See you in March. Hello in April.
See you in March. Hello in April.
Everything is going well, not just in spring.

the swallows whisper softly,

bring a damp spring.

Lihua's dream,

was gently awakened by the east wind.


wandering in January, wandering in February, waiting in March,

has become an untouchable past.

one year has been quietly cut by 1/4,

what we are about to embrace,

is a lovely April.

Hello, April.

the spring breeze in the field is bright,

the soil is brewing the fragrance of grass.

the soft clouds took a nap,

kites are fluttering in the distance.

taste the newly baked green dumplings,

everything is just right.

in April, it is appropriate to let go.

those old uneasiness,

just leave it all in the past.

Don't keep hitting the south wall,

there are too few things that can be fulfilled in life,

you can't want everything.

make room in your heart,

get rid of annoying thoughts,

at this moment, it is clear at 04:00 and everything is lovely.

you have a lot of opportunities,

to taste the smoke and fire in the world,

to look forward to the wind and moon in the future.

there is no need to cling to what has already happened.

Let go of the past and cherish the present.

Don't let down the best of times.

Hello, April.

the cherry blossoms in the alley will not fall,

lingering with green branches and leaves,

the sound of sentimental flute from afar,

but the shepherd boy beat the horse.

quietly swallow a moon,

eyebrows, eyes and heart are clear and clear.

April, should be happy.

buy a skirt you like,

in the days of spring,

even the hair is happy.

Don't let busyness hide tenderness,

to search for bits and pieces of life,

put it in your piggy bank.

there is an ordinary way to live a plain life,

even if it is not vigorous enough,

you can also have a long stream.

eat on time, exercise regularly,

sow a ray of spring breeze to be flourished.

have a good sleep and have a good dream.

every day the bad mood will be cleared at night.

always be gentle and kind to the world,

all luck is hidden in tenderness.

Hello, April.

the sunset with plum flavor hangs far away in the sky,

people are reflected in the lights on the side of the road,

scoop a spoonful of strong wind,

grind the feelings of sending half paper into ink,

my mind is also boasting.

April, it is appropriate to encounter.

bask in the sun with the person you like,

keep all your sorrows in good order.

you have to believe,

regardless of the length of mountains and rivers,

or bumpy road,

there is always one person,

will cross the mountains and seas for you,

wash away the ostentatious and noisy,

wash your hands and make soup with you.

your sorrow, your joy,

your pain, your happiness,

are all kindly accepted by him from the bottom of his heart.

in April, there is no shortage of stories.

slowly boil the red beans,

you will find that

Spring is hidden in the eyes of the lover.

Hello, April.

Candle Shadow flickers in the studio,

the curtains are rolled up to make more noise.

the star sleeps in the Milky way,

the dawn is still a little cold,

get into the thin spring clothes.

in April, efforts should be made.

bid farewell to laziness,

bid farewell to frustration.

if you want the best thing in the world,

Please be the best person in the world first.

read ten thousand books, travel thousands of miles,

charge well, work hard,

grow your own flowers,

Love your own forest.

as long as you are not afraid of fate,

seriously move towards the unknown,


even though the whole universe is full of galaxies,

you can always find your own coordinate system.

Life is still long,

from now on,

it's not too late.

Hello, April.

scarlet clouds hang in the green space,

the sky is as bright as glass,

the lights in the world are faintly the same,

plants are in love with time,

cook a bowl of burning green.

April, it should be free and easy.

live as freely as spring,

Don't worry about what you don't have,

when happiness appears,

have fun;

when sadness occurs,

swallow the sadness.

the world is broad,

Life is beautiful.

as long as there are hills in mind,

whether the front is full of thorns or not,

the road you have taken,

will become a broad and smooth road.

keep the temperature hot,

embrace the boiling heat of the soul,

your enthusiasm will be digested by the years.

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go ahead,

step by step,

you will eventually become what you like.

April flowers,

is a poem written for the world in spring.


everything is getting better,

everything can be expected.

Don't waste, don't waste,

May you always be enthusiastic,

have everything you want,

Please believe:

everything is going well,

not only in spring.