Took a picture of the snowflakes in Beijing today.
Took a picture of the snowflakes in Beijing today.
A simple observation

I saw that it was snowing in the morning. Anyway, I was at home, so I observed and patted today's snowflakes.

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I see it with a 20-fold magnification stereoscopic lens (and that's all I really have, showing a kind of poverty. ), the effect of mobile phone remake is just like that, but it is quite clear to see it directly. It is enough to see hexagonal star-shaped snowflakes in this multiple, and it is better to focus than a large multiple microscope. The macro lens is actually quite good for shooting snowflakes.

I collected snowflakes from outside the balcony at home. I first wanted to use slides, but then I thought about it and replaced the foam cushion of black velvet cloth on the inside of the jewelry box, which should be more insulated and the black background is clearer.

cushion for catching snowflakes:

how snowflakes fall on it:

remember not to let snowflakes accumulate too much when catching snowflakes, so that you can't see clearly if they overlap each other. Another useful tool is a small clean brush that can remove too many snowflakes or move snowflakes to a more visible place.

(an eye shadow brush that has never been used)

then transfer to the stereoscopic mirror to observe, mainly to prevent the snowflake from melting, so keep the equipment and tools in a cold enough place (outside or near the open window) and do not exhale on the snowflake. It takes some patience and warmth to find beautiful snowflakes.

below are some of the photos I took today

also found a snowflake that seems to be twelve branches, but the structure is somewhat damaged. Twelve-pointed snowflakes are the product of two hexagonal snowflakes.

I also wanted to try to seal snowflakes with universal glue, but my universal glue could not be unscrewed _ (: glue "∠) _