"Top Girls" became popular overnight, and I really didn't expect that she could "turn red".
"Top Girls" became popular overnight, and I really didn't expect that she could "turn red".
Hualiu is the top class.

"Love is worth a long time"

recently, I was fascinated by several post-00s generation.

they sing pop songs with a professional Beijing Opera accent and scan the screen all over the network.

feel the auditory feast together

(secretly tell you, I can't stop after listening)


these five girls are Yang Kui, Bian Jingting, Crested Ibis and Cheng Jiachen, majors in Beijing Opera in 2017, and their sister, Zhu Jiayin, in 2018.

because most of them live in 416 dormitory, it is called "Shang Xing 416 Girl Troupe".

although they belong to different schools, they get together because of their love for Beijing Opera.

in April this year, five people collaborated on a song "Red pity", which attracted a lot of attention.

then succeeded in "breaking the circle" with a song "exploring the window".


they either wear Peking Opera costumes to make people look like people in the play, or wear modern clothes to show the vitality of young people.

as soon as the voice opens, there is a domineering old Dan, gentle

Fine cotton

Hua Dan, dignified and decent Tsing Yi, the change of voice and color makes people feel unpleasant.

they do not have the views of different schools. Mei Shangcheng is in the same frame, and Lao Dan in Tsing Yi is symphonic, giving you a sound and dripping opera experience.

once upon a time, Beijing Opera and opera were high and out of reach in everyone's hearts, but these little girls used some easy-to-understand short video forms to let more people see the good of Beijing Opera.

Shanghai Theatre Academy teacher Luo Jisong praised them: let more people look forward to and yearn for the art of Beijing Opera, hoping that they will become better and better.

countless netizens heard this and praised them one after another:

"I never liked the opera, but now I like it so much by you guys."

"I have to say that Chinese culture is broad and profound, and the things left behind by our ancestors are really the essence"

"I used to think Beijing Opera was very annoying, but now it sounds good when I get older."

for them, this is both encouragement and recognition.

people who love opera are becoming more and more scarce, and they have questioned themselves.

as the Crested Ibis said, "No one in my family does this. At first, my parents didn't understand why I wanted to learn opera."

but because of their love, they persevered all the way.

Bian Jingting said, "our video can stimulate millions of fans' interest in Beijing Opera."

No one understands better than them that only by letting more young people know and love Beijing Opera can they prolong the life of traditional art.

this is the most meaningful thing.

"one minute on the stage, ten years of work off the stage"

at this time, there is a wonderful show going on:

A fat Zhu Bajie, carrying a rake, swaggered around

all of a sudden, a little demon appeared in front, sneaking around.

Zhu Bajie shouted loudly and chased after him with a rake.

the two sides fought for several rounds and began to be overwhelmed.

Zhu Bajie kicked the monster over with a volley.

the monster cannot move under this rake.

this performance is one of the clips of the Taishan shadow play Journey to the West. The performer is Zhu Yuxin, the eighth generation inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage Taishan shadow play.

A girl who dances with shadows.

some people say that shadow play is out of date, while others say that shadow play can no longer live.

but Zhu Yuxin didn't believe it, and there was a sense of disapproval in her bones.

for as long as I can remember, Zhu Yuxin has been in frequent contact with shadow shadow, which is as indispensable as three meals a day.

in order to do a good shadow play, since junior high school, Zhu Yuxin has been doing all the work of an apprentice, reporting, performing, sweeping, mopping, brushing tea bowls and teacups.

hone yourself day after day.

the quintessence of Mount Tai shadow is to practice the unique skill of Mount Tai shadow.

what is "ten not idle"?

Chu Yu-hsin said, "during the performance, the performer has to think of words in his head, sing songs in his mouth, dance in his hands, step on a hammer under his feet, keep his limbs, facial features and head idle, and do the work of ten people alone."

but to practice this unique skill, there is no knack, only to study hard, it takes 20 years to accumulate, so she studied for more than 20 years.

traditional craftsmanship is exquisite, but there are too few people to understand. With the impact of the Internet and electronics, people prefer to watch TV and mobile phones.

