The 50-year-old "goddess of ancient costume" recently exposed, retired for 10 years, "hand in hand" young fresh meat strong return, netizens: why is she?
The 50-year-old "goddess of ancient costume" recently exposed, retired for 10 years, "hand in hand" young fresh meat strong return, netizens: why is she?
May you also become such a person, always beautiful, always charming.

the much-anticipated movie "the first incense" was released some time ago.

, as the original work adapted from Zhang ailing, coupled with the collection of a group of big names in the industry, has further raised the expectations of the public.

it is a pity that since the film was released, it has not only triggered a burst of mockery and bad reviews throughout the network, but also met with a Waterloo.

the mismatch between the actor and the character makes the film lose its flavor.

audiences said one after another that they could not bring it into the movie, or even dance.

was even ridiculed that the movie was a platinum configuration, but it made a bronze movie.

where else can we win when it comes to "the first incense"?

that's Yu Feihong, who is online with full acting skills.

as soon as he appeared on the stage, the blurred eyes, lonely expression and amorous feelings were all inexplicably moved.

Yu Feihong, dressed in a gorgeous orange sleeveless dress, can't stop with the flow of amorous feelings between his eyebrows and eyes.

White lace skirt, buttocks, fair skin, smile and frown. All let people shout: Yu Feihong is amazing!

Yu Feihong won not only because of her excellent acting skills, but also because of her middle-aged Yu Feihong's elegant demeanor, even because of the precipitation of time and the increase of experience.

can't make an embroidered pillow straw bag

growing up, Yu Feihong heard the most praise: you are so beautiful!

but she is not proud of her beauty.

Yu Feihong was born into a family of intellectuals in Hangzhou. His father was a professor at Tsinghua University, and his mother was also a top student at Zhejiang University of Chemical Technology.

they are very strict with their daughter and have never praised her in appearance.

even if neighbors and friends praise, parents always choose to turn a blind eye or just regard it as a polite greeting.

they warned Yu Feihong:

"you must make the inside full. don't make an embroidered pillow straw bag."

parents' education has been deeply rooted in her heart since she was a child.

so from the time he was sensible, Yu Feihong understood that skin is perishable and beauty has never been the decisive factor.

of course, this doesn't stop her beauty from being discovered by talent scouts.

in 1979, only 8-year-old Yu Feihong, because of his lovely appearance, was selected by the director of the film "Bamboo" produced by Emei Film Studio and received his first film "Bamboo".

during the filming, the teachers of the crew liked her very much and specifically told her, "when you are 18 years old, come and take the Beijing Film Academy."

when she was in college, Yu Feihong always studied very conscientiously, and her professional courses and cultural courses were at the top of her class.

all the students around her are busy falling in love and filming, but she chooses to read, work hard to learn English, and constantly improve herself.

when her roommates sleep in, she insists on practicing morning exercises every day, never late, and finally gets a scholarship.

with beauty and hard work, Yu Feihong harvested countless flowers and applause in her early 20s, but instead of floating with the wind, she worked harder.

in her junior year, Joy Luck Club, one of the four best-selling books in the United States, was going to be made into a movie. Among the eight actresses selected, she was the only Chinese national.

after filming the Joy Luck Club, the producers and directors were full of praise for her and offered her an olive branch at one time, but Yu Feihong politely refused because he had not yet finished his studies.

after graduating from Beijing Film Academy, everything seems to be the best arrangement to stay in school and teach smoothly because of excellent grades. Yu Feihong made a surprising choice.

she resolutely quit her stable job and went to study at the University of California, Los Angeles.

there are also people who do not understand her choice and think that she is hypocritical.

she said:

"I have no experience, lack of life, can teach students, only the teacher taught me those, the most is to make a microphone. Plus I wanted to learn English, so I went to study in the United States. "

"you can't make an embroidered pillow straw bag." Yu Feihong always kept this sentence in mind.

so she knows what she wants and what to refuse.

sober and self-contained, without too much worry.

this enables her to stop at the right time in the face of temptation in life and discern the direction at the fork in life.

Life does not win or lose, only gains

after the Joy Luck Club, Yu Feihong had the opportunity to develop in Hollywood, but she did not choose such a path.

during the past two years of studying in the United States, Yu Feihong has his own direction in life.

in 1998, after returning home, Yu Feihong received a TV series called "holding hands."

what is puzzling is that Yu Feihong rejected the number one female role that everyone wants to play, and chose the role of "mistress" Wang Chun, who is about his own age and everyone scoffed at.

even the director asked her, "aren't you afraid of being attacked by fans when you play this role as soon as you make your debut?"

Yu Feihong said: "it doesn't matter whether the character is a woman or not. I pay more attention to the character itself.

and the character Wang Chun has a similar experience with me to study in the United States for two years, which makes me feel a lot and get deeper into the role. "

facts have proved that we have always adhered to our own opinions and pursued them.Yu Feihong, begged, fought a beautiful battle.

from then on, Yu Feihong made a series of plays and created one classic character after another.

