The rest of your life is long. Don't panic, don't be disappointed.
The rest of your life is long. Don't panic, don't be disappointed.
Steady, steady.

there is a saying like this:

Youth cannot endure prosperity, middle age cannot afford leisure, and old age cannot endure adversity.

as a result, many people are busy moving forward and turning their lives into ants on hot pots and pans.

Children are busy growing up, making friends, seeing the world, adults are busy with their families, careers, and enjoying their twilight years.

do not realize that haste makes waste, and great things cannot be achieved at the sight of small profits.

everyone has his own pace of life, and you don't have to compete with others.

the rivers and lakes are far away, and the mountains and rivers are long. What are you afraid of? it's too late, and you can't get there.

Heaven follows its course, the earth follows its nature, and people change according to it.

everything is just right.


there is no really perfect life

most of the time, we always strive for perfection:

work should be satisfactory, families should be happy and beautiful, children should be clever and sensible, and parents should be in good health. It seems that this kind of life is the winner.

but where does life get so much perfection?

as Mo Yan wrote in sandalwood punishment:

"the most taboo thing in the world is perfection. There must always be a slight deficiency in everything in order to maintain it. "

tell a familiar story:

the old lady has two sons. The eldest son sells umbrellas and the younger son sells straw hats.

on a sunny day, the old lady was worried that her eldest son's umbrella could not be sold; on a rainy day, the old lady sighed that his youngest son's straw hat could not be sold, so the old man did not have a few days of comfort.

later someone said to her, "isn't it a pleasure to sell umbrellas in rainy days, good in sunny days and good in straw hats?"

the old lady figured it out after listening to it, and sure enough, she had a good time every day.

in fact, this is the way life is. The more you pursue perfection, the more difficult it is to feel peace.

since ancient times, people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing.

since a lot of things have been done, why bother to worry about it?

people who always pursue perfection will inevitably draw water from bamboo baskets at the end of the day.

Lin Yutang said: "imperfection is the most perfect life."


face yourself and stay awake

what is the hardest thing in the world?

in my opinion, it is not the sophistication of the world or the tiredness of the car, but the most difficult thing is to be yourself.

as the ancients said, nine times out of ten things go wrong in life.

but after deducting 80% or 90% of the dissatisfaction, at least 20% are happy and gratifying things.

the world is not perfect, but you should always believe that "there is no eternal pain in life, and there is no insurmountable hurdle in life."

Lin Qingxuan told his father when he was young that he wanted to be a writer when he grew up, but he was slapped in the face by his father: useless!

for fathers, they have been farmers for generations, and being a writer is just a pipe dream.

at the age of 17, Lin Qingxuan decided to leave his hometown and go outside.

in order to earn living expenses, he worked as a waiter, worked as a longshoreman, did hard work, and even killed pigs.

although luck didn't happen to him in time, Lin Qingxuan never gave up his dream and immersed himself in writing whenever he had time.

what others can accomplish in three or five days, he has to spend more time figuring out that since he is not as good as others, he should be more diligent than others.

since he published his work at the age of 17 and published his first book, the Road of Lotus at the age of 20, he sang all the way to literature.

Dreams may be worthless, but your efforts are worth thousands of dollars!

on the way of life, everyone will encounter many setbacks, but the master can do it without flinching when it is difficult, not complacent, raising his head with direction, keeping his head down and staying awake.

Jiang Ziya, with great ambition, always studied and discussed the ways of governing and rejuvenating the country, and did not worship as a national teacher until he was 72 years old.

Bailixi went through countless twists and turns and did nothing in his 30s. It was only at the age of 70 that he was regarded as prime minister by the discerning eyes of the Duke of Qin.

every effort will be rewarded, and even if you shout to Konggu, you will have to wait a while to hear the long echo.

Gou Jian, the king of Yue, endured humiliation and endured hardships for more than ten years, not without backbone, but waiting for the opportunity, and finally annexed the State of Wu.

you see, all you can do now is to persevere, bow your head and work hard. All the sufferings you have suffered, the losses you have suffered, the responsibilities you bear, the sins you have borne, and the pain you have endured, will eventually turn into light and light your way.

everyone in the world has their own time zone. Why don't you worry about not being lucky to be yourself while waiting for time?

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Don't forget your original mind before you can accomplish your mission

as the saying goes, do not forget the original ideals and aspirations in order to accomplish the mission.

but at first the heart is easy to keep, but it is always rare.

in this world, the most precious thing is not money, but feelings; the most valuable thing is not a drinking friend, but a bosom friend; the best thing is not the future, but the present.

only by not forgetting the original ideal and ambition can we find the right direction of life and reach our original intention.

Bai Yansong said in "Don't walk too fast, wait for your soul."Such a story:

in Mexico, there is a fable that is far away but close to us.

A group of people were on their way in a hurry when suddenly, a man stopped.

is very strange: why don't you go?

the person who stopped smiled: walking too fast, the soul fell behind, I have to wait for it.

indeed, many people just rush forward and forget why they started in the first place.

looking back on the road, deep and shallow, stumbling, crying and laughing, wandering, and regretting!

you can't know the joys and sorrows of the world until you have tasted the ups and downs.

Life is like a roller coaster, with high scenery and low ebb and ebb. When you are desperate, grit your teeth and maybe pass.

however, there are always very few people who make it to the end.

No one's life is plain sailing. All you have to do is work hard day after day before you reach your dream.

there are poems:

once upon a time, all the sweetness and sadness, all the bravery and fragility, all the trek and rest; it turned out that they were all for the sake of their newcomers.

Life is long, and nothing can be seen at a glance. No matter a beaming face or a lost dog, the gains and losses of the moment do not count.

often look back at the way you came, so that you can give yourself the courage to start from scratch when you encounter obstacles.


the rest of my life is long, so don't panic

people in this life, when proud, "see Changan flowers all day", when frustrated, "destitute, mentally depressed, and stop drinking."

but it is not something that can be run to the end overnight. If you are too impatient, it is you who suffer.

moments have read such a sentence:

Today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, and the day after tomorrow is beautiful, but most people die tomorrow night without seeing the sun the day after tomorrow.

if you walk too much, the soles of your feet will hurt; if you spend too much time, your heart will get bored.

No matter how long the road of life is, as long as you are willing to measure it step by step, it will be followed by others.

Don't worry, all efforts will be recognized, just slow down, walk more steadily, more steadily.

the rest of my life is long, please don't panic, it's not that the ending is not perfect, it wants to meet you again when you have enough luck.

I hope you can follow your heart and be yourself bravely, with the courage to pause and forge ahead.