Pour out the water! (good text in depth)
Pour out the water! (good text in depth)
Don't let the burden of yesterday affect the journey of tomorrow.

have seen such a short story:

once upon a time, some people felt tired and didn't know what to do, so they went to consult a master from afar.

when the Master learned of his intention, he did not give a clear answer, but just brought a pot full of water and asked him to boil it.

although the man was confused, he went anyway.

but when he was halfway through the fire, he found that there was not enough firewood.

the man said, "Master, I'll get you some firewood."

that man just opened up at this point.

it turns out that the human heart is like this kettle, what can be contained in it is very limited.

if you think about something all day long, it will only make the container full.

when you really want to pack something, you will find that it can no longer be stuffed in.

in fact, the solution to life's troubles is simple: pour out the water!


throw out the excess items

there is a Japanese drama called "my Home is empty". The story in it is very interesting.

the heroine Ma Yi has been a hamster since she was a child.

how many hamsters do you have?

in her room, the mess was all piled up so that there was no room for her feet.

every time a guest comes over, she throws her clothes into the cupboard in an attempt to create a neat appearance.

but one day, an earthquake breaks out. When she hurriedly prepared to pack up and run away, she found that she could not even find a bottle of water full of sundries to save her life.

Ma Yi sighed: "superfluous things will ruin your life!"

in fact, there are many people in life who are the same:

clothes bought on a whim are reluctant to throw away but do not want to wear, so they are all kept in the cupboard.

Food hoarded in the refrigerator, even if it is long past its expiration date, does not bother to take it out and throw it away.

even if something has been used in rags, it will be left at home, thinking that it will come in handy one day.


there are more and more things to hoard, and your home becomes a messy dump.

not only is it uncomfortable to live, but it also makes you muddle along and gradually become casual and sloppy.

I very much agree with Yukyo Masada's remark:

"your life is like your room. If your room is in a mess, I'm sorry to tell you that all your good luck and dreams will slip away. "

that's true.

blindly hoarding useless things is one of the manifestations of life getting out of control.

only by learning to throw away excess items can you calm down and figure out what is most important to you.

you can also learn how to regain control of your life.


dump invalid social interaction

has always liked singer Li Jian very much.

A few years ago, when he went to participate in the program "I am a Singer", there was a clip that many people remembered deeply.

the contestants wanted to exchange cell phone numbers with each other, but when it was Li Jian's turn, he pulled out a 2002 Nokia keypad phone.

it turns out that, as a singer-songwriter, he wants to reduce ineffective social interaction as much as possible to protect his time.

not only that, he didn't even apply for Wechat. No matter who wants to find him, he has to call.

so, does such Li Jian really have no friends?

he just doesn't want to let ineffective socialization waste his time.

most of the time, the social interaction between people is a conversation between chickens and ducks. You say yours, he says his, even if he is under the same sky, his heart is not connected.

and stacking this ineffective interpersonal relationship in your own container will only consume your time and energy.

as a matter of fact, you don't need many friends, but bosom friends are enough.

remember the story of Gao Xiaosong and Pu Shu?

when Gao Xiaosong got into difficulties in his life, he borrowed money from Pushu. Park Shu, who has always been untalkative, replied with only two words: "account number!"

before long, Gao Xiaosong received a transfer of 150000 yuan.

this is probably the so-called bosom friend.

instead of focusing on ineffective social activities, it is better to make a few old friends. Trust me, this is more important than anything else.

get rid of ineffective social interaction, stay away from fox friends and dog friends, there is really not enough time, please leave it to the person who should stay.


dump complex ideas

when Jin Yong wrote Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, there was a classic passage: Zhang Sanfeng danced the Taiji sword in front of Zhang Wuji.

for the first time, Zhang Sanfeng asked Zhang Wuji, have you forgotten? Zhang Wuji said that he had forgotten a small part.

the second time, Zhang Sanfeng asked Zhang Wuji, how is it now? Zhang Wuji replied that he had forgotten most of it.

for the third time, Zhang Sanfeng danced his sword again. Zhang Wujifang said, "now I've forgotten all about it."

then, with the swordsmanship he had just learned, he bravely retreated the enemy.

We always like to think things are too complicated, but one of the words is just a skim, how can it be so complicated?

ifIt would be a big mistake for you to think about it, but you can't even wield your sword.

Jack Ma once said, "think of a thousand roads in the evening and walk the same way in the morning." That's what we're talking about.

an idea that is too complicated is not only self-destruction, but also the shackles of self-setting.

only when you get rid of complex thoughts and move on calmly can you see the light.

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in the past, when I watched the Round Table School, the guest in one issue was Wang Jing.

there were a large number of talented people in the film industry at that time, but Wang Jing stood out from it. In the final analysis, it is also because he dares to throw away complex ideas.

"Zhou Xingchi, Liu Dehua," prank expert. "

unlike other directors, they always think about it: can they be filmed in such a hurry? How's the budget? What about the box office?

he simply takes pictures of what he wants to shoot. Most of the time, I even write a screenplay while watching the camera.

and many of his works are still as bright as new after going through the waves.

when you are alive, if you think too complicated, it is torture.

do not keep what I have passed away, but worry about what disturbs my mind.

get rid of complicated ideas and focus on what you want to do. Sooner or later, you will meet the willows and flowers.


drop everything and let the heart go back to zero

the human heart is a container, and the more things you put into it, the heavier you will be as you move forward.

so don't let yesterday's baggage affect tomorrow's journey.

Let go of everything and let the heart go back to zero before you can open your arms to meet the new unknown.

Please remember:

people's life is really short. Leave time to the things you like and the people you love!