Pinchable aerogel: can withstand cauterization and liquid nitrogen
Pinchable aerogel: can withstand cauterization and liquid nitrogen
Flower: a good companion of aerogel

Let's share a demonstration video of aerogel today. What is aerogel? Imagine a hydrogel structure that traps a lot of water, and then imagine replacing all the water in it with a gas, and it becomes an aerogel. Aerogel materials have some attractive properties, such as low density and very good thermal insulation. If you put a flower on an insulating aerogel and heat it with a high-temperature flame, the flower will not see any change. There is something special about the aerogel in the video: it is soft and elastic.

silica aerogel has good heat resistance, but many aerogel materials with good thermal insulation are brittle, which limits their application. This time, researchers at Donghua University combined silica nanofibers with nanoparticles to produce an aerogel with a honeycomb microstructure. The unique microstructure makes the aerogel have good comprehensive properties, not only good thermal insulation, but also elastic, can be continuously compressed 50% 1000 times and still can rebound, and can maintain performance after withstanding the high and low temperature test of butane blowtorch and liquid nitrogen. It is said that the preparation method of this aerogel is also relatively simple.

these aerogels are expected to be used in firefighters' protective clothing, pipe insulation, and space and aircraft insulation.

I feel that the demonstration of aerogel really likes to use flowers. Putting aerogel on top of flowers shows a very low density, and putting flowers on top of aerogels can also show heat resistance.


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