Today's new toy: draw a group of living biomolecules
Today's new toy: draw a group of living biomolecules
It's very magical to move.

Today, a new toy was discovered: CellPAINT, a software that can draw dynamic illustrations of HIV viruses, plasma components and T cell surfaces. The link below is its online experience version, you can feel free to play with

this online version provides three parts of "parts" for users to draw illustrations, namely, the components of plasma, the components that make up HIV virus, and some of the components that make up T cells (mainly related to the surface of T cells). This project involves David S. Goodsell, a painting touch introduced earlier, which means that biomolecules similar to his painting style can be drawn in the software. You can choose the brush tool, the fill tool, or you can click and add one molecule at a time. After painting, it can also be moved or eliminated.

these molecules move spontaneously on the screen, and the degree of movement is related to the temperature adjusted in the lower right corner. Here are some living IgG antibody molecules:

HIV viruses can be drawn with the parts provided by the software, but it is best to learn the instructions provided on the website and the introduction in the software if you want to draw accurately.

here is one of my blind drawings:

if you draw well, it is as follows:

if you open it directly on the web page, it seems that the introduction of each component will be obscured, and you can see it on the full screen. The membrane structure must be drawn clockwise so that the software can determine which side is facing outward to determine the direction of the transmembrane protein.

if you choose to fill, you can fill multiple ingredients at once. The following is the selection of low density lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein and fibrinogen in plasma during filling:

this online version does not have many components at present, which is not enough to describe the perfect cellular structure, but the CellPaint-Exo version should support users to add new molecules. These softwares are mainly for researchers to draw some schematic drawings of papers, and can also be used for education or publicizing research results.

it's nice to draw a picture carefully, but it's fun to draw it blindly, and it feels very magic to watch the molecules move around. If you are interested, you can try

CellPAINT has recently published a paper, and you can also find out:

can also review the painting "Scientific Beauty Picture: this scientist turns an abominable virus into a gorgeous watercolor painting by touching Goodsell here."

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