The person who is self-disciplined to the extreme is the most terrible.
The person who is self-disciplined to the extreme is the most terrible.
The size of the world, keep your heart quiet.

Kant said, "Freedom is not self-control, but self-control."

Why should people exercise self-discipline?

I think it is nothing more than to look up and see the light, to reach out to freedom, and to meet a better self in the future.


people, why should they exercise self-discipline?

I felt deeply when I saw these pictures.

the little girl wants to take online lessons, but there is no Internet at home, so she can only be accompanied by her father and set up a table to study online at the village calligrapher for two hours a day.

because of the good signal near the cliff, the girl climbs the mountain road for nearly an hour every day to study under the cliff 4 kilometers away from home, and studies steadily for at least 10 hours a day.

the signal in the pastoral area was not good, so father and son rode camels to find a signal online class and found a place with a good signal, so they stayed there to learn.


photo was released, it immediately aroused the thinking of countless people.

despite the difficulties, they still keep on learning in their own way.

even if there is a high wind, life will not give up.

when you have nothing to do and play games on your phone all day, someone is always reading, practicing calligraphy and doing sports.

some people begin to keep pace with each passing day, while others still stay where they are.

it is easy to know who was stranded on the shore.

as Zhu Xi said, "if you don't work hard, your heart will be depressed; if you are not disciplined, your heart will be wanton."

the so-called self-discipline is just a kind of self-control of happiness and desire, and a positive and active attitude towards life.

it is true that everyone envies once and for all, but decadent life begins from then on.

once one understands the truth, one must first work hard and exercise restraint.

those who are better than you are still working hard. Is there any reason for you to hesitate?

No matter when and what age, only those who are self-disciplined to the extreme can always stay awake and have an open life.


those who exercise self-discipline are outstanding, while those who are not self-disciplined are out

God is fair, whether you are rich or poor, it gives everyone only 24 hours in a day, and no one has more than the other.

some people say early to bed and early to rise, but good TV series are always updated at critical times, and teammates in the game change one crop after another.

play is never over, and there are always new versions of the game, but today's time is gone.

Mencius said, "born in sorrow, but die in peace."

people, what they fear most is that if they stay in their comfort zone for a long time, they will no longer have the courage to make progress.

the time you waste is picked up and made full use of by others, which is why others are superior to you.

Bai Yushang is a famous pingju actor with high acting skills and is called "Pingju Queen".

in order to achieve self-knowledge and self-discipline, she goes to practice her voice whenever she has time, regardless of whether it is the scorching heat of three volts or the severe winter of March 9.

someone said to her, "you've become famous, why are you practicing so hard?"

she smiled and said, "the play is endless."

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Bai Yushu not only adheres to her own habits of many years, but also listens to the opinions of others with an open mind. No wonder she has such high attainments.

Gorky once said, "even a little restraint from yourself will make people strong and powerful."

Life is like an arduous journey, but it is hard to say that it is not a spiritual practice.

sometimes what determines us to excel is not a godsend, but a firm self-control.

the mussel farmers wanted to cultivate a pearl and consulted a lot of sand, but all of them refused.

only a small grain of sand walked bravely towards the clam shell in the midst of mockery.

later, it turned into a beautiful pearl, and much of the sand left in place has turned to dust.


to put it bluntly, the so-called good luck of strange soldiers is nothing but tenacity and self-discipline.

although many people do not agree, it is undeniable that

self-disciplined people will become more and more outstanding, while those who are not self-disciplined will only be left with a depressed life that is kicked out.

A moment of indulgence leads to repentance.

only by adhering to self-discipline can you live your own wonderful and extraordinary life.

and when you start self-discipline, life will develop in the way you expect it to be.


how terrible are people who are really self-disciplined?

the Thai short film "only you can change yourself" tells the story of a fat girl:

the girl lives in a remote village in Thailand and has been ridiculed and ridiculed by her peers since she was very fat.

countless times, girls are accompanied by "pig head!" Fat guy. " The mocking laughter woke up from the nightmare.

for this, the girl is in pain. She wants to be beautiful, but she doesn't know what to do.

Grandma told her that there was a dry well on the hillside behind the village. it is said that as long as the dry well was filled with water, the Jade Emperor would appear and grant him a wish.

so the girl picked up two empty buckets and firmly began the journey of carrying water over and over again.

there was no response to the empty valley.

and at the moment when the girl bowed her head, she saw that the well water reflected a beautiful face and a slim figure.

it turns out that in the days when she persisted in carrying water, the girl unwittingly lost weight, and she really did it.

there is a sentence at the end of the short film: only you can change yourself and do the right thing every day.

Life not only has a clear sky, but also occasionally has sad wind and cold rain. When your dreams are full of haze, the only thing you need to do is to strengthen your faith, adjust your mindset, and exercise your body.

Life is like an eggshell, breaking from the outside is food, breaking from the inside is life.

if you follow others, then you are destined to be someone else's midday meal. Only you are born in Nirvana.

the size of the world, keep your heart quiet.

Please firmly believe that no winter is insurmountable and no spring will not come.

what you have to do is to beat the self-discipline to the end in a mundane life.


when you are self-disciplined and invincible in life

Yang Jiang said in her Centennial speech:

Life geometry, how much gold can be refined from stubborn iron? But different degrees of exercise, there must be different degrees of achievement; different degrees of indulgence, must accumulate different degrees of stubbornness.

everyone yearns for success, but not everyone can succeed.

people whose grades are better than you are not gifted or lucky, but they accompany words, precipitate and accumulate themselves day after day.

the person who works better than you is not how strong the background is, but in front of the computer one after another unwilling to give up, comb through the tasks of the day over and over again.

people who are stronger than you are not born with a good physique, but keep a regular routine and exercise year after year, regardless of the cold and heat.

once the gap in self-discipline is opened, countless good things are coming to you.

most of the time, it is not when you are excellent that you will be self-disciplined, but that you will become excellent when you are self-disciplined.

the law of ten thousand hours points out that

the reason why genius is outstanding in people's eyes is not the first class of talent, but the continuous efforts. Ten thousand hours of training is a necessary condition for anyone to change from ordinary to world-class master.

No one can succeed casually. The best way for a person to achieve himself is to maintain a high degree of self-discipline.

from now on, don't indulge yourself, don't make excuses for yourself, and measure every step of the rest of your life with self-discipline.

I believe that every self-control and hard work you can earn a bright future.