The best blessing: plump
The best blessing: plump
Whether a person has a blessing or not can be seen at a glance from his face.

as the old saying goes, "phase comes from the heart, and good fortune has its own appearance."

whether a person has a blessing or not can be seen from his face.

in the traditional astrology, there is a saying that "the sky is full and the pavilion is round". Although this aspect has some truth, it is slightly superficial.

it is not decided by heaven that one has blessings in his life, but by himself.

when your blessings are fulfilled, blessings naturally follow.

if you want to develop blessings and accumulate blessings for yourself, you must start with heart, words and deeds.

kind-hearted, full-hearted

that all Fukuda should not be separated from the square. "

all the merits and blessings in the world cannot be separated from our hearts.

if you have a heart but no phase, you will live with your heart, and you will die with your heart.

if you want to have a full blessing, you must first enrich your heart.

in history, Fan Zhongyan met a wise man when he was young. He asked the wise man to calculate his future destiny.

before the wise man opened his mouth, Fan Zhongyan hurriedly asked, "can I be prime minister in the future?"

the wise man thought that he should have such a big tone at such a young age. Fan Zhongyan went on to say, "if you can't be prime minister, can you be a doctor?"

the high man was puzzled and said, "Why are the two aspirations so different?" "

Fan Zhongyan said, "only good doctors and good faces can save people!"

the wise man was quite moved and said to Fan Zhongyan, "you are so kind-hearted that you will certainly become prime minister in the future."

his countless good deeds have benefited the world, and his family has been prosperous for 800 years.

there is a cloud in "Taishang Induction":

"there is no way for happiness and misfortune, but people call themselves. The reward of good and evil is accompanied by a shadow. "

good luck is always accompanied by good luck.

you know, a good heart is better than a temple; a good deed is worth a thousand blessings.

accumulate goodness into virtue, the holy mind is absent-minded, with one heart in mind, thousands of blessings come naturally.

the greatest blessing in a person's life is not having a good life, but being kind-hearted and kind-hearted.

when you learn to decorate your life with goodness, the road of life will be wide and smooth.

warm words, plump words

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June."

mouth can spit roses, but also can spit thistles, a warm word can make people feel like a spring breeze, a bad word can make people heartbroken.

how you speak determines your luck.

if you want to accumulate blessings for yourself, you must first learn to accumulate morality.

once upon a time, a white mother and son took a black driver's car.

on the way, the child asked his mother, "Why is the skin color of my uncle different from ours?"

the white mother said softly, "God wants to make the world colorful and beautiful, so he created people of different skin colors."

the black driver was deeply moved after hearing this.

say silently: "

if my mother had given the same answer, she might have been different today.


kind words are not only a manifestation of high EQ, but also a kind of kindness and upbringing engraved in the bones.

as the saying goes, "being kind to others is as warm as cloth."

people who are really kind often say kind words and know how to respect others.

generation, often suffered losses because of his words. Later, after constant correction, being kind to others, and having a ruler in his words, his popularity became better and better, and his official career rose higher and higher.

you should know that language has magical power, and warm words are like a seed that will blossom in the heart.

an evil word can break the root of a good man, and a kind word can help a man become a Tao.

to say kind words is to create good karma and good karma for yourself.

be considerate and plump

there is such a story:

an old man standing outside the rice noodle shop, looking at the shop from time to time, his Adam's apple wriggling up and down, obviously very hungry.

at this time, a young man saw the appearance of the old man and asked the waiter to take out an empty bowl and spare more than half a bowl of rice noodles.

after eating, the young man checked out and left, and no one came to collect the remaining half bowl of rice noodles.

seeing this, the old man went into the store and ate the leftover rice noodles and left happily.

A new guy in the store was so pitiful that he picked up a few Youtiao sticks and was ready to deliver them.

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at this time, the boss came forward to stop him, saying earnestly:

"if you do this today, it will hurt his dignity, and he won't come tomorrow." You can sit in that seat tomorrow. I'll cook you double rice noodles. "

the Book of morality says, "there is no trace of good deeds."

that is, there is no publicity, let alone noise, there will be no sign of charity or pity.

even in the face of the most humble weak, they should be given enough respect and care.

"Zengguang Xian Wen" also tells us: "the slightest kindness is convenient to others."

insist on doing a little bit of good deeds, and one day, good luckAnd blessings will befall you.

"when the sky is thin, I am blessed, and I am thick and virtuous to meet it."

if the blessing given by God is very shallow, then I will increase my moral character and self-cultivation and try to change it.

Fortune is shallow and deep, it all depends on man-made, and whether fate is good or bad depends on itself.

Blessing is not determined by heaven, but by oneself.

Heart determines sex, sex determines fate, fate determines luck, and luck determines phase.

when you fix your heart, you will naturally change for the better, and your life will go smoothly.

from now on, may you and I have good thoughts, speak good words, do good deeds, cultivate a full face, and enjoy a lifetime of happiness.

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