Small production: balanced butterfly
Small production: balanced butterfly
Let's send out the production steps today.

A small balanced toy, which has only sent effect videos before, also sends out the production steps today, which simplifies the previous version a little, so that it no longer needs copper wire to make fulcrum.

the first is the effect:

the point of this thing is to adjust the center of gravity of the whole device to a point directly below the fulcrum, so that the balance will be quite stable. The curved clip plays the role of adjusting the center of gravity, balancing the weight on both sides of the fulcrum while moving the overall center of gravity down.


first find a piece of hard paper and a butterfly pattern. The drawing I refer to is the following:

you can print or draw a picture. In short, paste the figure on the paper jam and cut out the outline of the butterfly. (in the following picture, I only cut out the outline of the wing, the real size here: butterfly wing width is about 15cm)

fold the cut butterfly wing down along the middle line:

turn to the back and paste a toothpick with paper tape on the middle line:

Why do you use paper tape: the good quality paper adhesive is sticky enough and can be removed without leaving a trace. Later, you also need to adjust the position of the fulcrum, so you need to be able to paste repeatedly.

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next, attach a paper clip to the front of the butterfly's wings as a counterweight:

at this time, if you gently touch the butterfly's wings, the butterfly will not lose its balance too easily.

PS: in the video, the clip is hidden on the back of the butterfly's wing with tape. If there is no need for beauty, you can attach it to the wing directly. In these two cases, the center of gravity and the position of the corresponding fulcrum will be slightly different and need to be adjusted again.