Relationship = have a relationship = have sex (classic! )
Relationship = have a relationship = have sex (classic! )
No matter when and where, remember that to be kind to others is to fulfill yourself.

there is a story in which Lock complains to the key that he works hard to guard the door for his master every day, and envies that the key can be taken by his master.

and the key also said discontentedly that he followed his master in the sun and rain every day, running around, but envied the lock to stay at home every day, comfortable.

once, the key wanted to live an easy life, so he secretly hid himself.

the owner lost the key when he got home, smashed the lock angrily and threw it into the dustbin.

after entering the room, the owner found the key and said angrily:

"the lock is broken, what's the use of keeping your key now?"

with that, he threw the key into the trash can.

Lock and key, because they do not see each other's value and pay, the mountain looks at the mountain high, haggle over each other, and suspect each other, which leads to such a sad end.

many things seem to have nothing to do with themselves, but in fact they are inextricably linked.

No one in the world is an isolated island, and everyone has the value and meaning of existence. Only by cooperating and cherishing each other can the road of life become wider and wider.

born as a human being, you don't say all you say, don't do anything, and fall in love all the time.

whenever and wherever you are, remember that to be kind to others is to fulfill yourself.

after looking at the following pictures, you will figure everything out!



on a single tree, hunters and bears.

survive or perish, this is a question.

but after the gunshot, who is the winner?

whether the hunter shot and killed the bear, or the bear pounced on the hunter with open teeth and claws, there was only one end result: both lost.

people who are kind-hearted and think too much of others tend to harm others as well as themselves.

the farmer went hunting with a group of hounds. On the way, he met a bhikkhu who felt unlucky and muttered to himself, "Today is unlucky. There may be no harvest."

after entering the mountain, I really didn't hit any prey.

on the way home, he came across the bhikkhu who had just returned from the city. The farmer happened to be angry, so he released the hound to bite the bhikkhu.

in a hurry, the bhikkhu climbed up a tree.

the farmer stabbed the soles of the bhikkhu's feet with bow arrows. The bhikkhu was so painful that he could not protect the cassock. As a result, the cassock slipped off his body and fell right over the farmer under the tree.

when the hounds saw the cassock, they thought that the bhikkhu had fallen, swarmed on it and killed the farmer.

there is a saying in the Book of morality: the way of heaven has no relatives, and it is often with good people.

means that God has no distinction between closeness and closeness, but only favors the kind-hearted.

when you hold a rose in your hand, others will give you fragrance, and when you raise your gun, you will die.

to be a man, you have to forgive others, leave leeway for others, and give yourself a way out.

the most important thing in one's life is to have a good heart.

in a hundred years' time, dust will return to dust, and everything will disappear.

only kindness will blossom and bear fruit from generation to generation.

some people say that there are only two things in the world that cannot wait: one is filial piety, and the other is to do good.

good people have moral restraint, three values, and understand the cycle of cause and effect, so they have help and protection wherever they go.

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those bad guys who have done all their tricks and never do evil will also be severely punished.

to be a man, there is nothing to lose from being kind. The kindness you have planted will come back to you one day.



three men carried a piece of wood across the front ditch.

the first person is carried by the last two people, the second person is carried by the front and back, and finally the third person is suspended, and finally all three reach the opposite side smoothly.

as the saying goes, "one heavy piece of wood, three people to carry; step by step steady, the most secure of one mind."

there are some things that are difficult to do on your own, and you need to fight side by side with others.

if you can meet such a friend in your life: when he is in trouble, you hold on; when you are in trouble, he resists, it is also an unbeatable fate.

when we mention Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, people always think of the famous "Taoyuan three knots".

"do not seek the same life, but seek the same death, share blessings, share difficulties, and conquer the world together, and righteousness comes first."

because they are congenial, words and deeds depend on each other, so they raise wine and swear to heaven, thus achieving a historical story.

there is a saying in "quiet Dream Shadow": "the clouds reflect the sun and become clouds, the springs hang rocks and become waterfalls, and the entrusts are different, and because of the name, this friendship is valuable."

the world is so big that the probability of meeting one person with another is 1/10000000, and the probability of becoming a friend is 1/200000000.

one can walk in the world without wealth, but not without friends.

A true friend is a soul conceived in two bodies, honest with each other, relying on each other, and accompanying each other.

on the road of life, everyone needs someone who can hand you a pair of hands in the dark and give you a hand on a bumpy road.

they are not the first to come or the longest known, but the one who came and never left.

only by working together and thinking together can friends become better people.

make a good friend, breakFriends without righteousness.

Please forgive those who really "share blessings and hardships".



two sheep were tied up by a rope, because each had his own mind, no one could eat grass.

later, they realized the importance of cooperation, so they wanted to go together and eat together.

in this way, both sheep ate freely and enjoyed themselves.

the ancients used to say, "if you work together, you will win together, and if you fight, you will lose both!"

however, at the moment of interest, there are always people who will not stop fighting and fighting to the death.

little do you know that if you are self-willed and do not know how to make concessions, you are bound to fail in the end.

as Tagore said:

"A flower can not dress up a beautiful spring, a person's strength is always a little weak, only cooperation can move mountains and fill the sea."

potatoes and tomatoes have nothing to do with each other, but when potatoes become French fries and tomatoes become ketchup, they make a perfect match.

cement and water seem inconspicuous, but they combine to form solid concrete and build tall buildings together.

win-win cooperation has been an undeniable truth since ancient times. So is friendship, so is marriage, so is career!

No matter what kind of work you are engaged in or are busy with any career, don't forget that the wily Zhuge Liang is not equal to the wisdom of three cobblers.

only by putting aside self-interest in small cooperation, interests in great cooperation, and character in a lifetime of cooperation, can we respect each other, balance each other, and achieve each other.

if you're not going to taste the sweets together, you'll have to suffer for yourself.

those who memorize these words carefully will succeed in the end.