Remember the advantages of others, help others with difficulties, and look at their strengths.
Remember the advantages of others, help others with difficulties, and look at their strengths.
Your life is not long, so you should rest assured of those who are good to you.

Life is an echo.

those who give kindness will receive it, and those who give blessings to others will also receive blessings.

A person should always be tolerant, not judge others by themselves, not judge others by their appearance, learn to praise the advantages of others, and ignore the shortcomings of others.

it can be said that when a person learns to appreciate, be kind and grateful, his heart must be warm and soft.

getting along with such people will also make people feel like a spring breeze and a sweet smell.

in the process of interpersonal communication, no matter who you are with, please remember three sentences first:

"pay more attention to the strengths of others, help others with difficulties, and remember the advantages of others."


pay more attention to people's strengths

Laozi said, "in the way of heaven, the loss is more than to make up for the deficiency; in the way of man, the damage is not enough to serve more than".

means that whether it is the law of operation of all things, or the truth of being a human being, it all focuses on balance, which needs to be realized by learning from each other's strong points to offset their weaknesses.

everyone has his own strengths and places that others can't compare with.

often look at the strengths of others and learn to look at the people and things around you with appreciation, and you will find that the more pleasing you are to others, the better you will become.

Mr. Meng Chang, one of the four princes of the warring States, knows very well the truth of "long and short depend on each other".

he treats all the guests who turn to him with courtesy and knows people very well, so that everyone can make the best use of their talents and give full play to their strengths.

and his vision of talent recognition has also paid off handsomely.

later, he was in distress in the State of Qin and was detained by the King of Qin. A favorite concubine of the king of Qin promised to intercede for him, but asked for a fox fur that had been given to the king of Qin in exchange.

one of Mr. Meng Chang's guests was a "wonderful hand". He stole fox fur and brought it to his favorite concubine, and Mr. Meng Chang was released.

after he was released from prison, Mr. Meng Chang fled to the gate of the State of Qin overnight, but the guards had rules and insisted on waiting for the rooster to crow before opening the gate.

at this time, one of Meng Chang's former door guests who knew how to bark specially came to help him. The sound of the chicken he imitated was vivid, and the city gate opened wide, and Meng Chang was finally able to escape.

the ruler is short and the inch is strong.

Twilight has the beauty of "brilliant sunset", green leaves have the heart of "turning into spring mud to protect flowers", and rain and dew also have the feeling of "moisturizing all things silently".

everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important not to measure people by their own standards, let alone look at them with their own eyes.

the Bible says: if you want to remove the thorns from others, you must first remove the beam from your heart.

what one sees in one's eyes is actually a projection of the heart.

only by getting rid of inner prejudices and learning to appreciate the strengths and strengths of others can you grow up better.

what you need to do is to "choose the good and follow it", learn to see the strengths of others and appreciate the strengths of others, so that your own road can become wider and brighter.


Multi-help people find it difficult

walking in this world, the road that cannot be guaranteed has always been broad.

it is difficult to help others, and there must be times when you need help from others in the future.

I have heard such a story:

A businessman has lost a lot of money in his business and is in urgent need of cash flow.

so he went to visit businessman Hu Xueyan and offered a low price for Hu Xueyan to buy his own industry in order to tide over the crisis.

in the face of this unbreakable business, I did not expect that Hu Xueyan offered a normal market price to buy.

the businessman was puzzled and asked him why he wanted to help him this time. Hu Xueyan told the story of his youth:

in the early years, he was just a guy in the store, often helping his boss to collect debts everywhere.

once, he was on his way to another creditor's house when he was caught in a heavy rain, and a stranger by the side of the road was also drenched by the rain. It happened that he took an umbrella with him that day, so he took it for others.

later, he always helps some strangers with umbrellas. As time went on, more people knew him on the road.

he is not afraid when he forgets to bring an umbrella, because many people he has helped will also come to carry umbrellas for him.

Hu Xueyan said with a smile:

"everyone should do this if they can help each other keep out the rain when they don't have an umbrella."

after that, many people know about Hu Xueyan's good deeds, respect Hu Xueyan, and his business is getting better and better.

everyone lives in this world, each has his own hidden words, but also his own at a loss.

in this world, no one is always strong, and no one is always weak.

Today, when others are in trouble, you may need your help, but tomorrow you may also have a deficiency that others need to resist.

it is a blessing to be lenient to others, and to benefit others is the foundation of self-interest.

A trickle can become a river and a sea. Your kindness to save people in times of crisis will eventually become the basis for being kind to yourself.

all the blessings in the world are actually the kindness and love you have accumulated bit by bit.

the most valuable thing about getting along with others is to have a kind heart.

being able to understand the difficulties and misfortunes of others is not only the kindness we are born with, but also a kind of nobility emitted from the inside out.


remember the benefits of others

it is the duty of others to help you, but not to help you.

A man should have a conscienceThe kindness of others to you should be kept firmly in mind.

when Han Xin was young, his parents died and his family was in abject poverty.

although he studied hard and practiced martial arts hard, he still couldn't find a means to make a living. As a last resort, he had to go to other people's homes to eat "free food", which was often ignored by others.

one day, Han Xin met an old woman who was washing yarn for others by the river. The old woman saw that Han Xin was so hungry and so pitiful that she gave him some of her own food.

for several days in a row, the old woman brought Han Xin food. Han Xin was very grateful and said to the old woman, "if you take care of me like this, I will certainly repay you in the future."

later, Han Xin defected to Liu Bang and was reused.

after he was named Huaiyin Hou, he never forgot the grace of drifting mother's meal, sent people everywhere to look for it, and finally gave him a daughter as a gift.

"Zengguang Xian Wen" says: sheep have the grace of kneeling milk, crows have the meaning of back-feeding.

the lamb is grateful for its mother's love and suckles on its knees; the little crow can in turn feed the old-age crow to repay the kindness of its parents.

it is not natural for others to be kind to you, let alone an obligation, which must not be taken for granted.

Life is too short and kindness is precious. The most rare thing in life is the one who gives you a helping hand when you are at a dead end.

after all, everyone has their own difficulties, and the people who are willing to help you are the dignitaries in life.

the whole life is not long, so you should rest assured of those who are kind to you.

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remember the kindness of others, remember the kindness of others, is the best way to behave in the world!

encourage each other.