The men who don't mind you must love you very much.
The men who don't mind you must love you very much.
Because I love you, I won't mind you.

Wu Guijun said: "liking a person begins with appearance, falls into talent, is loyal to character, is infatuated with flesh, is infatuated with voice, and is drunk with affection."

but did not say, love, the easiest to finally "mind".

when you are in love, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and shortcomings will be regarded as loveliness; after living together, the time is long enough to wear away each other's patience and sharpen the white moonlight into rice stickies.

if two people want to go on for a long time, love is not enough.

Love is about strengths, marriage is about disadvantages.

True love is not that I like you, but that I accept you.

so, when he says he doesn't mind your places, cherish them!



there is a handsome and capable male colleague who receives confessions from some beautiful girls from time to time.

but the male colleague refused on the grounds that he was engaged.

everyone guessed that it would take more immortal girls to make him swear to death.

later, when he showed up at the annual meeting with his small, slightly fat fiancee, everyone was surprised.

while eating, he kept picking up food and pouring water, taking good care of his fiancee.

when the girl said she wanted to lose weight, her colleague pretended to be unhappy and hummed, "if you want to lose weight, it's best to be fat!"

it is said that men are visual animals, always pay attention to a woman's appearance and figure at the first time, and always fantasize about marrying a woman with beautiful skin and good figure.

however, men who really care about you care more about your health. They will not dislike you for getting fat and ugly, but will feel sorry for you for not taking good care of yourself.

star Qi Wei has shared her weight loss experience.

at that time, in order to quickly return to the peak of her face, she began a fierce battle to lose her meat at the beginning of the month.

as a result, he was scolded by the doctor, "your bone hasn't been connected yet, and your body can't afford this kind of intense exercise."

her husband, Lee Seung-hyun, was very distressed and silently guarded her without accusation or disgust.

while Qi Wei was putting on makeup, Lee Seung-hyun kindly helped with the mirror and carefully fed breakfast.

when the two went out to play together, Lee Seung-hyun was afraid that Qi Wei could not get used to western food, so he went far away to buy Chongqing snacks.

it is precisely because of Lee Seung-hyun's meticulous love that Qi Wei will let go and calmly say: "it is rare to get fat in life, and I enjoy the happiness of the moment."

the man who loves you will never think that you eat too much, but will think that you don't eat enough.

when a man doesn't care about your appearance, doesn't care about your figure, and always takes care of you, it's really an expression of love.



there was a hot topic on Weibo, "what are your criteria for choosing your partner?"

some people choose appearance, some choose talent, some choose money, but more girls choose to have a good temper.

the so-called trustworthy good man is not that he is good to you, but that he can be kind to you and willing to tolerate your small temper and capriciousness.

do you remember Su Mingyu in "everything is fine"?

because of the harm of her original family, Su Mingyu became a "emotionless" strong woman, protecting herself like a hedgehog.

she is very inferior. at the beginning of her relationship with her lover Shi Tiandong, she has been hiding her family situation, suppressing her bad temper and pretending to be a gentle girl.

however, the appearance of Su Mingcheng, the second elder brother, broke this "illusion", and the real side of Su Mingyu was bumped into by Shi Tiandong.

to her surprise, instead of being far away from her, Shi Tiandong began to take the initiative to help her solve some trifles in her life.

when Su Mingyu was under pressure at work, Shi Tiandong even warmed his heart and comforted: "it's all right. When you feel depressed, come to the restaurant and I'll cook for you."

so, every time Su Mingyu lost her temper, Shi Tiandong would quietly cook her a table of good food.

because he knew that Su Mingyu had a fragile heart hidden in her grumpy temper.

in fact, there is no natural good temper, just willing to be gentle and tolerant for you.

A man who really loves you will not have the heart to quarrel with you, but will read the fragility and overexert through your bad temper and give you a warm heart.

as Yi Shu said, "if you love someone, you always think he is stupid and have to take care of him everywhere."

because I love you enough, I will be willing to let you, spoil you, listen carefully to your heart, and I don't want you to be a little unhappy.

if you meet that good-natured man who spoils you and loves you, please cherish it.



it says on the Internet that if a man doesn't introduce you to his friends, it means he doesn't value you.

A few days ago, I received a backstage message from a fan saying that he had severed relations with his best friend.

the reason is that she has a boyfriend, but the boyfriend doesn't like to associate with his best friend.

boyfriends always complain about losing their girlfriends, and slowly their girlfriends are aware of it and soon stay away from them.

for men who try to cut off your social life, please keep your eyes open as soon as possible.Stay away.

Men who really love you will try to integrate into your circle of friends and even try their best to help you manage your own circle.

my friend Lao Tao is a good man who loves his wife. When his wife commutes to and from work every day, he will pick him up by car.

sometimes, when he meets his wife with a colleague, he will enthusiastically help to send his colleague home.

Lao Tao's EQ is very high, such enthusiasm has never made colleagues feel unnatural, but a few people are talking and laughing, very relaxed.

in this way, his wife's "same thing" has gradually become "friendship". Because of Lao Tao, colleagues like to associate with Lao Tao's wife and usually take good care of her.

because men love you, they don't want cracks in your circle of friends because of their participation.

because I cherish you, I don't want you to be aggrieved by your friends; because I want to be with you all my life, I will strive to be recognized by everyone in your circle of friends.


the Book of songs says: hold hands and grow old together.

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to hold hands is to hold all of you.

May every woman find such a man, poor or rich, sick or healthy, beautiful or old, who will take care of you and protect you.

because I love you, I won't mind you.