The story is short and the truth is deep.
The story is short and the truth is deep.
There is no need to blindly imitate others, what suits you is the best.

Poetry world


people who ride bicycles can only run about 10 kilometers with two feet hard for an hour.

people who drive a car can run 100 kilometers an hour with one foot on the throttle;

people can run 300 kilometers by high-speed train with their eyes closed for an hour.

people can run 1000 kilometers in an hour by plane and eating delicious food.


the person is still that person, the same efforts, different platforms and carriers, the results will be different.


at a dinner party, Mark Twain sat opposite a lady and said politely, "you are so beautiful!"

the lady was ungrateful and said proudly, "it's a pity that I can't praise you the same!"

Mark Twain said politely and peacefully:

"it doesn't matter, you can just tell a lie like me." The lady bowed her head in shame.


when you drop a stone, you are often the one who stumbles.


the wild boar grazes with the horse, and the wild boar often spoils the grass, either trampling on the grass or muddy the water.

the horse was so angry that he wanted revenge, so he asked the hunter for help.

the hunter said that unless the horse was put on a bridle and let him ride.

Ma was eager to retaliate and agreed to the hunter's request.

the hunter rode on the horse and defeated the wild boar, then took the horse back and tied it to the manger, and the horse lost its original freedom.

perception: if you can't tolerate others, you will bring misfortune to yourself.


A family has three sons. They have lived in their parents' endless quarrels since childhood, and their mother is often black and blue.

the boss thought, "Mom is so pathetic!" I will be nicer to my wife in the future. "

the second thought: "getting married is so boring. I will never get married when I grow up!"

the third thought, "it turns out that a husband can beat his wife like this."

perception: even if the environment is the same, different ways of thinking will affect the difference of life.


the mouse fell into the half-full rice jar, which made him overjoyed.

after confirming that there was no danger, he began to eat, sleep and eat in the rice jar.

soon, the rice jar will be bottomed out, but it can not get rid of the temptation of rice and stay in the jar.

perception: our life seems flat, but in fact there are crises everywhere.


the next day, he went fishing again, still so.

just arrived on the third day, a big fish jumped out of the river and shouted, "if you dare to use carrots as bait again, I will flatten you to death!"

perception: what you give is what you "want" to give, not what the other person wants, and what you give in your own world is worthless.


A friend is a doctor. After a cancer operation, he found that he couldn't cut it, so he had to sew it on again.

go and explain the situation to the patient, who is from the countryside and does not understand the terminology. He insists that after the operation, he will be cured.

had to let him out of the hospital, a year later return visit, really good, cancer cells disappeared!

perception: optimism is the best operation.


that year, when he was sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a friend, a girl came over and asked, "did you come on a blind date through the introduction of Aunt Wang?"

he looked up at her. She was just his type. Thinking why not make a mistake, he hurriedly promised, "Yes, please have a seat."

on his wedding day, he confessed that he was not on a blind date.

my wife smiled and said: I'm not going on a blind date either. I'm just looking for an excuse to chat you up.

realize: when an opportunity comes, you should seize it without hesitation.


on the high-speed train, an old man accidentally dropped a new shoe he had just bought from the window. People around him felt sorry, but the old man immediately threw the second shoe out of the window.

the move came as a surprise.

the old man explained:

"No matter how expensive this shoe is, it is of no use to me. If anyone can find a pair of shoes, maybe he can wear them!"

feeling: it is better to give up the pain that is doomed to be irreparable.


the girls openly voted for the class beauty, and the plain-looking Xiao Mei delivered a speech:

"if I am elected, in a few years' time, the sisters here can proudly say to their husband that when I was in college, I was even prettier than the class girl!"

as a result, she was elected unanimously!

feeling: to convince others to support you, it is not necessary to prove that they are better than others, but to make others feel that because of you, they become better and have a greater sense of achievement.


there is a younger brother who works as an apprentice in a bicycle shop. Someone sent me a broken bicycle. My younger brother not only repaired the bike, but also polished it as beautiful as new. The other apprentices laughed at him for being superfluous.

the day after the owner took the bike back, my younger brother was dug up to work in his company.

perception: it turns outIt's easy to get ahead, just work hard.


A young man asked the Taoist priest for advice: "Master, some people call me a genius, while others call me a fool. What do you think?"

Dress dramatic in our collection of dress for black woman wedding. Our unique selections would be the best gift.

"what do you think of yourself?" Asked the Taoist priest, with a blank look on his face.

for example, a jin of rice is baked cakes in the eyes of the bakery and wine in the eyes of the wine merchants.

in beggars, it is a life-saving meal.

the rice is still that rice.

the youth suddenly became enlightened.

perception: only we can decide what we look like, and others see you the way you see yourself.


Shrimp envies crabs when they see that they sometimes show a nice red color.

the crab told the shrimp that it often went to the land to bask in the sun, and when the strong sun shone on it, it showed a beautiful red.

after hearing this, the shrimp was so excited that he jumped to the shore and learned to bask in the sun, but was killed by the sun.

perception: there is no need to blindly imitate others, what suits you is the best.