The more simple people are, the more noble they are.
The more simple people are, the more noble they are.
Only if you live simply, can you be light and long.

you say that "the taste of the world is Qinghuan"

an uncle

read a short story full of Zen:

A young monk asked the master, "what did you do before you learned the truth?"

the old monk said, "cut wood, carry water and cook."

"what happens after you get the Tao?" The little monk continued to ask.

the old monk replied, "still cut wood, carry water and cook."

the young monk looked confused and said, "Master, isn't this the same?"

the old monk said, "of course it's different." Before I got the way, I thought about carrying water when I was chopping wood, and cooking when I was carrying water. After getting the way, I chopped wood, carried water, and cooked. "

Avenue to Jane, three thousand prosperous, after all simple.

although the eminent monk did the same thing before and after he got the Tao, his mentality changed, and then he returned to the truth and focused on the present.

people live to the extreme, never arrogant distortion, nor exquisite self-interest, but always never forget and maintain that pure original heart, so that the mind and life return to a state of simplicity and innocence.

it is not only the awakening after prosperity, but also the realm of prosperity and simplicity.

if you feel occupied by emptiness and confusion and perplexed by impetuosity and anxiety, you may be able to stop for a moment and try to feel Lin Qingxuan's simple and natural inner world with an uncle in the book "the World is Qinghuan."


simple, it is the background color of people

the greatest truth is the simplest, and the simplest man is the rarest.

the simplest people, they tend to be indifferent, indifferent to human beings, do not do any disguise, do not hide the sincerity and openness, with a simple heart to deal with the complexity of the world.

Pu Shu, who has the name of "Literary Youth" all the year round, is in the Vanity Fair, but he can stick to his original heart and is as simple as ever, which can be said to be a clean stream in the music circle.

many people like him, not only his songs, but also his simplicity and simplicity.

he has no real estate so far, and the place where he lives looks good, but in fact, he is still renting in the suburbs of Beijing.

A friend also said that you may not be able to imagine that a singer who has been famous for more than ten years was still worrying about his rent not long ago.

he can even stay at home without going out for a week without spending any money at all.

when I went out, I didn't have a cluster before and after. I rode a small broken electric donkey and was happy with myself all the way.

for so many years, Pu Shu has always been a simple self.

even at the peak of his life, he has a clear understanding of himself, dares to face up to his shortcomings and accepts his own mediocrity.

as he sang in the ordinary Road:

"I have crossed mountains and seas, and also across a sea of people. Everything I once had was scattered like smoke in the twinkling of an eye. I was lost and disappointed and lost all directions. Until I saw the ordinary, it was the only answer."

not only to himself, but also to Pu Shu's old friends.

one year, because of the recession in the industry, Gao Xiaosong's life suddenly became stretched.

in desperation, he went to Park Shu to borrow 150000 yuan. Park Shu is not talkative and only replied with two words: account number.

after a while, Park Shu was also short of money, and he still sent only two words to Gao Xiaosong: return the money.

there is no hidden routine, no careful temptation, he can say what he wants, do what he wants, be frank and go straight.

Prosperity three thousand finally return to zero, the world is safe to pretend to be true, light to the extreme is simple, you can repair a true heart.

to a certain age, after the sharpening of life, the baptism of years, gradually understand:

simplicity should be the background color of a person's soul.

A simple person can be respected even if he doesn't have a personality, and a simple heart can be trusted even if he doesn't know him for a while.


simple, is the most simple aesthetics of life

Zhuangzi said: "simple and the world can not compete with it for beauty."

simplicity has its own aesthetic personality. No publicity, no high profile, just quietly showing the simplest beauty of things.

on the bank of Walden, a man once built a cabin and lived in seclusion for two years, two months and two days.

he has lived a life of self-farming and self-feeding, just to prove that as long as he meets the basic needs of life, no longer sorrowful about fame and wealth, he can enjoy life more calmly and fully.

this man is the American writer Thoreau.

of course, for most of us ordinary people, it is difficult to achieve such a simple life as he did.

but what my uncle wants to say is that living a simple life does not mean hardship and poverty.

Life is to live. What you want to live is not too much material, but a little more quality.

you can't skip a meal, but you don't have to eat more; you can't do without money, but you don't have to have too much.

the simpler a person's life is, the more he can hear his inner voice; the simpler his life is, the more abundant his inner world will be.

when the sage Confucius talked about the ideal of life with his disciples, he showed his longing for the life style of "late spring, ready-made spring clothes, five or six crowns, six or seven boys, bathing in Yiyi, dancing in the wind, singing and returning".

the genius Van Gogh suffered from bipolar disorder until one night.He opened the window and saw the stars all over the sky, so he had the amazing famous painting Starry Sky.

Paustovsky, a novelist, laments the Gulf of Finland in winter, because there is the most beautiful frost in Russia, and the prose work Golden Rose can be achieved overnight.

in a simple life, the scenery that we have not paid attention to may enrich our hearts.

to focus more on the brilliance of life, it is naturally impossible to maintain a clear heart to experience the most simple beauty of life.

return to basics and bring life back to its most comfortable state.

jump out of the complicated world, learn to reduce the desire for material dissatisfaction, return to the simplicity of life, and return to the quiet temperature of the mind.


live to the extreme, the more simple, the more noble

since ancient times, how many writers and calligraphers, the more simple words, the more obvious the truth of life; more simple words, often the most easy to move people.

Lin Qingxuan, a master of prose, is one of the best among them.

his works can not only write Zen theory into life, but also taste Zen machine from life.

its writing style is fresh and smooth, simple and simple, the most true and good, but there is always a touching power in approachable people, and it really achieves "to simplify and simplify, to be clumsy and beautiful".

if you want to do this, you can't do it without a few years of rehab and thinking.

Lin Qingxuan became famous very early. In his early years, he often had to date and socialize with many people he didn't like, so it was difficult to calm down.

in order not to be disturbed by worldly fame and wealth, Lin Qingxuan quit all his jobs, went to the mountains to meditate, and lived a life of asceticism.

I can't help but think of a sentence he wrote in "the World is Qing Huan":

"there is great beauty in heaven and earth, and still water flows deep. this seemingly profound heaven and earth is in fact simple and simple, ordinary and Enron."

the beauty of simplicity is great; those who are simple are noble.

each of us first came into this world with a clean heart.

later, most people began to put desire, greed, jealousy, arrogance and so on into their hearts, so that their hearts began to overload.

in the end, we all became what we hated the most.

in fact, the best form of life is to simplify to complicated, too messy circle, always easy to breed spiritual dust.

only by living simply can you be light and long.

to live a simple life, not to be disturbed by external things, not to be dusty, to do things openly, to be a clean man, and to share with you!

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May we all live simply and simply for the rest of our lives.

be a truly noble person.