Shadow's sense of existence in everyone's life is getting weaker and weaker, but this does not make Zhu Yuxin have negative emotions. on the contrary, she is looking for a better way out under the current situation.

her new editor of the old play, combined with current technology, has brought the stage effect in the ordinary shadow, switching more quickly through projection, making people bright and attracting the eyes of young people.

make the thin shadow fuller and more energetic.

Zhu Yuxin said



craftsmanship is old, but there are always people who are young, and shadow play always exists in a young way.

nowadays, Taishan shadow is not only loved by more people, but also goes abroad and spreads to all parts of the world, so that overseas Chinese can see shadow stories.

inheritance is never immutable, and it refines the essence and brings forth the new to the traditional culture.

what you see is a pairHand, a play, the combination of light and shadow.

and behind this wonderful, the most inseparable is the emotional collocation.

the character of the play is the dexterity of the picture and the interest of the story, while the performer is the skill and emotional transmission of each story.


Hualiu is the top stream


A respondent of Zhihu shared a story:

the main respondent works in a piano shop, and parents often come to consult instrumental music, and sometimes he recommends traditional instruments such as zither and dulcimer to them as appropriate.

it can be found that everyone's first reaction is to refuse, either that the zither is too heavy, or that the dulcimer has never been heard of, and the child will definitely not be able to learn.

sometimes the respondent chatted with the instrument learner, and she was asked what she had learned. after the respondent said the zither, people often did not speak, or revealed a little contempt on their expressions.

the respondent does not understand why many people look down on traditional musical instruments.

is it that people really think that ancient music is "earthy" and "not trendy enough"?

there is a super-hot girl on the tubing who "touches Peng Peng", formerly known as Peng Jingxuan.

whether you have seen her on the other side of the ocean or on the Internet, you may have seen her.

she always appears in an antique costume, but she is valiant, dressed in red and chivalrous;

but beautiful, fluttering in white, full of immortal spirit, attracting countless people to stop.

A zither, a chair, a small speaker, play a classic guzheng repertoire:

"horse racing", "blue and white porcelain", "red pity", "ambush" on all sides.

in distant western cities, Peng Jing swirls his fingers to move the strings


Chinese ancient musical instruments, play

the repertoire of Chinese style makes countless foreigners stop here to feel the charm of Chinese music.

Let more people understand that the traditional musical instrument has its unique charm, it is not rustic, it is not vulgar, after understanding, you will find that it is more advanced than any other musical instrument.

in addition, not a few young people are spreading cultural heritage and beauty in their own way.

Willow, a 24-year-old heir to the drifting bamboo, is dressed in Chinese clothes and a bamboo, dancing like a water fairy, showing oriental aesthetics.

Ling Yun, a 23-year-old Emei martial arts scholar, no matter she is dressed in plain clothes or knight-errant style, she can dance with a gun and play with a sword, making people really see the beauty of Chinese martial arts.

Chinese clothes, which were once considered tedious, can now be seen in the streets and alleys of girls in Chinese clothes, either graceful or charming, with the beauty of the national style in their every move.


looked at this group of young people and saw such a cultural background.

netizens joked one after another, how to explain to foreigners that we really don't know kung fu.

Progress is not abandoning the past, but merging on the basis of the past.

gold chiffon bridesmaid gowns is all you need to bring out your beauty and inspire charm. We have it all – a perfect choice for the most formal and casually informal occasions.

Cultural inheritance is the responsibility of our young people. In this quantified era, it is a good thing for this group of inheritors to make use of traffic exposure, trendy and traditional ways to let more ordinary people get in touch with tradition and fall in love with the national style.

Don't rush to deny it, it is meaningful to show it with your heart and bring the traditional culture farther away.

We are not only a progressive generation, but also a generation of hope.

China's excellent culture, our quintessence history, needs the younger generation to stand up and carry forward and spread.

, Hualiu is the top stream.

I hope more young people can fall in love with Chinese beauty!