The blackest material has a new record, and some people use it to create confusion.
The blackest material has a new record, and some people use it to create confusion.
The diamond was hacked.

how black is the blackest material in the world? Recently, this record has been refreshed again, and MIT researchers have come up with a new type of ultra-black material, which absorbs 99.995% of the incident light this time, which is an order of magnitude darker than the previous ultra-black material Vantablack (Vantablack can absorb 99.96% of the incident light, but it looks so dark to the naked eye that it probably can't tell the difference). Similar to the previous ultra-black material, the new ultra-black material is also made up of a series of carbon nanotubes arranged neatly perpendicular to the surface.

so far, it's just an ordinary piece of technology news, but what I really want to say is not the research itself.

the real point is that MIT researchers worked with an artist (Diemut Strebe) to make a work of art out of ultra-black material. I can't say what the value of this work is, but it will definitely make people who love gems feel pain. This work is called "The Redemption of Vanity". The content of this work is: completely cover the surface of a 16.78-carat yellow diamond (said to be worth $2 million) with carbon nanotube material, turning it from shining to pitch black. It's so dark that it has completely disappeared into the black background.

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the following is the comparison before and after treatment:

A dynamic diagram:

this kind of carbon nanotube material should be "grown" on the surface that needs to be covered under certain conditions. I don't know if you can still get it off the diamond.


Research papers:

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