The divorce of the daughter-in-law of Brother Da Yi: in fact, it is only a human tragedy.
The divorce of the daughter-in-law of Brother Da Yi: in fact, it is only a human tragedy.
Greed is better than human nature, and coolness is no better than human heart.

an uproar over a divorce dispute has finally settled.

the man in charge of the divorce is Zhu Danwei, the son of "Big clothes" Zhu Zhiwen.

and the woman is Internet celebrity Chen Yanan.

the son of "grassroots star" Zhu Zhiwen married his beautiful wife Chen Yanan, who is two years older than him.

this news has been reported by many online media.

however, it was only a year before the news of marriage change came out.

on December 3, Chen Yanan, daughter-in-law of Brother Big clothes, posted on her personal social platform, saying:

broke off the engagement with Zhu Danwei, the son of Brother Da Yi, and announced his divorce.

and voluntarily return all the property given by the Zhu family, including the house, car, bride price and jewelry.

I originally thought that such a "sincere" response would be understood and respected by netizens.

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but never expected that netizens did not buy this remark.

soon, Chen Yanan's comment area was lost.

Why are netizens so angry with Chen Yanan?

if you look at the whole story, you will find that

all the results are buried as a footnote of fate as soon as things begin.

before marrying Zhu Danwei, Chen Yanan was a nurse in a large hospital.

some netizens have revealed that

with her beautiful appearance and lively and cheerful personality, she has a good heterosexual relationship.

in theory, she has a good family, a good job and a good appearance, which can make her comfortable in the dating market.

however, she happened to have her eye on Zhu Danwei, the son of Zhu Zhiwen, the "big coat".

in the years when Brother Da Yi became famous, Zhu Danwei dropped out of school at the age of 14 because he neglected to discipline his children.

after dropping out of school, Zhu Danwei did not learn a single skill, so he played games and played at home.

both Zhu Shanwei and Chen Yanan seem to be "not so matched" in terms of appearance and academic ability.

so, what exactly does Chen Yanan see in him?

from a series of subsequent operations, we can actually snoop on one or two.

after getting married, Chen Yanan opened an account and made his own videos, delusional about becoming an "Internet celebrity".

at first, she sent a little bit of her life with Zhu Danwei.

as a result, the clever Chen Yanan quickly changed his strategy and began to film the life and daily life of Zhu Zhiwen and his wife.

occasionally invite my mother-in-law to the studio to say hello to my netizens.

sometimes even Brother Big coat comes and bows to the audience and even sings a few words.

with the video account supported by "Brother coat", he began to increase his fans crazily.

for a newcomer who has just joined the media, it is even more surprising than winning the 5 million lottery.

as a result, Chen Yanan, who has mastered the traffic password, has not missed any chance to rub against the heat of the "coat brother".

Brother Da Yi attended the event, and she broadcast it live on her mobile phone, posted it on the Internet, and showed it to many netizens.

having been married for more than a year, she hasn't lived in Zhulou Village for many days, but only a few times when she went home, she photographed her big coat with her cell phone. No matter what the image of brother coat is, whether it is suitable for the camera or not, it will appear in front of her mobile phone camera.

she is soberly aware that the Big clothes family is their economic lifeline at this time, and to catch them is to grasp the wealth code.

but do you have to rely on the big coat family for the rest of your life?

it seems that Chen Yanan doesn't think so.

in the video, Chen Yanan's father, under the name of "big coat brother-in-law", comfortably started a live broadcast and chatted with the audience.

A netizen left a message: "with the light of Brother Big clothes, the whole family is famous."

one netizen said: "this family is interesting. It is easy to enjoy the cool by leaning against a big tree."

some people also question: "what is this family going to do?"

in the face of questioning and heckling, she did not flinch, but continued to broadcast live every day, keeping it hot.

the heat went up, so Chen Yanan began to broadcast live with the goods.

she had no experience of carrying goods, so her performance was mediocre at first.

in the face of netizens' criticism, she did not retreat, but fought more and more bravely.

however, whether it is Chen Yanan live broadcast or Chen Yanan's father live broadcast, the reason why they are concerned is because of the popularity of Big Brother clothes.

Chen Yanan did not deny this.

in her letter of apology to netizens, she said:

if there were no celebrity aura and help from my father, there would not be so many netizens paying attention to Asian men, and there would not be Asian men today!

she also has a clear understanding on this point.

without Zhu Zhiwen, the "big coat", how could anyone know Chen Yanan?

she has laid a solid foundation for her live broadcast career by using the heat of Brother Coat before.

now the fans have reached a certain level.Anxious to break ties with them, no wonder netizens scolded Chen Yanan in the comment area, accusing her of tearing down bridges and throwing them away after use.

