The best way to save your life is to manage your emotions.
The best way to save your life is to manage your emotions.
May you go through high mountains and low valleys and keep your heart happy.

you say, "Don't let the bad mood go, drive away the good luck."

an uncle

the ancient Arab scholar Avicenna once did an experiment:

put two lambs born at the same birth in different environments. One and the sheep lived happily in the watery grass, growing very strong and fat.

the other one is tied in front of the wolf's nest, surrounded by panic and anger all the time, can not eat anything at all, and can only die miserably over time.

in fact, each of us is a lamb, and emotion is the barometer of life.

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if you are happy, life is happy; if you are sad, life is miserable.

only by breaking free from the shackles of emotion and being the real master of emotion can we achieve happiness and fulfillment in life.

Today, my uncle would like to recommend a copy of "Don't let bad moods, drive away good luck" by Hetian Xiushu.

May after you read it, you will get it but not like it, lose it but not be surprised, feel free from it, and be indifferent to the affairs of the world.


Don't let a bad mood drive away good luck

have you heard the story of snakes and saws?

A snake was accidentally cut by a sharp blade as it climbed over a sharp saw.

the snake felt very angry: "I climbed forward well, do you have to attack me?"

he couldn't swallow the breath and wrapped himself around the saw, trying his best to suffocate it. As a result, he bled to death.

after reading this story, you will both regret and sigh.

the snake thought that the saw did it on its own initiative, but it never thought that the saw was inanimate, and that what really hurt the snake was its own bad mood.

in retrospect, life has a long way to go. Who hasn't had such a moment?

and Tian Xiushu give an example in "Don't let bad moods, drive away good luck":

some people argue coarsely with the staff when the train is a little late;

some people can't help but be furious with the waiter if they serve food slowly when eating out.

some people, after a few insignificant reprimanding at work, run home and get furious with their girlfriends.


but if you argue at the station, you may miss the next bus; if you quarrel with the waiter, you will only waste your time; if you get angry with your girlfriend, you will add rifts in your relationship.

in times of anger, reason often disappears, and words and deeds tend to get out of control, hurting not only others but also themselves.

there is a saying in the Buddha saying, "when you think of an angry heart, you burn Gongderlin." That's what I'm talking about.

people, once they feel resentful, the merits and virtues accumulated in the past will be put into flames.

A bad mood is like a demon. If you let it control, sooner or later you will be obsessed with it.

the good luck you have will be swallowed up by bad emotions. The good life you dream of will leave scars that are hard to heal.

only by driving away bad emotions and letting go of your worries can you have long-term complacency and happiness.


having a good mood is good fengshui

there is such a story in Zhuangzi's way of Heaven:

there is a man named Shi Chengqi who likes to visit teachers and friends and is bent on getting something.

one day, he heard that Laozi, a saint, had come from thousands of miles away to visit.

when he arrived, my house was at sixes and sevens. On the ground, you can see the dirt dug by rats, and there are leftovers on the table that have not been picked up in time.

Shi Chengqi was greatly disappointed: "I came all the way here, but I didn't expect that your house was even more messy than a mouse nest. It was simply unkind and unjust." "

after hearing this, Laozi was silent.

the next day, the more Shi Chengqi thought about it, the more rude he became. He came to my house to apologize and obediently asked for advice on how to behave in the world.

I didn't think about it, but I still laughed:

"I don't get angry. What great saint? I'm not anymore. You call me a cow or a cow, a horse or a horse, or a mouse. But I'm not a horse or a mouse, and your words can't change anything. "

A few short words can not help but be admired.

in the face of Shi Chengqi's dirty words and evil words, Laozi still greeted him with a smile, no wonder he can be respected as the ancestor of Taoism.

it is common for people to have seven emotions and six desires, happy, angry, sad, angry and infatuated. Even trivial things can be unpleasant.

but if emotions are allowed to run rampant, it will be difficult to achieve great success in life.

as Hideki Wada says in his book:

"it's normal for people to have emotions, but if they can't control them, they can only be reduced to emotional animals."

those really smart people know that since you can't get everything you want, you might as well learn to take it calmly.

be more open-minded, take grudges lightly, and be confused.

Life is not what you want. I often think about it. I am depressed and depressed. Thousands of roads are difficult to communicate with each other. If I often think about one or two things, everything will suddenly become clear.

years are long, but heaven and earth are wide. It's really not worth exasperating and resentful about the whole thing.

learn to be calm with all things, and you will naturally find a new world.


Life is a passer-by, why a thousand knots

have heard such a fable--

A respected Zen master told his apprentice little monk:

there are two alive in everyone's body.Wolf. One represents anger, resentment, disgust and shame; the other represents tenderness, kindness, gratitude and hope.

the two wolves killed each other and never stopped for a day.

the young monk asked, "Master, which wolf is more powerful?"

the Zen master replied meaningfully, "the one you fed."

in fact, our good mood and bad mood are just like these two wolves killing each other.

if you feed anger and resentment, the bad mood will prevail and cover all your sight like dark clouds.

if you feed joy and tenderness, then a good mood will, like the sun, dispel all haze and wind and rain.

Life is a mirror. Only when you treat it with a smile will it return happiness.

Master Zhao Puchu once wrote a "relief ballad" at the age of 92:

"when the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets in the west mountain, there is a day of sorrow and a day of joy." If you don't get into a corner when something happens, you will feel comfortable and your heart will be at ease. "

Yes, sorrow is also a day, joy is also a day.

as the days go by, why let the sad wolf win the game?

as Hideki Wada wrote in "Don't let a bad mood, drive away good luck":

"people have to make peace with themselves in this life, and don't get caught up in negative emotions."

if you can, try to spend more time happy than sad.

Life is a passer-by, so there is no need for thousands of knots.

if you are in trouble to solve something, you might as well laugh it off.

as the saying goes, life is short and the road ahead may not be long. When we come to the world, we just want to love the cutest, the prettiest, the prettiest and the best.

so don't stop chasing the sun because of a gravel on the soles of your feet!

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Don't let bad moods drive away good luck.

May you go through high mountains and low valleys,

still keep your heart happy.