Please tell your children: when you get married, don't look for these three families.
Please tell your children: when you get married, don't look for these three families.
I would rather be alone than against my will. I would rather regret than make do with it.

it is a matter for three families to marry too hastily and make the wrong choice and then regret it.

Marriage, considering only the absurdity of family circumstances and not considering family circumstances, is really stupid.

A person's family has long exposed the hidden dangers of marriage.

parents have more experience and tell their children not to find these three families when they get married.

A calculating family

early this year,

# A piece of underwear leads to the withdrawal of the marriage #

is a hot search.

it is customary for the man to prepare new underwear for the woman, but the bride finds out that the size is too small and insists on not buying a new one or quitting the marriage.

is it really a mountain out of a molehill?

dress the bride with small clothes and shoes, which makes her "know the rules" as soon as she enters the door.

while the girl called and said, the man's response was: "can't you buy it, but can't you wear an old one?"

the expectant mother-in-law even said, "if you don't want to marry, you can refund the bride price as much as you want."

the man gave 88000 betrothal gifts and spent another 20,000 yuan on clothes, but the woman did not move at all and took a 100000 dowry, not for money, but was pinned down before entering the door.

even the welcoming team shouted: "if you don't marry, you will refund the bride price!"

you think that the calculation in marriage is who does the housework and who pays the tuition for the children, but some calculations begin before marriage.

the groom may also have his reasons, but more people in the comments support quitting the marriage.

as Yu Minhong said:

"it's hard for us to find a broad-minded child in a calculating family."

most marriages that endure the beginning end in tragedy.

some netizens complain, their own family conditions are good, and her mother-in-law stares at her money every day.

before they got married, their parents helped their brother-in-law buy a house and lent them money to do business. when they got married, the parents hid back and said they paid the down payment on the house.

her father-in-law is sick, and her little family is the poorest, but she gets the most money: "aren't your parents rich?"

when her husband goes to work in her parents' shop, he often fiddles with the accounts to hide some money.

she was completely devastated by the calculation of her mother-in-law, husband and wife.

Marriage is not an espionage drama, but a win-win, loss-sharing or happiness-sharing between two people. Too much care will hurt feelings.

I am most afraid of a person giving and enjoying his success. Even if he or she loves again at first, the relationship will sooner or later be out of balance.

when you come across such a family, you must tell your children that it is better to be as far away as possible.

complaining families

A person's character, thinking, and way of life are all deeply influenced by his original family.

parents often quarrel and their children are grumpy.

Children complain to their parents and are mostly not gentle with their partners.

writer Liu Na received a message from a girl who divorced twice and felt that she had never been happy. She scolded her husband very badly, saying, "Men are all losers!"

and her two husbands left her precisely because they were dissatisfied with her accusations and complaints.

she reflected painfully:

"maybe it has something to do with my childhood. My mother is very fond of complaining. My father doesn't resist, but I remember every nasty word my mother complained about."

before I knew it, I also learned to attack others with them. "

two people who have been together for a long time will encounter both good and bad things, and can't stand the repeated complaints.

when it comes to unforgiving parents and depressed family atmosphere, it is easy to soak for a long time.

blogger Chen Weihang talked about a boyfriend and listened to each other complain every day that his parents had suppressed him since childhood and had not given him any encouragement. He had a backlog of dissatisfaction, despair at work and questioning himself.

even when Chen Weihang just returned from a business trip, he had another conflict with his colleagues, and he was feeling bad, and his boyfriend was still talking dejectedly.

the cheerful Chen Wei-hang can only comfort and try her best to calm him down.

but her heart was branded with a wound, what the other family lacked, she didn't know how to make it up, so she had no choice but to leave.

it wasn't until after the breakup that she realized that love is a good thing, not a painful one.

good feelings nourish people, while bad feelings consume people.

can't heal each other's wounds, even if you get married, I'm afraid you'll leave early.

before getting married, remember to let the children observe more and the family respect each other so that there will be lights to be loved, neither resentment nor annoyance, nor frequent quarrels, so that the family can be easily managed.

families with different values

what is the feeling of a marriage with different values?

you like to travel, he thinks you are restless, you treat your daughter like a baby, his family urges a second child openly, you love reading, he says, "what's the use of reading so many books?"

different values are two parallel lines, which can be settled separately, but are never on the same track.

the first time Zhao Zhengkai, a young man, brought his girlfriend home, the whole family fell out.

his home is in the countryside, and the hot water is limited. His girlfriend Hsiao-gu accidentally ran out of it, which made her very angry first.

on the first day of the Lunar New year, the whole family made dumplings, but she arrived the latest. Her mother called for help, but Xiao Gu said the bag was not good. She played with her cell phone on the sofa, disliked the kitchen next to the pigsty and didn't go in at all.

if the mother-in-law does not approve, Xiao Gu is also wronged:

"I give it to everyoneWhen I bought a gift, I was also very polite to everyone. I never complained about the bad food in the cold weather, just to please everyone.

I just can't adapt to the weather and environment here. Am I wrong? "

she was so cold that her bones hurt, the kitchen was on fire, and the washing water was cold. She didn't mean not to work, but no one in the family understood her.

some netizens say that Xiao Gu is a young lady, which is too spoiled, while others say, "if your wife does not pass the door, you are a guest. What is the rule of letting a guest work?"

Zhao Zhengkai wants to do housework together, yes; Xiao Gu can't adapt, and it's even more right for him to understand.

just add it together, it becomes a disagreement among the three values.

some people may have heard of Papi Jiang's marriage, go home for the Spring Festival and have less contact with their parents-in-law, isn't it?

then you must have ignored that tacit understanding to keep a distance is also part of the three values.

some people on the Internet are similar to Papi Jiang, but she said: "this situation will happen, not only our opinion, but also the attitude of the families of both sides."

her parents have always been very casual, only to attend her wedding a few days earlier, because they still want to travel.

the parents of the date have not changed their name to the parents of both sides, and they have also mentioned the wedding process of the younger generation and said, "you can decide by yourselves, we just want to be responsible for attending."

ordinary people may be in tune with each other in a different way, but no matter how accommodating they are, they should check their children in advance to see if the three values are consistent.

if the habits and obsession of one family have exceeded the bottom line of another family, if there is no reconciliation between the two, letting go is more comfortable than forcing it.

the TV series "our Marriage" says:

"Marriage is different from love, there are only two people in love; in one world, there are many people in marriage, the whole world."

Love can afford to lose, marriage can't afford to lose. "

in a marriage that can't afford to lose, you should not only run a business, but also think carefully before marriage.

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if you get to know each other's families, you will have less regret.

it is not easy for parents to control their children, but to help them keep an eye on them.

, I wish the children good luck and a long and sweet marriage.