The whole network is boycotting, and she will be ruined if she becomes a demon again.
The whole network is boycotting, and she will be ruined if she becomes a demon again.
It is better to miss each other than to miss each other, so let the classics stay in the memories!

some time ago, the TV series "Paladin six" finally announced!

with the opening of the official blog and the release of posters, the topic quickly exploded into a hot search, causing a wave of attention and heated discussion.

although it is still in the casting stage, the audience can no longer sit still and worry one after another.

of course, this worry is not without reason, it is not often seen in recent years to remake the scene of car accidents, so that fans lose confidence, afraid that the classic is difficult to continue, afraid that the classic will be destroyed.

take The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils, which has just finished broadcasting, for example, the shocking plot and poor acting skills make people so embarrassed that their toes can be deducted from three rooms and one living room.

the appearance of Lin Zhiying's version of Duan Yu made many people sigh that Duan Yu came out of the book.

dressed in white, rustling, gentle and polite, he exudes an atmosphere of freedom from vulgarity, like a little king who really comes out of the book.

the acting skill is online all the time, the emotion is relaxed, the expression is vivid and natural, there is shock and pain. The role is very well grasped.

and this play, played by Bai Shu, wears earrings in his left ear, glittering in gold and thick oblique bangs.

the appearance of a dandy is a far cry from that of Duan Yu in the original book, which is "tall in shape and like a crown jade".

performance is even worse, expression management is out of control, body movements exaggerated, coupled with excessive force, just played Duan Yu into a fool.

to tell you the truth, this is not the first time the film and television industry has experienced a "rollover" phenomenon.

the classics left us how much moved, the remake brought us how much disappointment.

either make people act in a second, or their acting skills are ugly, or the plot is so embarrassing that they pick their toes.

but then again, there was a time when the level of domestic dramas was really not like this.

Hu GE plays Li Xiaoyao who walks the world with a sword, Qiao Feng, the master of Huang Rihua version, and Zhang Wuji, who is super strong in martial arts.

each character is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and as soon as the name comes out, it makes people go back to the past in a second.

how many films and televisions are engraved in the youth memories of a generation; how many roles are indelible classics in people's hearts; and how many actors are working hard to shape them.

whenever I see the classic remake destroyed, it hurts so much that I can't help but find out those old classic dramas to see.

"Family has children"

Nowhere else you can find such a magnificent pale yellow dress for bridesmaid. Ideal choices for your big days!

"your childhood, my childhood, seems to be the same."

familiar melodies sound, I believe everyone is very familiar with it! "A family has children." this is a lot of childhood memories of the post-90s and post-00s, yyds!

the story of Xia Donghai and Liu Mei meeting and falling in love after divorce and bringing their three children together to reorganize their families has created the pinnacle of domestic family sitcoms.

naughty and humorous Liu Xing, lovely and innocent Xia Yu, gentle and independent Xia Xue, nagging impatient Liu Mei, tolerant and gentle Xia Donghai.

Happy family, deducing a warm and loving little day.

and the food that is difficult for ordinary people to enjoy even after 16 years, there are six or seven dishes, chicken wings, braised meat, and occasionally some big crabs.

when I was a child, I only thought it was funny, but when I grew up, I found that there were a lot of things that made people think deeply.

Liu Mei, played by Song Dandan, restores the image of a real-life mother, enthusiastic and virtuous, and works hard for her children.

Xia Donghai, played by Gao Yalin, is a good father who is patient, has his own way of education, and knows how to deal with parent-child relations.

but they will inevitably have misunderstandings with their children because they worry too much.

but they always know how to reflect on themselves and correct their mistakes instead of oppressing their children.

in such a family, they have contradictions, troubles, understanding and happiness.

there are children in the family who have witnessed their growth and accompanied us in our childhood.

even if you grow up and go far away, the memories are still there.

every time I relive it, I can touch different points of laughter and tears. Maybe this is the charm of this show.

"Jin Fan Family"

the fledgling Liu Yifei, the weak and quiet Dong Jie, the handsome Chen Kun, "Jin Fan Family" has become a topic of conversation after dinner.

even now, it is no exaggeration that the appearance of three people can kill a lot of flowers and fresh flesh.

I still remember that Jin Yanxi was moved by a glimpse of Leng Qingqiu's debut.

when we meet again in the florist, she looks down at the lilies, gentle and infinite.

Jin Yanxi braved the rain to follow the cold autumn, just to know her address, but also knelt down in the rain and smiled.

because of the cold and cold autumn, "different people can't be together, just like my grapevine can never grow lilies." he stayed up all night and tied lilies on the grapevines.

in order to pursue the cold autumn, Jin Yanxi can be said to be full of tricks. Which girl is not impressed?

