The best way to live for the rest of your life: don't argue, don't fight, don't show off.
The best way to live for the rest of your life: don't argue, don't fight, don't show off.
May you spend your life sober and thorough without arguing or showing off.

before you know it, half your life has passed.

recall the past bit by bit, but also used to waste time, but also full of dedication to the pursuit of fame and wealth.

and as I get older, I am slowly taking a look at the things I once couldn't let go. Things that once could not be put down are also slowly put down.

Life becomes noisy when there are too many distractions in mind.

only by learning these can we watch the flowers blossom and fall, sit and watch the clouds roll.

May you not argue, quarrel or show off for the rest of your life.


No dispute, it is a kind of wisdom

have seen a fable:

two small ants picked up two pieces of bread on the road.

the bread is big and small, they won't give in and they all want to fight for the big piece.

one said, "I am younger and eat more, so I should take the bigger one."

the other said, "I'm very old. It's not easy to find food. You should give me the big one."

they are flushed, no one can compete with each other, and they are not willing to suffer losses, so they fall into a stalemate for a moment.

at this time, a stray dog passed by, picked up two pieces of bread and ran away quickly.

two ants felt a great deal of regret:

if it were not for a temporary dispute, it would not end up empty-handed.

in fact, as long as one of them is willing to give way, both of them can fill their bellies.

it's a pity that it's too late to regret.

when you are alive, you compete with each other. Many people are like these two ants:

some people, in order to fight for gain and loss, hit their heads and bleed, but get nothing;

some people, in order to fight for fame and wealth, fall into a whirlpool of desire and can only be swallowed up in the end.

some people, in order to fight for right or wrong, are angry with their loved ones, leaving them exhausted.


you always want to be first in everything and not to be left behind.

in the end, you will find that you will only win the temporary scenery, even if you win the victory, you will always be the only one who gets hurt.

Life does not bring, death does not take away, those unnecessary things, do not go to argue with others.

you know, it should be yours, it should be yours, not yours, so you don't have to force it.

the more thoroughly people live, the more they understand that the so-called "no dispute" is a great struggle.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

"where the path is narrow, leave one step with the pedestrian; when the taste is strong, reduce three points for people to eat."

when we meet on a narrow path, we don't have to scramble to move forward, leaving a place for each other, so that each other can have a broad future.

when you are rich and honorable, you don't have to fight for it all, leave one-third of the benefits to others, and you can have more.

walk through thousands of rivers and mountains and the vicissitudes of life, and you will understand that undisputed is the great wisdom of life.


be quiet, it's a kind of self-cultivation

once upon a time there was an ignorant scholar who came to Mount Tai to study.

he looked at the word "Mount Tai" on the stone tablet and read proudly, "Qinchuan!"

the passing farmer heard this and couldn't help correcting him:

"Sir, this is Mount Tai."

but the scholar is arrogant and unwilling to admit that he is not as good as this farmer who can't read big characters.

neither of them was convinced of each other, and there was a big quarrel when they came and went. In order to argue who was right, they each took twenty yuan and asked a nearby teacher to reason.

the teacher looked at the farmer and the scholar, but said, "it's Qinchuan!"

the scholar was complacent, took the money and left. The farmer was so shocked that he asked the teacher, "this is clearly Mount Tai?"

the teacher said leisurely:

"it doesn't matter. Even if I say it's Mount Tai, he won't believe it. You will continue to quarrel." Moreover, with only 20 yuan, he will never know Mount Tai for the rest of his life. Do you think who wins and who loses? "

there are a lot of things in the world.

No matter how trivial it is, it is likely to make waves in your mind.

so there are a lot of people who like to quarrel with each other blush and have a thick neck whenever they are unhappy.

but what if you win the argument? You are wasting your time and hurting your own image.

in the movie "smell incense and know Women", there is such a clip.

A student named Charlie works part-time at Lieutenant Colonel Frank's house. Lieutenant Colonel Frank was so grumpy that Charlie could not help being sarcastic when he did something wrong.

and what about Charlie? He didn't choose to quarrel. If he can answer, he answers with reason; if he can't answer, he chooses to be quiet.

later, at a critical moment, Frank stepped forward and put in a good word for Charlie.

it turns out that Charlie's quiet, quiet and gentle silence has long been recognized by him.

Wang Xiaobo said: "one of the main reasons why I choose silence: you seldom learn human nature from words, but you can learn from silence."

that's true.

In our simple evening dresses, you will define elegance and chic. We have a huge selection of cuts and styles to choose from.

when you learn to be quiet, you can have a high level of self-cultivation.

unpleasant things don't disturb you, and irritable things don't affect you.

even if you are in a noisy city, you can still find yourself.The world, all the way to the willow and flowers.


does not show off, it is a pattern

in Journey to the West, there is a classic passage:

Sun WuKong worshiped the Bodhi Master as a teacher, was taught by the Bodhi Master alone, and soon learned the 72 changes.

when the Bodhi Master learned this, he felt very angry:

"after learning this kung fu, how can you show off in front of people? When others see your ability, they will inevitably ask you to teach it. If you don't teach it, they will harm you, and you may lose your life. "

since then, Sun WuKong still did not get rid of the habit of showing off. On his way to the west, he nearly caused a great disaster by showing off the Tang monk's cassock.

even if the genius is like Sun WuKong, will he still bury the root of the disaster because of showing off, let alone us?

the wood is better than the forest, and the wind will destroy it. The big tree that rises above the forest will always be blown down first by the wind.

have seen a thought-provoking piece of news:

A taxi driver in the United States was originally very short of money.

one day, the lottery ticket he bought won the lottery, and the windfall smashed him with joy.

he was busy showing off his winning page on the social platform. But unexpectedly, it was such a show-off that brought him the disaster of annihilation.

when the robber heard the news, he broke into his home, took all the money and shot him.

Yes, it is human nature to like to show off. Everyone wants to show what they have publicly to others.

but you never know what your show-off will look like in the eyes of others.

there is a saying: the more you show off, the more you lose.

showing the mountains and dew will only attract the envy of others; publicizing everywhere will only show your own shallowness.

proudly showing off everything you have may also lead to disaster for yourself.

only by keeping a humble heart and putting an end to all ostentatious behavior can you fly higher and farther and farther away.

after decades of life, there is really not much to care about.

when you reach a certain age, you will find that the things you used to cling to are nothing but the past.

instead of wasting unnecessary time in vain, focus on what you like.

May you spend the rest of your life sober and thorough without arguing or showing off.