She's been banned, and she doesn't deserve any sympathy at all!
She's been banned, and she doesn't deserve any sympathy at all!
If one day the live broadcast becomes a laughingstock, who can step on the final brake?

many netizens found that the "charming teacher Guo" has made a comeback!

but as soon as the familiar "Guo Yan Guo Yu" opened, many old netizens realized that this "Wang Li" was Miss Guo who was banned some time ago.

not only that, "Wang Li" is also shouting in the studio, saying that the person surnamed Guo is gone.

this directly hammers her true identity.

before that, Mr. Guo was banned frequently because of vulgar videos and creating a bad atmosphere of "judging ugliness".

can't help but make people sad.

if "Mr. Guo" continues to be so popular, the live broadcast industry may really be in chaos!

Bo eyeball, not "no lower limit"

you must have seen such a piece of news:

A woman, on the road in public, knelt down in front of the live camera and shouted: "Iron 666, I kneel to you!"

in order to attract the attention of fans and drive the flow, he scratched his head and wiggled his ass in an extremely indecent posture.

there is nothing wrong with the man with his mobile phone filming.

"there are so many people here, and it's National Day, it's National Day! Who are you kneeling on?!

in public, in order to flow for money, to do behavior with no moral bottom line is really giving up the dignity of being a human being.

but the temptation brought by the flow dividend allows vested interests to break through their bottom line again and again.

whoever is better at the job will master the traffic password.

"living a Street at midnight" on Huangxing Road in Changsha is by no means a false name!

in the middle of the night, some unknown Internet celebrities will jump out on time in this street, and they will start their work with their live broadcast tools.

it's all about "performance art" that you don't understand, commonly known as: the reward for confusing behavior in the world!

for example, this "jianghu eldest brother" once sold art on the street, has strong skills and good iron head skills!

and the big brother, who wears a hat of wealth and a gold chain around his neck, roars loudly at his mobile phone: "come on!" It's loud enough to pierce your eardrum in an instant.

those who have "talent" will perform "talent". There is no talent to perform, so let's show you a "second sweeping robot".

do you think this has reached the extreme? Compared with the Internet celebrity who barks like a dog, it's nothing to mention.

"I told you to climb, you get down. Can't understand what people say? Call me. "

"what do you call it?" "woof! Bark like a dog! "

"this is no good, it's too much!"

this dialogue and behavior really shattered the three values of the people passing by.

after watching these confusing behaviors, some people still don't understand what these people are doing in the middle of the night.

in fact, when they perform so hard, they just want fans to brush more gifts and reward them.

with the vigorous development of the short video live broadcast industry, business opportunities have emerged and the threshold for making money has become even lower.

if you brush the live broadcast room at will, you will find that clowns can be seen everywhere, false and vulgar all over the screen.

you can make a lot of money by selling ugliness, and you can win more attention by showing a little bit.

in order to master the traffic password and seek quick profits, many people have lost their dignity and bottom line.

single-minded in the whole life, rely on strange behavior, win people's attention.

"orthodox" acting, also began to broadcast live?

if the live broadcast of online celebrities is a farce, people are even more saddened by the behavior of stars who walk into the studio from the movie world and deceive fans.

in ancient times, there are three meanings in Taoyuan, but now there is "Panga's acquaintance!"

in April this year, Xie Mengwei, who played Gazi in Xiao Bing Zhang Jia, was questioned by netizens about selling fake wine.

some netizens said: the wine delivery time of the order is the same as the factory date, but the place of shipment and origin are not the same at all?

and the liquor, which is claimed to have been cellar for three years in the studio, was not produced until the 16th after the fan placed an order on the 13th.

such low IQ fraud really makes netizens laugh and cry.

not only that, you can see a

(exclusive to stars)

platinum alcohol ", priced at 999 yuan for 4 bottles, and buy one get one free.

according to industry insiders, the wine is not Maotai, but actually a low-end wine with a falsely high price produced by a Beijing company.

for a while, Xie Mengwei got caught up in the controversy of selling branded wine and false propaganda, and even the live studio was banned.

just when the whole network was complaining about Xie Mengwei's "selling fake wine", Pan Changjiang, as an predecessor, joined Xie Mengwei in the live broadcast room to persuade him:

"everything on the Internet is virtual, and you can't grasp it, son."

this wave of operation has made Pan Changjiang gain a lot of popularity.

netizens all say: an old artist is an old artist.

but it wasn't long before Pan Changjiang, who spoke righteously in the studio, overturned his car.

it turns out that Pan Changjiang also began to sell fake wine in the studio, getting into controversy, and the routine is the same as that of Xie Mengwei.

some fans said that a liquor worth 399 yuan sold by Pan Changjiang in the studio was blended with alcohol, which was so fake that it made people uncomfortable after drinking it.

finally, fans went to Xie Mengwei's studio.Go and talk to him to persuade Panzi.

Xie Mengwei was also successfully led askew by his fans, saying bluntly, "I really can't persuade Pan Zi!"

