Three years after the loss of a loved one, Kanghui cried to countless people: the one I love will never come back.
Three years after the loss of a loved one, Kanghui cried to countless people: the one I love will never come back.
Spring comes and summer goes, autumn harvest and winter hide, often go home to see, don't let that love wait too long.

two days ago, I read a hot search by Kanghui, and I had mixed feelings.

as the bearer of CCTV, Kanghui, the standard "national face", has always been calm and self-contained, hosting a professional and excellent image.

only this appearance shows people the emotional side of him.

in the program Reader, Kanghui tells the story behind this special "photo" with his mother.

there is a small print at the bottom of the photo: "because I haven't taken a picture with my mother recently, I put together one myself."

that year, my mother was seriously ill, but Kanghui needed to go abroad for work reasons and completed a very important reporting task.

before leaving, he went back to see his mother who was very ill. He leaned in his mother's ear and said, "Mom, you must wait for me to come back."

Kang Hui believes in his heart that his mother can wait for her to come back, and she firmly believes that she still has a long time to stay with her.

I didn't expect that this parting would be forever.

as he was preparing to leave at the Capital Airport, he suddenly received a call from his sister saying that his mother had left.

Kanghui missed his mother's last meeting.

however, the work is just around the corner, and all Kang Hui can do now is to grit his teeth and hold on.

in order not to disturb others, when he lost control of his emotions, he had to hide in the bathroom again and again, and he dared to shed tears in this empty corner.

Kang Hui said:

"I still often think that in order to better finish my work, I will give up a lot of time and opportunities to give love to my family and loved ones.

and in order not to leave more regrets for our families and loved ones, but to give up some job opportunities that are very important to us, which is the braver choice, so far I really don't have the answer. "

Kanghui's mother understands that his work is not easy and doesn't want him to worry about it. The most common saying on weekdays is, "do your job."

these five words contain the mother's understanding, bitterness and helplessness, which can only press the missing of her son in the bottom of her heart.

the cruelty of life is that if you can take care of your work, you can't take care of your parents and children.

Kang Hui used to think that there are still many opportunities to take a picture with his mother. When he gets home one day, he will be able to take a picture.

until his mother got sick and died, he searched his phone for a picture of the two, but there was no one.

only then did Kang Hui realize that he had spent too little time with his mother these years.

many people are touched by Kanghui and his mother:

"teacher Kang Hui's regret is also reminding us to spend more time with our parents. At the same time, it also reminds me that I didn't even have a picture with my parents when I grew up. "

"I also missed the last time with the person I was closest to. I'm really sorry, but I firmly believe that I will say goodbye to them in another parallel time and space."

growing up is a watching, parents will not disturb us, will not stop us.

but as long as you look back, you will find your parents behind you, silently guarding.

however, it is always too late to understand.

experienced joys and sorrows and witnessed life and death.

only then did I understand that the greatest regret in my life is that my son wants to support but does not wait.

birth, old age, sickness and death will never give people a chance to turn back.

No one can predict which will come first, tomorrow or the accident.

Don't always take chances, thinking that your parents will always be around for a long time and lots of opportunities.

but forget the cruelty of time and the shortness of life.

when we understand, but have lost the opportunity to accompany, even say "good-bye" has become an extravagant hope.

now young people are too busy, busy with study, busy with work, busy with social activities, too busy to stop.

busyness seems to have become a standard part of life.

want to work hard to catch something, afraid that the speed of their own efforts can not catch up with the speed of their parents' old age.

but overlook the fact that the last thing in the world is to be with your parents.

there is a heart-warming video on Weibo, and countless people burst into tears.

the girl in the video is Liu Xianwei, who grew up under the care of her mother after her parents divorced.

even if she lives in a single-parent family, her mother gives her a lot of love, and the mother and daughter live a comfortable and comfortable life.

however, there are unexpected events in the sky.

one day in 2020, Liu's mother suddenly fainted and was rushed to hospital. She underwent three craniotomy operations before saving her life.

but although my mother saved her life, she became a "semi-vegetable" who could not take care of herself. She could move her head, neck and legs with only one hand.

because the parents are divorced a long time ago, and my grandparents are getting older, the responsibility of taking care of their mother falls to Liu Xianwei.

at that time, Liu Xianwei had just started his college life.

after thinking about it, 19-year-old Liu Xianwei decided to take a year off after communicating with his family and school.

"because the mother is very important, there is only one mother!"

get up every morning, wash your mother, and then take her to recovery.

go back to the ward for lunch and recover in the afternoon;

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help my mother wash in the evening, cooperate with acupuncture and massage.

over and over again.

in the video, she will paint her mother's nail polish, play the guitar, lie down and eat lollipops, buy her birthday cake and blow out candles with her.

when the weather is fine, Liu Xianwei will also push his mother out for a walk, look at the scenery outside, and change tricks to make her mother happy.

although the mother's face was haggard by the illness, she looked at her daughter with tenderness in her eyes.

in the diary, Liu wrote: "I began to teach you to talk and turn over like you taught me when I was a child." I'm glad to keep you by my side with words and photos, and I'll be a mother in my next life. "

in Liu Jianwei's mobile phone, there is always a message from last year: "Mom loves you."

whenever she misses her mother, she will look at the video together and always feel that her mother is still by her side.

maybe it is life, which is always full of variables and unknowns, making people helpless.

what we can do is to cherish every time we are together and hug hard every time we say goodbye.

I have heard a heartbreaking saying: "parents are like a wall between us and death."

but this wall will disappear one day.

when the accident comes, I find that there is not much time left for me, and there is no room for regret.

now I think it's a great happiness to be able to quarrel with my parents, eat their cooking and listen to their nagging.

I believe that many people who have said goodbye to their parents feel the same way.

always wait until lost, in remorse to understand the value of companionship.

whether it is Kanghui, Liu Xianwei, or ordinary like you and me, it is like a farewell between us and our parents.

those who think we will stand beside us forever will suddenly leave and never see each other again.

when parents are around, there is still a place in life. When parents go, life is only on the way home.

if it had been.

it is a pity that there are not so many ifs in the world.

A lot of things are doomed to last forever, and many people can only leave the game suddenly.

when will people realize that they spend very little time with their parents?

I think it's all when they really start to lose.

someone once calculated an account:

if your parents are 60 years old, suppose they live to be 80 years old.

you may only spend seven days at home with your parents during the Spring Festival, with a maximum of 11 hours a day.

then, the time you can actually spend with your parents is only 1540 hours, 64 days.

many times, you think that the future is too long to stand up to scrutiny and calculation, and impermanence is the norm in the world.

maybe, with a casual goodbye, you will never see you again and never say goodbye.

perhaps, accidentally missed, in exchange for a lifetime of regret and regret.

there is a line in "after the endless meeting":

"every time you say goodbye, you'd better try harder. One more word, maybe the last one. One more look, it may be the last one. "

Life is so short that we, who are busy on our way, should occasionally slow down and look back.

Don't let your heart wait, don't let love be late, and don't let "you raise me grow up, I'll grow old with you" become an empty slogan.

for parents, a lot of company, a lot of chat, even if it is just a phone greeting, is already the most precious gift.

so, don't be stingy with your time. Don't leave regrets while your parents are still around and when you are still young.

, spring comes and summer goes, autumn harvest and winter hide, often go home to see, don't let that love wait too long.