The best life for the rest of life: clean circle, regular life, people you like.
The best life for the rest of life: clean circle, regular life, people you like.
As long as you work hard and enjoy a good life, you and I can get it.

Zhou Guoping said: "Happiness is not living like others, but being able to listen to your inner life."

A person can live in many ways in his life.

once upon a time, I dreamed of traveling all over the world and enjoying all the glamour in the world.

it took half my life to understand that the best life for the rest of my life is:

Clean circle, regular life, people you like.

Clean circle

have you ever had a moment like this in the past:

when you are chatting at the wine table, you can go home and lie on the sofa feeling inexplicably empty.

you are depressed and rummaged through your address book, but you can't find anyone you can talk to.

when you are in trouble, you want to ask for help, but very few people are really willing to help.

people can't live without the word "circle".

once upon a time, he blindly expanded his circle and took part in every game. When he met a peer boss, he had to add Wechat.

it wasn't until the complex relationships began to consume us that we finally understood a truth:

the larger the circle, the more upset the heart. Although the circle is small, it is good to be clean.

Tony Leung's circle has always been very small.

every time after filming, someone asked to go out with him, but he didn't participate.

even if invited again and again, he was a disappointment: "No, you play, I'll go home."

We always thought he was aloof, but in fact, he left all his warmth to his two or three bosom friends.

as he said, "Friends should keep things simple."

the simpler the circle, the less bother it is to operate; the cleaner the circle is, the more helpful it is at the critical moment.

True friends never lie in "whether there are many", but in "whether they are good or not".

in this life, there is no need to invite too many people into life.

from now on, form the good habit of cleaning up circles regularly.

add people who are no longer in touch with Wechat, delete them decisively; meaningless group chats, withdraw immediately.

there is no need to go to hypocritical entertainment; meaningless wine bureaus can be put off as long as they can.

as the saying goes: life, if you want to make yourself comfortable, you have to live among people who understand you.

May you see everything you love for the rest of your life.

regular life

Mo Yan has an interesting explanation for the word "I":

if the word "I" is skimmed, it is the word "find".

businessmen say it is money, stars say it is fame, students say it is.

finally, life tells me that it is healthy.

the rest of life is not long, the most advanced show of wealth is not wealth, but good health.

A few days ago, I saw Douban netizens

@ Li Xiaotie Zhu

shared "cerebral infarction diary".

the moment he came out of the emergency room and got the report form, the doctor shook his head and said, "Why are you so young?"

after watching the whole process of Xiao Li's illness, I know that the crisis has long been lurking in her daily life.

since childhood, Xiao Li has a heavy taste, likes to eat meat, and her parents cook with a lot of oil and salt, which leads to her high cholesterol.

often stay up late, irregular work and rest make her depressed and drowsy during the day.

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in his diary, Xiao Li wrote this sentence:

"cherish yourself, life is precious, water flows for a long time, don't be in a hurry to squander it when you are young."

the biggest illusion in the first half of life is to think that youth is capital.

when the body turns on the red light, you know that the last thing you should overdraw in your life is


often envy people who are energetic and energetic in everything they do, making life richer and richer.

think about it, all the energy and courage actually come from a regular life.

writer Matsuura Mitaro wrote in Integrity:

"go to bed around ten o'clock every night, get up at five in the morning, exercise every other day, walk ten kilometers quickly, and then go to work at eight o'clock."

regular life not only brings him a strong body, but also allows him to quickly adjust his state of mind and start anew when he is at a low ebb.

this is the way life is. Go to bed early, get up early and nourish your spirit. Nothing is insurmountable.

Please remember the details of returning to life and take care of yourself in the coming days.

nothing to go to bed early, do more exercise when you are free, have a good meal and combine work with rest.

change all bad habits and stay away from all unhealthy things.

when you treat yourself gently, life is clear and everything is lovely.

the person you like

there is a sentence in the novel the elegance of the hedgehog:

"We are all lonely hedgehogs, and only those of the same frequency can see each other's inner grace."

go forward with the person you like, with the same frequency and pace, singing and laughing all the way.

in the TV series "Little willing", Nanli and Xia Junshan are the couple that everyone envies.

compared with Yan Peng's sweet words to his wife Tian Yulan, Xia Junshan supported his wife Nan Li with practical actions.

the first family reunion, Nan Li andWhen her father came home in a quarrel, Xia Junshan first let her vent her anger, then chatted to help her untie her heart knot, and finally did not forget to turn around and boast of his wife.

later, Nanli's mother accidentally hurt her waist, and Nanli often couldn't get away from her work during the day.

without saying a word, Xia Junshan took the initiative to pick up and pick up the children and came back to help take care of his mother-in-law during work.

in the evening, when the children were asleep, he naturally took over the washing basin in his wife's hands, washing clothes while providing psychological counseling to his wife.

during that time, Xia Junshan was in charge of tutoring the children's homework because the children lost their temper because of their education.

late at night, Xia Junshan sat in the living room, anxious and remorseful.

the understanding and mutual assistance between husband and wife finally cured the harm caused by the original family to Nanli.

in this life, if you can have someone you like, you will be most lucky.

some people share the wine with you, and some people tell you it's late at night. Some people know that you are cold and warm, and someone will accompany you for the rest of your life.

others will only appreciate your goodness, but they not only understand the pain in your heart, but also accept your embarrassment.

the road of life is long. If you are lucky enough to meet the right person with the same frequency, you must cherish it.

I agree with one sentence very much:

"the happiest people don't have the best of everything, but they can make the best of everything."

as long as you work hard and enjoy a good life, you and I can get it.

for the rest of my life, live a good life, meet slowly, do not owe others, live up to yourself.

, may everything you meet be happy, what you see will be gentle, and each of us will live the way we want.