Those who smile and bow their heads are all smart people.
Those who smile and bow their heads are all smart people.
Life is so beautiful, why haggle over it.

someone asked Socrates, "you are the most learned man in the world, so what is the height between heaven and earth?"

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Socrates said without hesitation, "three feet!"

the man disagreed: "each of us is five feet tall, and there is only three feet between heaven and earth. Isn't that piercing the sky?"

Socrates smiled and said, "therefore, anyone who is more than three feet tall must know how to bow his head if he wants to stand between heaven and earth."

it is true that life needs not to admit defeat, but to hold your head high and keep your head low.

in life, it is inevitable that there will be ups and downs, some people are entangled in their hearts and never die, while others live calmly, smiling and bowing their heads.


smile and bow your head and don't argue with fools

once read a short story full of Zen:

there is a young man who is not very capable, but has a temper. He doesn't like what other people do, he doesn't listen to other people's suggestions, and he always likes to question other people's opinions.

because he often conflicts with others, gradually, he feels that life is very boring and thinks that people around him are deliberately against him.

so he went to consult a wise man and asked, "Master, what is the secret of happiness?"

the wise man replied, "do not fight with fools for right or wrong."

the young man retorted, "it's impossible. How can it be so simple?" I don't think so. "

the wise man smiled and said, "you are right."

then he bowed his head slightly, looked at his nose, looked at his heart, and ignored the young man.

fools fight for right and wrong, but wise men only talk about day and night.

the world is disturbed one after another, do not compete with fools for a while, laugh off the doubts of the outside world, have the magnanimity and breadth of mind, and naturally live a carefree life.

I remember reading this sentence in "one hundred years of Solitude":

"you hate those people so much that you fight with them for so long that you end up like them, and there is no ideal in the world worth paying for."

sometimes, the more blushed you argue, the easier it is to get stuck in the quagmire. The best way to deal with something is not to resist blindly, but to smile and bow your head and take a step back.

this does not mean admitting defeat, but a kind of self-cultivation of life.

because of his lofty ideals and a broader pattern of life, he will not take the provocation of fools seriously at all.

people live a lifetime, plants and trees for an autumn, limited time is far more important than pointless disputes.

Why let those selfish, snobbish, uncultured fools disturb their feelings and don't waste their time on people who are not worth it.


smiled and bowed his head, not arguing with trifles

there are many things in the world that we need to judge.

some things should be meticulous and not confused, while others should be properly let go, smiling and bowing their heads.

some time ago, due to the need of work, I went to dinner with my boss and clients.

at that time, the restaurant was playing the game, and the owner and the customer-supported team happened to be rivals.

seeing that the party supported by the boss scored several goals in a row, the big score widened the gap, and the customer was a little unconvinced. He said one moment that the referee misjudged, and the other said that the opposing player dived, but he had no good words all the time.

but the boss just smiled and said nothing. After dinner, he chatted casually and then broke up.

later, I asked my boss why he didn't say a word.

the boss said, "there is no need to offend the client in such an unimportant matter."

since then, I have known that not everything in the world needs to be confronted with each other.

if you have to tell right from wrong, no one else will say anything. But for some trivial things, the quarrel blushed the neck thick, in which the waste of kindness and affection, is their own real loss.

smiling and lowering his head, it is a timely choice and a wise way to avoid.

the ancients often said that "retreat is the first step forward", meaning that life needs to be flexible and resilient. In many cases, concessions are actually meant to move forward more firmly.

in life, there are not so many pennies. If everything is entangled, it will eventually be bound, can not let go of hands and feet, tired themselves, but also a waste of life.

when you are alive, you should understand that some things can be properly let go and forgotten, learn to back down on issues that do not involve the bottom line, and bow your head with a smile.


smile and bow your head and ignore your partner

in fact, in any long-term relationship, there is a person who is willing to bow.

the one who knows how to smile and bow his head is often the one who loves the most.

with softness and tenacity to resolve conflicts, such people will be the ultimate winners in order to maintain their love.

I know a friend who has been married to her husband for several years but has fallen out recently. At first, the two just quarreled over trifles.

however, my husband thinks that he has been patient and suffocated every time over the years. This time, he didn't want to compromise.

where are your friends? Thought the other party would show weakness, just like before.

both were waiting for each other to bow their heads, and both decided not to bow first. The good relationship broke up "inexplicably", and both sides fell intoA long period of pain.

Marriage life is inevitably tedious, full of tea, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea. It is normal to have a friction and a mouth on weekdays. However, if these minor contradictions are not handled properly, they will cause a lot of trouble.

this is not a debate contest, there is no need to compete.

if you dwell on right or wrong too seriously, you will win the result, lose the relationship, and end up unhappy.

who hasn't lost his temper yet? When the other party is in a bad mood, he will not lose his flesh a little bit. on the contrary, after he thinks it over, he will appreciate your understanding and understanding and love you more.


smile and bow your head and live a good life

there is a very appropriate folk proverb: "bowing your head is an ear of rice, and holding your head high is barnyard grass."

the more mature and fuller the ear of rice, the lower the head. Only the barnyard weeds which are empty in the ears will appear ostentatious and keep their heads high all the time.

Rice ears are like this, and so are our lives.

there is nothing in the world to worry about. If you can let it go, there won't be so much trouble in life.

for those who don't like it, never mind, smiling and ignoring is the best counterattack; those who can't get it, don't worry about it, let go can have the best memories.

bow your head in front of things that are unprincipled, don't compete, don't be paranoid, take a step back, and make some compromises that don't hurt your bones.

after the concession, I don't feel wrenched. I smile calmly as if it never happened, and my heart is still at peace.

Life is so beautiful, why haggle over it? the beauty that we have not discovered is more worthy of our appreciation.

learn to be a strong and soft person for the rest of your life, smiling and bowing your head when it doesn't matter.