Put it down, the heart will not be so tired
Put it down, the heart will not be so tired
It is only when there is nothing in the mind that you can be pure.

Life has a long way to go, always carrying a heavy load.

We are burdened with pressure, injury and obsession. But over time, they become a burden, making the road of our life more and more difficult.

as the old saying goes: once you put it down, you are at ease.

it is true that there are some things that should be let go and some stories that should be forgotten.

believe: if you put it down, you will not be so tired.


put down your baggage and travel light

people are unhappy because they are burdened with too much.

with countless desires in my heart, I will naturally feel burdensome as I move forward.

only when you let go of the burden can you travel light.

there was a well-known millionaire who once carried a lot of gold, silver and jewelry on his back and went far away in search of happiness.

but he walked all over the mountains and rivers in spite of the hot sun and wind and rain, but he couldn't find the happiness he wanted.

and because of the heavy burden on his back, he was so exhausted that he was almost paralyzed.

the rich man was so depressed that he asked the farmer who had passed by:

"obviously I am an enviable millionaire, excuse me, why can't I find happiness?"

instead of answering his words directly, the farmer put down the heavy firewood on his back and comfortably stretched himself:

"do you still need to find happiness? To put it down is to be happy! "

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when a rich man is hit by a slap in the head, it becomes clear that he is on the road with so much money, worried about being robbed and coveted every day, eating badly and sleeping badly, so where does happiness come from?

after he figured it out, he gave away his money, went sightseeing lightly, and finally found the real happiness.

for many times in life, are we not like this rich man, carrying heavy baggage on the road?

but the more the burden, the heavier the desire, the heavier the hindrance.

the cloth bag monk once had four Zen words: walk, sit, put down the cloth bag, and be happy.

A few words have profound meaning.

each of us walks in the world, carrying our own baggage and cloth bags.

some people, blindly obsessed with immediate gains and losses, gradually become puppets of desire, and moving forward is only driven by things outside the body.

some people are complacent when their bags are filled with useless sundries, but they do not realize that the more they move forward, the more burdensome they will be.

in fact, to let go of the burden is to let go of yourself.

only by throwing away unnecessary desires and mundane obstacles can flowers bloom on the wasteland of the mind.

putting it down is the great wisdom of life.


Let go of my troubles, my heart is not disturbed

after decades of life, wind and rain are inevitable and suffering is inevitable.

if you indulge in negative emotions, you will never be able to reach the other side of happiness.

only when I let go of my troubles can I not be disturbed.

have heard such a short story:

it's about a camel in the desert, exhausted by a long journey. When it was hungry and thirsty, it was caught on the soles of its feet by a piece of glass.

the camel had already gone far, but the more he thought about it, the more he was worried that he would step on the glass again, so he ran back and kicked the glass in vengeance.

but the camel did not expect that the glass scratched a bloody wound on the soles of its feet. And this wound attracted the attention of its natural enemies, and eventually the camel was reduced to food.

as a matter of fact, there is nothing in the world to worry about.

if it is willing to let go of the troubles of the past, it will not have a final outcome.

Mr. Lin Yutang has a saying: life is not as good as usual, often think of one or two, do not want to nine, everything goes well.

but unfortunately, many people can not do this, but let themselves in the shackles of trouble.

do you know the alarmist story?

there was once a man in the State of Qi who was once in deep trouble.

it is clear that the sky is against the blue sky, but it is worried that the sky will fall all day long; when the foot is on the earth, it will sink all day long.

if it goes on like this, he can't eat, he can't sleep, and he can't even live a life.

however, under the comfort of others, he found that the sky would not fall and the earth would not sink, and that his alarmist worries would only be bound by his own cocoons.

you know, there are too many troubles in one's life, but in fact, most of the things you worry about have never happened.

so, don't mess with yourself. Instead of adding to your worries, you might as well learn to let go.

Let go of yesterday's troubles, let bygones be bygones, and no matter how many times you think about it, you can't change it through time and space.

Let go of tomorrow's worries. The future hasn't happened yet. No matter how worried you are, you can't go to the future to interfere with it.

unable to change, unable to intervene, it is better to let nature take its course and let go of troubles.

to do a good job in front of you, your worries will sooner or later become a thing of the past.

even if your life falls to the bottom of the dark valley, you can sit quietly in a corner and enjoy a moment of joy and joy.


put aside your obsession, allBe at ease

ups and downs, joys and sorrows.

everyone has their own obsession, but obsession is not a good thing.

you can be at ease only if you let go of your obsession.

there was a famous experiment in psychology:

people set a monkey trap and dug a small hole in the coconut, big enough for the monkey to reach in with an empty hand, but could not hold the food out.

as long as you put some food in the cave, you can attract many monkeys to smell incense.

when the man approached, the monkey looked panicked, but holding the hand of the food, he could not escape from the hole.

but unfortunately, many people can't see through this.

if you cling to one thought, you will be trapped in one thought.

as the classic line in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon says:

"when you clench your hands, there is nothing inside; when you open your hands, the world is in your hands."

lift a thousand jin and put it down two or two light. When you let go of your obsession, you also let yourself go.

you know, some people, no matter how tight you hold on to them, they are not yours. Some things, no matter how serious you are, can't change anything.

instead of letting everything you cling to occupy your whole world, stop the loss in time and escape from it.

you might as well look up. The world is so big that what you cling to is just a drop in the ocean.

in this way, you won't forget yourself when you get it, and you won't be in pain if you lose it.

Let go when you should, and forget if you should. Let go of your obsession and be at ease.


the only way to go up is to put it down

as the saying goes, all troubles come from the heart.

it is only when there is nothing in the mind that one can be pure.

in fact, life is a spiritual practice, which takes us a lifetime.

therefore, it is the great wisdom of life to learn to let go at the right time.

put down your baggage and go to battle light.

Let go of your troubles, my heart is not disturbed.

put aside your obsession and be at ease.

the heart is like a lotus without water, and like the sun and the moon without emptiness.

when you let go of your worries, there is a vast road ahead and you can look forward to everything.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.