This passage is suitable for anyone
This passage is suitable for anyone
If you put in a peach, I will return the favor.


Don't let desire fill too much

once there was an expedition team that openly recruited some explorers, so many adventure enthusiasts flocked to the expedition, looking forward to becoming a member of the expedition team and working side by side at the top of the snow-capped mountains.

after various physical tests, 15 explorers passed the examination. finally, Captain Jack gave a test question about psychology.

Jack put 15 explorers in 15 rooms and began to test them one by one.

Jack first went into the first room and asked, "you try your best. Now Mount Qomolangma is right in front of you, but you find that there is already a player about 10 meters ahead. You can only be the second on the team. What will you do?"

the explorer replied, "I will certainly speed up to overtake him if I am so close!"

Jack shook his head and said, "Young man, you are not fit for this expedition."

after that, Jack entered the second, third and fourth in turn. In the fourteenth room, each explorer's answer was better than the previous team member, so Jack went to the last room and asked the same question.

the last explorer said, "it doesn't matter, just let him be the first, and I'll be the second. I don't care about the ranking. It's my goal to reach the top of the mountain. How satisfying it is!"

Jack said happily, "Congratulations, you are the explorer we are looking for. Welcome to join us."

perhaps many people will say that the purpose of exploration is to constantly surpass oneself, why eliminate those contestants?

in fact, most of the time, the reason for the failure of mountain climbers is not due to lack of physical strength or lack of ability, but because there are too many desires in their hearts, and their feet are full of traps.

I have heard a classic saying: the more you get, the more you want, the more you lose. Don't forget that at first all you want is a smile, and an extra hug is a surprise!

the world is fair. When God opens a door for you, he will close a window for you.

you can't have everything, so you can't want too much.

things go to extremes, and the more you want, the more you will lose.

everything has its limits, and when desire loses its shackles, it loses the way to move on.

controlling your desires, focusing on your share, and guarding your original heart is the best choice.

A happy life is not endless gains, but contentment and long-term contentment.

imperfect desires are the best form of life.


what suits you is the best

A senior monk once asked, "do you think a piece of gold or a pile of mud is better?"

the apprentice replied, "of course gold is good!"

the eminent monk asked, "what if you are a seed?"

after hearing this, the apprentice suddenly realized.

in fact, there is no absolute difference between good and bad in this world. What suits you is the best.

it's like you come across a pair of beautiful shoes in the mall. Unfortunately, you don't happen to have the right size, so you have to endure discomfort, even if you wear out your feet, even if you suffer pain at every step, but you don't want to take them off.

just like you meet an attractive person, her frown and smile, his moves, all let you obsessed, so regardless of the other party's wishes, began to pursue violently.

even if he is aggrieved and asks for perfection in this relationship, even if his mind is not on you, he is not willing to give up.

but you should know that the best in life does not necessarily belong to you, the most suitable is the best.

what is done knowing that it cannot be done is nothing but joy in the end.

do you remember the story of Dong Shi's copycat?

Dongshi thinks that if he imitates Xi Shi's movements, he will be as good-looking as she is.

little do you know that Xishi looks good on herself, so she looks good in everything she does. Dongshi looks ugly, neglects his own conditions and deliberately imitates. On the contrary, it will make people sad and can only leave jokes of "copycat".

is better because it is suitable, and an unsuitable existence will only make people feel out of place.

all things in the world are different and changeable.

some people choose to move on, surpass their goals and become better themselves;

some people choose to let go of the past, start anew, and welcome a new life;

some people choose to stop for a while, stop the rapids, live a life of idle clouds and wild cranes, and enjoy the beauty of the slow pace.

in the end, the people who make these choices take what they need, and they are the best choices. Keep a normal mind, calm down and choose your own life, no matter what the result is, it must be the most suitable for you.


compare the heart to the heart in order to win the heart

Zhu Xi said: "as the saying goes, compare the heart to the heart, in this way, each will be at peace."

means to deal with others, to push yourself and others, to put yourself in the shoes of others, in order to be sincerely treated by others.

there are too many people in life who smile on the surface, ask you questions, but speak ill of you behind your back and make you stumble.

if you are not careful, you will see the wrong person, pay the wrong heart, and finally become discouraged.

so when you get along with others, you must keep your eyes open and cherish those who are sincere; those who are false, stay away decisively!

Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya have known each other since childhood and are good friends with each other.

Guan Zhong's family is poor, but Bao Shuya's family is well-off, and the two work together to do business. Bao Shuya always gives 2/3 of the capital, but enjoys only 1/3 of the income. For this reason, the family is often dissatisfied and complains about Guan Zhong's greed.

Bao Shuya explained, "where is he greedy for this money?" His family had a difficult life, and I voluntarily gave it to him. "

when Guan Zhongping went out to work, he often made mistakes, but Bao Shuya never complained and criticized him, but comforted him not to take it to heart.

Bao Shuya is not only tolerant and generous to Guan Zhong in life, but also highly recommended in government affairs.

Bao Shuya recommended Guan Zhong to the prince Xiaobai, the monarch he assisted, and made Guan Zhong prime minister of Qi, but he was willing to retire to Guan Zhong.

as the ancients said, "those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them."

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only when Bao Shuya pushes his heart to his abdomen can he get Guan Zhong's sincerity.

once, Prince Xiaobai asked Guan Zhong, "who can help me after you die?"

Guan Zhonglian mentioned four people, and finally mentioned Bao Shuya, so some people speculated that Guan Zhong was ungrateful.

do not realize that Guan Zhong is thinking about Bao Shuya.

Guan Zhong expected that after his death, the State of Qi would not be at peace. He did not want to put his friends in such an abyss, so he was reluctant to recommend Bao Shuya.

since then, the friendship between Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya has become a story that has been handed down through the ages.

time verifies the hearts of the people and bears witness to human nature. with those who treat each other sincerely, they walk to the heart.

A popular sentence recently:

if I treated you the way you treated me, I'm afraid you'd be gone already!

when you get along with others, you should pay more attention to their strengths and less to their weaknesses. Review yourself before blaming others.

good relationships are mutual.

I will return the favor if you put in the peach.

you forgive me a point, I also forgive you a point, the so-called telepathy, but heart to heart.

in this world, it is only when it is gentle that it treats it back with tenderness.