Xiao Li Flying Dao plays the role of "startled Fairy" with a smile, I do not know how many people have been captivated, and become a glance in everyone's mind.

this character finally became the most difficult one for Yu Feihong to surpass.

up to now, some people still say: after Feihong, there is no more surprise.

plays the master of Red Dragon altar, Gao Yuhan, who is strong in martial arts, full of good and evil in the West Wind. With Meng Xing Soul, played by Wu Jing, a pair of mournful sisters and brothers fall in love.

the Sword of the third Young Master plays the noble, beautiful and intelligent Murong Qiudi, who reads all kinds of secret books of martial arts although he doesn't know martial arts.

in the play, Murong Qiudi characters experienced ups and downs, Yu Feihong all pinched carefully in place, so that the audience applauded.

but in this day-to-day filming, Yu Feihong felt that he was living less and less like himself, and his fatigue became more and more intense when he gained praise and fame in one of his works.

so, in 2003, Yu Feihong, who was at the peak of her career, decided to stop herself. She turned down all the film appointments and disappeared for a long time.

but in fact, during this period of time, Yu Feihong moved from the front to the background to become a director.

by chance, Yu Feihong accidentally opened the novel anthology "Ginkgo, Ginkgo" by writer Xu Lan, in which there was an unfinished story describing human ghosts, which deeply moved Yu Feihong and could not be forgotten for a long time.

later, with the encouragement of his good friend Wang Shuo, Yu Feihong bought the rights to "Ginkgo biloba, Ginkgo biloba" in 2001 and began to prepare the film version of the work, "Love has an afterlife."

in order to make this film, Yu Feihong put all her spirits into the film like "playing with her life".

she spent four years shutting herself up in her room to write a screenplay, not answering the notice and turning down the play, just to polish the script.

in order to choose a shooting location, Yu Feihong and his team traveled more than half of China, often with blood blisters on the soles of their feet without complaining.

in order to raise money, she sold her real estate, and when she was desperate, she, who had always lived in the house, had no choice but to ask around for investment.

and the shooting conditions are even more difficult, even encountered the worst landslides in 30 years, heavy rain, scenic spots break, the whole crew can only stop work and wait.

fortunately, after thousands of difficulties and dangers, the film was finally released in 2009.

it is gratifying that after the film was released, it won a good reputation and won the Best first Film Award at the 17th Beijing University Student Film Festival.

but the box office of the film is very different.

for "Love has an afterlife," Yu Feihong painstakingly prepared for 10 years and spent 40 million yuan on production, but the film finally grossed only 2 million at the box office.

Yu Feihong appears calm in the face of doubts from the market:

"I shoot the film entirely out of interest. If the story itself can move me, no matter what kind of movie it is, as long as it makes me have the impulse to create, I will shoot it."

the pay of life is never in direct proportion to the harvest, and life does not win or lose, only gain.

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Yu Feihong's victory lies in surpassing his former self.

whether or not to get married is my freedom

after "Love has an afterlife", Yu Feihong chose


"in the eyes of the public, and this difference is two years.

later, in an interview with the program "sonorous Trio", the host Dou Wentao asked Yu Feihong:

"Why have you been single for so long?"

Yu Feihong replied:

"I don't think this is a problem. Being single or marriage is not a particularly difficult choice for me. Which

is at any stage where it is more comfortable. "

I think so.

for Yu Feihong, marriage is just a choice. Come, I accept, if you don't come, you will live on your own!

but for most people, marriage is not a multiple choice question, but a necessary judgment question in life, with only one correct answer.

A low-quality marriage is not as good as a high-quality single.

Yu Feihong's emotional problems are still a mystery, and there are no rumors in the community. There is only a simple response to a visit to the Venus show.

everyone knows that Jinxing Show has a "red sofa" stem, one is called "marriage sofa", and the other is "birth sofa". This is also the "hurdle" that every star who comes to the show has to experience.

Venus asked her which one to choose, and Yu Feihong easily pulled Venus: of course, choose the seat near you.

when asked what is the current state of personal feelings, Yu Feihong did not shy away from responding:

not married, but in love. "

when asked about fertility by Venus, Yu Feihong also said frankly:

"my heart has been waiting for a call. There are people who like and can live together, but neither of them feels that there must be a 'crystallization of love' in order to prove love."

in the face of feelings, Yu Feihong has always been sober and honest.

she understands that she has never been unmarried or single.Body doctrine, do not oppose all forms, the most important thing is their own choice.

in Yu Feihong, you can see not only her open-minded concept of marriage and outlook on life, but also her wisdom.

she has a clear understanding of herself, is not held hostage by the world, is not swayed by the opinions of others, and insists on being herself.

it is said that the best way for a man to surrender to fate is to live his life the way he likes.

Yu Feihong did it.

, may you also be such a person, always beautiful and charming.