No matter how vigorous love is, it will be exposed by reality.

later, she was said by Jin Yanxi:

"look, all over your body, which one is not my Jin family's?"

you know that they can never go back to the past.

affection is a tragedy, not to mention that they are not the same person at all.

just like the eighth sister questioned Jin Yanxi: "you are not veryAre you in love? why do you have a change of heart? why? "

when I was young, I regretted the love between Leng Qingqiu and Jin Yanxi. Now I relive it to understand the fickle nature of human nature.

A vigorous love loses its infatuation and sweetness, but it is also a piece of loose sand.

from falling in love to falling in love with each other, Leng Qingqiu carried the child far away, got on the train in the opposite direction with Jin Yanxi, and passed by.

the "dark fragrance" rings over and over again, and that feeling will come up again.

I believe that many viewers are thinking about the beautiful but tragic ending of the two.

"Pink Girl"

there is no shortage of female group portraits in China in recent years, but there are still "Pink Girls" on topics and classics.

four female characters with very different personalities are still talked about by people today.

"one wants love rather than marriage, one wants work rather than love, one wants to marry all kinds of men, and one can't figure out what a man is."

almost every girl can see her shadow in them.

bringing out each of them is a picture book of women with flesh and blood.

Marriage fanatics who only want to marry, men and women who only want to start a career and make money, popular fans who want to marry rich people, naive and rebellious girls.

even if they have different ideas, it does not hinder their friendship, warm and encourage each other, and join hands to face all kinds of problems in life.

and "Pink Girl" inadvertently tells the truth, even today, its charm has not diminished.

when a man stops thinking, he gets old, and when a woman stops wearing makeup, she gets old.

Love words are words that you don't believe yourself, but you want others to believe.

when people understand the true meaning of love, they will combine April Fool's Day and Valentine's Day into one day.

now, it really makes sense!

of course, perhaps the most valuable part of the play is:

there are confused, routed, bitter, but still bear their own not easy, in the pursuit of self-growth in laughing and scolding.

none of the four astringent girls is in the C position, each of them can exude charm and have their own stage.

I don't know how many blocks of personality charm compared to the foolish lady now.

it is rustling and beautiful, and the effect is excellent. I think this is the "deadly woman" we like.

"Sculpture Warriors"

I believe you are no stranger to Mr. Jin Yong's Divine Sculpture Swordsmen.

has been remade countless times since it was published.

however, the white moonlight in the hearts of most people should be the 1995 version of Louis Koo's Li Ruotong.

there has been no more Xiao Longnu since Li Ruotong, and there has been no more Yang since Louis Koo.

We have long been familiar with the story of the swordsmen, but we will still be struck by the name many years later.

gu Tianle's unruly and unrestrained temperament, only when I saw him did I see the young chivalrous man with unrestrained spirit.

Li Ruotong's version of Xiao Longnu not only has the temperament of not eating the world, but also treats love faithfully and unrepentantly, and the young girl's heart is ignorant.

Xiaolongnu weaves the beautiful lie of "the Covenant of Sixteen years" just to let Yang Guo live and jump off the heartbroken cliff with a mortal heart.

Yang went all over the country looking for his aunt and came to the heartbroken cliff again and again, waiting for sixteen years.

Sixteen years later, Yang Guogu and other Xiao Longnu did not come and resolutely jumped off the cliff, and the two were reunited at the bottom of the desperate valley.

however, how much perfection is enviable, how much helplessness is regrettable.

just like Guo Xiang, who once met Yang for the rest of his life, he could only watch and take his beloved to seclusion.

when I watched this show at the beginning of that year, when I was a young man, I knew for the first time what love is when I came into being, and I only taught the obsessive love of the promise of life and death.

now when I look back, I can see the lives of Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu, but they seem to be the people in the play, seeing their own life.

as soon as there is a lover in the world, the familiar songs and melodies bring us back to that martial arts era, singing all the life and death in love until we die.

for classics, we just want to say: we can relive it N times!

when a film and television work becomes a "classic" in people's minds, it needs to be protected and cherished.

actor Feng Yuanzheng once said:

"We should be in awe of classic things, and don't remake them until we reach that level."

after all, classics never end.

feelings are such things, they carry memories that time cannot steal, and even if the years go by, the classics will not be obliterated by later generations.

then again, as viewers, what we want most is:

movies and TV dramas can return to the original mind, constantly inject the vitality of the new era, and launch more enduring classics.

if not.

it is better to miss each other than to miss each other, so let the classics stay in the memories.


, maybe the light and shadow pictures are blurred, but I can still remember your autumn, winter, spring and summer, laughing and scolding.