"Friends of Panga" is just a microcosm of the chaos brought about by the live broadcast of stars.

in addition, the star with goods routine, is more difficult to guard against.

remember Shu Chang, because he starred in TV dramas such as "the Secret History of Xiaozhuang", "Baolian Lantern" and "Magic Mobile phone", he became the childhood idol of a generation of viewers.

Today, shoes are also wet in the wave of live streaming, causing a lot of controversy.

first, fans complained that the studio deliberately raised the original price, hungry marketing, too many tricks.

was then questioned by fans about selling fake goods.

in her studio, double-digit gold pendants and diamond rings can be bought.

Boy, who would have thought that slum girls would be free of gold and diamond rings?

but just want to make money and fool fans to carry goods, the speed of hitting in the face is always too fast for people to react.

it didn't take long for netizens to post pictures and feedback that the gold ring that had been bought for a week had faded.

also live broadcast is Li Jinming, who plays Chen Meijia in Love apartment.

she bought a luxury purse worth 6800 yuan in the studio.

unexpectedly, the staff shook their hands and put 987 orders on the shelves in an instant.

impressive. In less than a minute, Li Jinming lost more than 6 million yuan.

fans loved her and asked for a return one after another.

but with a big wave of his hand, Li Jinming said with great wealth and arrogance: there is no need to return, take it, I will paste the money!

more and more people are returning the goods. Li Jinming can no longer sit still and can only confess that the purchase price of this brand-name bag is actually more than 300, and he has not lost money.

only then did the fans realize that this is all a routine, and the star live broadcast is a huge "pit".

not only that, some people also found that the skin care products, lipstick and mask sold in her live broadcast were all fake!

Live streaming with goods is a good thing. Carrying goods online has solved the accumulation of goods caused by many merchants for various reasons.

the behavior of "true and fake" goods that can occur frequently makes people feel sorry.

some stars and online celebrities use their halo to mislead fans, unrestrained and bottomless sales, hurting not only the trust of fans, but also their reputation and reputation.

what is the live broadcast of "Internet celebrities" that we should really pursue

nowadays, there is indeed a phenomenon of ugliness and chaos in the live broadcast industry.

but we can't deny that there are still many online celebrities in the live broadcast industry who are conscientiously doing practical work and delivering positive energy to the society.

he is Chen Guoping, an anti-fraud police officer in a branch of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. He has been committed to the promotion of anti-fraud work for many years.

as a result, more than 38 million people watched it in Officer Chen's studio and received more than 100 million likes.

more and more live bloggers have taken the initiative to join the anti-fraud publicity group and become the "regular army" of anti-fraud.

under this kind of hot publicity, the National Anti-Fraud Center once surpassed Wechat and Douyin to enter the first place on the APP download list.

this form of live broadcast, to spread anti-fraud propaganda to more young people and make more people more alert, is the live content that we should love and pursue.

non-profit live streaming gives people positive energy guidance, and even for-profit live streaming can become more meaningful.

A few days ago, Li Jiaqi, in partnership with CCTV reporter Wang Bingbing, opened a special show for Asian and African products, selling a very special product, hand-peeled pine nuts from Afghanistan.

Li Jiaqi's live broadcast not only brought you the delicacy of pine nuts.

Dress in the stylish nude color satin bridesmaid outfits and bring out your body figure clearly. The collection is in different beautiful materials.

such a live broadcast sells goods, even if Li Jiaqi doesn't call "Meimei", who doesn't want to buy it?

in fact, there are many meaningful live broadcasts and content output.

after his unexpected popularity, he skillfully took advantage of the east wind of live broadcasts and short videos to help netizens popularize fire control knowledge and ask firefighters in Urumqi, Xinjiang.

resigned and returned to his hometown to be a beekeeper. Through the live broadcast platform, he pulled the bee farmers in the village to supply goods together for the benefit of Zhang Junjie in the whole village.

is in the stage of popularity, but he has never been affected. Li Ziqi, who insists on intensive cultivation in his works and publicizes the traditional culture.

seriously, these are the live broadcasts we want to see!

and those live broadcasts full of vulgar and bottomless judgment of ugliness are like clowns. If they are fresh, they will sooner or later become a grain of gravel in the trend of the times, and no one will remember them.

nowadays, national live broadcast is the trend of the times, and everyone can become a blogger live to make money!

under the temptation that traffic is king and giving likes can bring money, more and more people are flocking to get a piece of the pie.

if one day the live broadcast becomes a laughingstock, when will the farce end, and who can put on the final brake?

"People's Daily" has a comment saying:

"the relativism of entertainment to death erodes the anchor of our value, and we blur the boundary between right and wrong and fun."

I think so.

although webcasting is a huge market and one of the important ways for people to relax and entertain, it does not mean that they can do whatever they want.

what we need, be sureIt is a positive energy live broadcast that can bring correct values to society and play a guiding role!