The really good people are all "self-evolution".
The really good people are all "self-evolution".
Time keeps moving forward, and life is not done once and for all.

not long ago, the old domestic brand conditioner "Honeyflower" suddenly went viral on Weibo, causing widespread concern.

it turns out that because Honeyflower released its new product not long ago, many netizens complained about the ugly packaging design and wondered if it was going to close down, so there was no money to hire a designer.

Honeyflower, which has not changed its outer packaging for more than 30 years, is indeed inferior in front of many similar products with fine packaging.

Honeyflower may feel aggrieved, but it also illustrates a fact:

in the ever-developing world, if we stick to the same thing and do things with our original thinking, we naturally cannot escape the fate of being eliminated.

Social competition is so fierce, how can we survive?

the answer is that only by complying with the development of the trend of life can we go for a long time.

this is true of enterprises, and so are people.

only by constantly innovating ourselves can we stand out among the masses and not be abandoned by the times.

people who remain the same will only trap themselves

some people say:

"if you don't change, you will be the same one year later, only one year older."

people who don't want to change are stuck in their own little world all the time, and only age grows.

Don't set up your own "cage". That's the beginning of self-destruction.

the world is changing, and if you don't change, you won't know what to do.

Today's rule of survival is: those who change survive, those who remain unchanged are sleepy.

there was a hot topic on the Internet:

"how is the person around you who rejects new things now?"

the story shared by one netizen is very heartbreaking.

netizens say that they have a colleague who has been in the company for three years, which can be regarded as an old employee, but he has not changed his original position so far.

doesn't this colleague work hard? No, not really.

he works very hard, commutes to and from work on time, seldom arrives late and leaves early, and can finish his tasks on time.

but when a new supervisor position is vacant, the leader never promotes him.

netizens said it was not worth it for him at first, but they didn't know what the problem was until they had more work contact.

it turns out that this colleague is very conservative.

although it can also complete the task, it is very inefficient.

even though his colleagues told him a better way, he habitually followed his own way.

later, the company's business continued to grow, and every time the leaders held a regular meeting to let everyone express their opinions on the new business.

his suggestion is always that this should not be changed, and if it changes, there will be certain risks.

for a long time, he, who had not put forward any innovative ideas, was gradually forgotten by others, and even he was not allowed to speak at the meeting.

what happened to him is worthy of sympathy, but this is the reality.

the times are moving forward, and if you stand still, you must be left behind by others.

A donkey is at his wit's end, but he can't get rid of the fate of being eaten after all.

A person who stays in a rut, rejects new things and is afraid of change is destined to be abandoned by a forward society in the end.

those who take the initiative to change can always find a new way out

I remember that during the epidemic period, the work and life of many people were greatly affected.

at that time, there was a popular joke in moments:

physical stores have become WeChat merchants, and the boss has become a delivery man. Who the times want to change will not discuss with you at all. "

when life drives you to a corner, your desire to survive will be aroused.

Life is like the sea, to enjoy peace, but also to be able to withstand winds and waves.

like Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental not long ago.

when the traditional field of education and training is depressed, he is not stuck in place waiting for bankruptcy.

but to lead teachers to open up a new field of live streaming selling, looking for new development.

excellent people know how to embrace change and stand out from it.

not long ago, Lu Buxuan, a butcher who sells pork at Peking University, once again attracted wide attention from netizens.

this time he was ridiculed not for selling pork, but for a move that led to the development of the entire aquaculture industry.

in the past, traditional pig farming had no technical content and high cost.

in the face of this situation, Lu Buxuan decided to change his previous farming thinking.

he introduced the most advanced digital technology into the pig industry and carried out automatic management.

an information monitoring system is installed in the pigsty to monitor the growth of pigs from time to time.

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managers do not have to enter the pigsty, but can view the information they need directly through mobile software.

this kind of data management system is scientific and practical.

in the past, one person could only raise a few pigs, but now one person can raise ten thousand pigs.

now, he leads the village to increase the annual income of digital farming by 10 times.

Confucius said:

"sensitive and studious, not ashamed to ask."

people need to constantly update their thinking and knowledge base, have a desire for knowledge, andAccept new things with humility.

people who know how to change can open up a new way for themselves and find vitality even if they come to a desperate situation.

complete self-upgrade and become a new self

once heard such a story:

Eagles are the longest-lived birds in the world, with a lifespan of more than 70 years.

but they need to make a decision in their forties.

or resign to fate and wait for the deadline of life;

or renew yourself, go through 150 days of long and painful transformation, and extend your life by 30 years.

change is painful, but change is necessary.

only when people dare to abandon old habits, unsuitable thinking, and are willing to give up, can they complete self-upgrading and get a new life.

Darwin said:

"Natural selection, survival of the fittest."

Society is rapidly changing. If you don't change, you are bound to be eliminated.

only by going out of the well can we see the breadth of heaven and earth and the innumerable possibilities of life.

to expand the length and height of life all the time, we can start from the following three aspects:

keep an open mind and embrace change

"University" says:

"Gou Rixin, every day is new, and every day is new."

We have to see the world with a new attitude every day.

people should not be afraid of change, but should seek to rise in the process of change.

find the gap between yourself and others in the change, that is the room for your progress.

No one is perfect, there are always flaws.

but we can always pursue perfection and get better on the way to getting old.

continuous learning, self-upgrading

Bi Shumin mentioned in "there are three things in Life that you can't be frugal" that the first thing in life that cannot be frugal is learning.

she said:

"knowledge is a child holding a wedding dress. If you don't study, the bride will never appear in the hall of your life."

if we want to achieve something, we must keep learning and renew our brains.

when the opportunity comes, you can seize it firmly.

as the old saying goes, "it is never too late to learn."

it is never too late to learn, and there is no end to it.

absorb new knowledge and iterate through cognition

there is a good saying:

"if you treat the changing world with your original thinking, it is tantamount to asking for a sword."

suitable for today's experience, not necessarily suitable for tomorrow.

what we need to do is to absorb the essence and remove the dross, and please climb to another tall building based on the original experience.

from today, you might as well learn to take the initiative to explore, actively pay attention to the latest developments in your field, pay attention to the development and changes of the world, and enlarge your field of vision.

refresh your cognition from time to time so that you can stand high and see far away.

only those who dare to explore in this world have the possibility of discovering a new continent.

there is only one life, and a full life is never afraid of shrinking, but pioneering bravely.

Plato said:

"you can't step into the same river twice, because new water keeps flowing around you."

who can live better in a world that is changing all the time?

only those who adapt.

in the same living environment, we all have the opportunity to improve ourselves.

No matter what stage you are in at the moment, there is room for growth. The key is whether you are willing to move up.

there are people outside the mountains, there are people outside people, there is no best, only better.

time keeps moving forward, and life is not done once and for all.

born as a human being, only by constantly taking steps and constantly updating yourself can we see a more brilliant tomorrow.

, may we continue to evolve ourselves and live a satisfactory life in this changing world with a positive attitude.