Chen Yanan's purpose is too clear and utilitarian, which is the reason why she has been criticized.

are those millions of fans really accumulated by Chen Yanan himself step by step?

No, they're just here for the coat.

therefore, it was only when Chen Yanan announced that he had severed his relationship with Brother Da Yi that they scolded him.

so, how do you evaluate this matter?

in fact, I only feel a sense of powerlessness towards reality.

Big coat's son is able to marry and have children because big coat's family lives well, because big coat and even his daughter-in-law become online celebrities because of big coat.

it can be said that this family, including his daughter-in-law and in-laws, are all attached to Brother Da Yi and "suck blood" on him.

they desperately suck the last flow of big coat, and they don't pat their buttocks and leave until they are of little use.

in fact, this marriage is not the relationship between Chen Yanan and her husband, but the relationship between Chen Yanan and "Big Brother" traffic.

therefore, the marriage is doomed from the beginning to the end.

the grass snake gray line lies thousands of miles away.

if you want to ask me, why did this happen?

I think the ultimate reason has to go back to Brother Big coat.

there is a good saying that you allow other people's attitude towards you.

and this sentence is more suitable for Brother Big coat.

do you remember the villagers before Brother Da Yi?

they borrowed money from big coat, but big coat had no bottom line and everyone borrowed it, but in the end they couldn't get the money back, and big coat had nothing to do with them.

the golden sentence "Brother coat is not floating, their whole villagers are floating" is circulated on the Internet.

when dealing with his daughter-in-law, Big Brother also adheres to his practice of "no bottom line".

if the daughter-in-law wants to marry into the house and car, there must be a huge bride price.

daughter-in-law wants to do live broadcast, lack of heat? Brother Da Yi kept up, sang a few songs and said a few words, and the heat came, didn't he?

lack of popularity in daughter-in-law studio? Then take pictures of your daily life. Won't someone watch it right away?

but some are so good that they have no bottom line, and they are so good that they forget to avoid the evil of human nature.

the situation would be much better if you didn't give your daughter-in-law the flow in the first place.

he treats his daughter-in-law the same way as he treats his son.

when Brother Da Yi became famous, Zhu Danwei was only a teenager, and he was at the age of studying.

as a father, Big Yi did not have any bottom line and allowed his son to drop out of school.

, Zhu Danwei did not learn a skill and became an "agent" next to Brother Da Yi.

in fact, everyone with a discerning eye knows that without a skill, how can Zhu Shanwei, who dropped out of junior high school, be able to support the role of an agent?

all this is Brother Da Yi in Totti.

his connivance and lack of bottom line did harm to his son.

take this marriage as an example, Zhu Shanwei and Chen Yanan brought goods live together after their marriage, but he could not say a few words all the time, and even if he said it, he stumbled.

both of them came out to sell goods because of the heat of Brother Da Yi, but Chen Yanan made progress with the naked eye, while Zhu Shanwei still stood still.

in the end, Zhu Danwei even pulled out of the studio directly.

there are great differences between the two people in knowledge, ability and character.

therefore, it is expected that the news of the marriage change came.

some time ago, a piece of news made me feel very much.

Zhu Zhiwen, the big coat, took the child to the city to get a haircut.

when checking out, Brother Da Yi went straight to the counter to pay the bill, while his son stood by like a child.

it can be seen from the money that Brother Da Yi is so kind to his son that there is no bottom line.

when Zhu Danwei has become like this, Brother Da Yi also has an unshirkable responsibility.

parents have no bottom line to give their children more material, fame and wealth than to keep the bottom line and force them to grow up.

how can he soar in the sky if you don't let him learn to endure hardship?

in this world, no one can be flat. They have to experience darkness, pain and frustration before they can learn to grow up.

blindly raising children materially, blindly without bottom line connivance, will only raise a giant baby in the end.

when I say this today, I do not mean to blame Brother Da Yi.

he is a good man, but I feel sorry for him.

as a grassroots, he has stepped up to where he is today, which was originally an inspirational story.

however, he allows everyone to lie down on him and suck blood, and allow his own flow to be used by others, which is a kind of wear and tear to himself and another form of harm to his children.

as a father, he was supposed to have something simpler and more permanent, but the temptation of money and material made the simple family change slowly.

he used to be an ordinary manBut mistakenly entered Vanity Fair, saw too much evil of human nature, but his nature and cognition, can not support these.

greed is better than human nature, and coolness is no better than human heart.

can't help sighing.