The best blessing: kindness
The best blessing: kindness
Kindness is not only the best character, but also the greatest blessing of a person.


as the saying goes, "phase is born from the heart, and life is made by yourself."

A person's "good fortune" seems to be on the outside, but in fact it is on the inside.

kindness is the best blessing.

kindness is a state of mind

there is a saying in the Tan Jing: "all Futian, do not leave the square inch; look for it from the heart, feel everything."

the so-called square inch is our own heart.

people's hearts contain all Fukuda, whether this Fukuda is pioneering and ploughing or abandoned, it all depends on ourselves.

it is often said: "where there is love, there must be kindness, where there is harmony, there must be pleasant color, and where there is pleasant color, there must be graceful appearance."

A person's appearance will change with his state of mind.

if you are vicious in your heart, you will get a ferocious and ugly appearance; if you have compassion in your heart, you will get the appearance of wealth and happiness.

cultivate your heart, and your appearance and bearing will become noble.

kindness is a kind of forgiving state of mind.

the Book of changes says: a gentleman carries things with virtue.

the earth is generous and can contain all things.

A gentleman should imitate the earth and tolerate all who can.

be able to accommodate different people, listen to different opinions, and accept new things.

instead of shrewd calculation, let nature take its course.

maintaining a generous state of mind is the best blessing for a person.

kindness is a kind of popularity

there is a saying in Daojing: "A man is thick but not thin."

A kind man is very honest. When others treat him well, he returns seven percent truthfulness to others.

the image of honesty and honesty makes people feel down-to-earth and assured.

you don't have to be defensive with such a person.

so people who are kind and kind have a lot of friends.

it can form a wide range of good relationships, accumulate popularity, and is conducive to doing things and being people everywhere.

wherever you go, you are not afraid, and there are always people willing to lend a helping hand.

when Yu Minhong was in college, he unconditionally fetched water for his roommates for four years, and a man contracted for four years to clean the dormitory.

he was poor at the beginning of his business, lacked funds and connections, and the project was difficult to start.

those roommates who went abroad to study abroad returned home one after another to support him unconditionally.

seems to have suffered a loss for four years, but it has gained the basis for starting a business in the future.

the relationship between people is always mutual, and we should exchange our hearts for our hearts.

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Don't think that you are the only smart person in the world, and everyone else is a fool.

cleverness is often mistaken by cleverness, but it hits you in the foot instead of lifting a stone.

only a kind-hearted person can finally be trusted and recognized and become that reliable person.

as Zengzi said: you can support an orphan of six feet, you can send a life of a hundred miles.

being trustworthy, comfortable and intimate is the highest way to be a human being.

kindness is a blessing

A person's good and evil will be shown on his face from the inside out.

appearance can be modified, but temperament cannot be concealed.

temperament can be cultivated, but it cannot be separated from nature.

Zeng Guofan wrote in "Bing Jian": "modesty and seriousness is your appearance."

those who are kind have blessings, and those who have blessings enjoy blessings.

A man's blessing is not determined by heaven, but by himself.

the blessing is shallow and deep, it all depends on man-made, and the fate of good or bad is all in yourself.

A kind person is honest and does not cheat, treats people sincerely and unharshly, and does things magnanimously.

A kind person is uncalculating, uncalculating, sincere and tolerant.

people who are honest and honest and do things in a down-to-earth and kind-hearted manner have their own appearance.

people who are humble and tolerant are more likely to succeed.

kindness is not only the best character, but also the greatest blessing of a person.