The best health care in the world: forget
The best health care in the world: forget
There is nothing to worry about in the world. You can only get it if you can give up.

there is a saying on the Internet that is very popular:

"the greatest advantage of a person is that he has a good memory, and his greatest disadvantage is that he has a good memory."

if you think about it, it is true.

there are too many moments in life, trapped in love, confused and worried all day, often for the same reason:

hold on too tightly to give up; think too much and don't want to forget.

when troubles accumulate too much, they become the last straw that crushes the camel.

meaningless bad mood, forget to entangle

the painter Jimmy once said something quite philosophical:

"Don't dwell on an awkward thing for too long. If you entangle for a long time, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottic, tired, hurt and heartbroken.

in fact, in the end, you don't have a problem with things, but with yourself. No matter how awkward it is, you must learn to get out of it. "

sometimes, it's not that thing that you can't get through, but your own emotions.

what is the state of life being haunted by bad emotions?

when the sun rises, you and bad emotions wake up at the same time, the past is always in your heart, and your obsession is getting deeper and deeper.

in the dead of night, I compete with myself emotionally and get more and more tired when the dust settles down.

there was a young man who felt that life was too painful, so he went to his elder to solve the problem.

after listening to the young man's complaint, the elder sprinkled a little salt into the cup and brought it to him to drink.

after drinking, the young man frowned and said, "it's too salty. It's salty and bitter."

then the seniors sprinkled a little salt into the big water tank, and then let the young people have a taste of salt.

the young man took a sip to show that it was no different from normal water.

the elder said with a smile: "Human pain is like this salt. The extent to which you can feel it depends on what container you put it in."

many of the bad emotions in life are meaningless and will only add to your troubles.

just like a rotten apple, if you keep it there and don't want to throw it away, it will attract flies and insects over a long time.

Don't let bad emotions become a habit, and don't dwell on negative energy for too long.

only by throwing it away, dealing with it, and then forgetting it, can you welcome a new life.

forget the gains and losses when you can't get over them

there is an issue of the Roundtable School. When talking about the outlook on life, he Bing mentioned a sentence by the famous writer Tolstoy:

"No matter how great a writer is, he is only writing his personal one-sidedness."

he Bing admitted that he felt relieved when he heard this sentence for the first time.

after all, even if great writers are like this, how can we be so demanding of our own perfection?

Bring more life and enthusiasm in your wardrobe by bringing in some bit of marriage purple gown. User-friendly, fun and a great value.

people come to this world, not to perform perfectly, but to experience. After experience, there is progress and growth, which is complete.

when we were young, we always thought that as long as we did our best, we could get everything we wanted.

later I realized that there is always an impassable situation in the world, and not everything can be done as one wishes.

only when you learn to let go can you really have it.

as the writer Silent Land wrote:

"when we are young, our hearts are all relatively small, and when we put in a little suffering, we all look big."

when people grow up, their hearts get bigger. Even if a bigger sadness is put in, you can still leave coldly and forget calmly. "

forget the gains and losses, don't force what you can't get, don't worry about what you've lost.

Let those who are difficult to get past completely turn the page in their lives.

unable to explain the evaluation, forget to argue

Liu Tong once talked about a personal experience:

an old friend asked him to borrow money on the phone because he bought a car, and he bluntly refused.

then he explained to his old friend that he had caused a lot of unhappiness because of borrowing money a few years ago, and even if he had borrowed money, he still had to make a lot of trouble.

since then he has laid down the rule: never have money entanglements with friends.

in the past, he was always worried that people would have a bad opinion of himself, so he dared not refuse it, but he did not expect that after giving his reasons directly, he would live a relaxed life and no longer have to live in the comments of others.

later he wrote in his book:

"there is no character in the world that can avoid offending people, speaking directly will offend small people, euphemism will offend quick temper, old people will offend people with principles, smooth people will offend smart people."

since you will offend people, be yourself, and you will not be afraid to offend others, because you can bear the consequences. "

A person who lives all his life and cares too much about other people's opinions is a disaster after all.

those who understand you do not need to talk much. It is useless for those who do not understand you to say more. It is better to be silent in your heart and stop arguing.

as the old saying goes, a wise man is silent, but a fool is eloquent.

never explain yourself to others, and never spend your whole life on these senseless arguments.

A life that cannot be repeated, forget age

Mr. Xu Yuanchong, a leading translator, mentioned in the Reader:

"Life is not how many days you live, but how many days you remember so that every day you live is worth remembering."

how to make every day worth remembering?

probably it is: take care of your body, forget the worries of the past, don't be held back by age, don't worry about getting old, and keep a young heart.

not long ago, I watched an interview by Wu Yanshu, an old actor.

at the age of 83, she never celebrates her birthday. Her daily hobby is playing basketball and insisting on flat support.

in my spare time, I can go out and see the world by myself. I can take a taxi, book a ticket, or book a hotel on my own.

forget age, be magnanimous enough, always have endless enthusiasm for new things, and always have innumerable love for life.

forget age, wrinkles can grow on the face, but try not to let it grow on the heart.

forget age, years may age the face, but it cannot steal the funny soul.

the best state of life should be as comfortable as that described in Tagore's poems:

"one morning I threw away all yesterday, and my footsteps have been light ever since."

mood has nothing to do with age, it's only about your attitude towards life.

can not start a life, live like a child, even if you have seen the vicissitudes of life, still brave and sincere.

like a passage from Forrest Gump:

"I don't think that when you grow up, you will become more tolerant and accept everything."

the so-called simplicity is to be able to pick it up and put it down, forget the mistakes of the past, and free your heart.

there is nothing to worry about in the world, but only if you can give up.

, for the rest of your life, may you often forget things that are not worth it, walk around the world, and your heart will always be safe.