The price of anger (depth good text)
The price of anger (depth good text)
Learn to be less angry, this is a kind of maturity, but also a kind of wisdom.

there is a sentence in "for a Sleepless Night": it is easy to be angry, indicating that you are too naive to control yourself.

I think so.

A person's open-mindedness is reflected in the time of downfall, and a person's self-cultivation is reflected in the time of anger.

being unable to control his temper is a disaster.

Don't worry about the past, don't worry about what's in front of you, control yourself, have less temper, and be more rational.

to be angry is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes.

not only let oneself fall into the emotional whirlpool, but also cause harm to the body.

you might as well let yourself go and be kind to yourself.

you know: happiness is not because you have more, but because you care less.

be less angry, it's a kind of wisdom

there is a good saying: people always cherish what they don't get and forget what they have.

when faced with things that cannot be changed, complaining will not do anything, but will make the mood extremely bad.

have seen such a story:

there was a young man who had to run away from home and flee to other places because his family was persecuted.

one day, he came to a village, which was washed away by the flood.

he looked at the devastated village and could not help feeling sad that his fate was like that of the destroyed village.

as he walked, he saw a farmer standing by the flooded field.

the farmer smiled, without complaint or sadness.

the young man was very surprised, so he asked the farmer:

"Why don't you complain about the disaster brought by God? Why don't you grieve for the submerged crops? "

the farmer said, "these things can't be changed, and it's no use complaining." Although the flood inundated the crops, it also brought a lot of nourishment and made the land fertile. I believe there will be a good harvest next year. "

Young people are inspired to stop complaining about their fate and live hard from then on.

to be a man, you need to have the wisdom of a farmer, not to complain blindly, but to look for vitality in pain.

the loss of a horse is not a blessing.

be normal about people and things, and don't ask others to be as perfect as you think they are.

No one is perfect without bare feet. Don't always complain about others.

change yourself and don't immerse yourself in complaining.

learn not to complain, learn to find a way to survive in adversity, and learn to face everything with peace of mind.

less anger is a kind of self-cultivation

have read such a sentence:

"when the people around us are kind and amiable, we can also be docile and courteous. If the people around us are evil, we will soon become open teeth and claws."

anger is the emotion at the top of a person. A person who is full of anger has basically zero IQ.


there is such a story:

A camel is trudging in the desert.

the midday sun was like a big fireball, which made it hungry, thirsty and restless, and he didn't know where to go.

just then, a fragment of the glass bottle slapped the soles of its feet, and the tired camel was furious, raised its feet and kicked the fragments out.

but accidentally cut a deep cut in the soles of his feet, and the bright red blood immediately stained the sand and raised a stream of smoke.

the angry camel limped along, and the blood all the way attracted vultures in the air.

the camel was startled and ran frantically in spite of the injury, leaving a long blood stain in the desert.

when he ran to the edge of the desert, the strong smell of blood attracted the wolves in the nearby desert, and the frightened camel dashed like a headless fly.

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hurriedly ran to a man-eating ant's nest near, the fishy smell of blood caused the cannibal ants to pour out of the nest, the black pressure to pounce on the camel.

before dying, the camel said with remorse, "Why should I be angry with a small piece of broken glass?"

in the moment of anger, people will lose their minds and hurt others and themselves.

patience is often more effective than anger.

most of the time, you should be grateful to those who don't care about you. The better others do, the easier it is for you to get out.

No sorrow is greater than the immortality of the heart, and nothing is more fortunate than the thorough death of the heart.

Thomas Jefferson once said:

when you are angry, dozens of times before you open your mouth; if you are extremely angry, count to a hundred.

so, calm down, let your anger pass you by, and leave one side pure and peaceful for yourself.

be less idle, it's a living way

there is an interesting sentence in "Strange Shuo":

"the question is so clear, the canal says take care of yourself."

I find it funny at first reading, but I find it meaningful when I read it again.

Life is the process of sweeping snow in front of each door. instead of being angry with others, it is better to take good care of one mu of land.

someone asked the writer Yu Guangzhong:

"Li ao finds fault with you every day, and you never respond. Why?"

Yu Guangzhong mused for a moment answer:

"scolding me every day shows that he can't live without me, but I don't care, which proves that I can live without him."

to mind your own business and not to be idle is not only a courtesy to others, but also a respect for yourself.

once, Einstein and his friends went shopping in the supermarket and went out with large and small bags in their hands, bowing their heads and thinking about things.

so I accidentally ran into a young man who punched Einstein without saying a word.

Einstein only said "I'm sorry" and went on with his head down, and his friend hurriedly went up and asked Einstein why he didn't reason with him.

Einstein looked at his friend questioningly:

"bumping into someone is my fault. Maybe the young man has something to worry about and is unhappy!" Wouldn't it be nice to bump into him and let it out? "

the friend asked again, "aren't you angry?"

Einstein replied, "his anger is his business. What does it have to do with me?"

there is nothing difficult in the world, only oneself and oneself.

in many cases, looking back on a lot of miserable things, in fact, they are competing with themselves.

bitterness is also a day, happiness is also a day, let yourself go, not angry, live a good life.

actor Chen Daoming once said this:

A person's self-cultivation is not when he is calm, but when he is impetuous.

A man's reason is not when the sea is calm, but when there is a lot of noise.

A person's compassion is not when he is condescending, but when he speaks lightly.

respect between couples is not when they are at leisure, but when they have different views.

the love between husband and wife is not in the prime of life, but in the face of disaster.

Life is to go step by step and throw it away at 1.1 points. What comes out is the road, but what is thrown away is the burden.

in this way, the road will be longer and longer, and the heart will be quieter and quieter, so that you can leave some time for yourself to think.

nine times out of ten, there are unsatisfactory things in life. Learning not to be angry is another realm of life.

, learn to be less angry, this is a kind of maturity, but also a kind of wisdom.