must be a "flash in the pan".

for those who work hard and work hard, they can only seek development with a sincere heart. Although their development is slow, their every step is very solid.

their success is not easy, but their foundation is very solid.

as the saying goes, "if heaven desires its death, it will drive it crazy."

the more tough and arrogant a person is, the closer he is to failure. Only by being humble and in awe can we last long.

Laozi said, "the weak is better than the strong."

being good at being weak is not cowardice, but a kind of wisdom that chooses to move on standby in the face of unfavorable situation. Only when there is softness in the midst of progress and knowledge of advance and retreat can life be smoother.

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