Ungrateful people, often have these four characteristics, must not make a deep acquaintance!
Ungrateful people, often have these four characteristics, must not make a deep acquaintance!
May all the people you meet are good people, and your sincerity will never be disappointed.


there is an old Chinese saying: people are virtuous to me, and don't forget them.

gratitude is the most basic education in life, and it is also a conscience that can never be lost in the world.

in life, there are always moments when you get the wrong person, give your heart wrong, and give everything you have to help others in return for biting the hand that feeds you.

the story of the farmer and the snake goes on every day, and you can never imagine how the person who smiles one second will fall out with you the next.

while walking around the world, keep your conscience and don't forget to open your eyes.

when you meet these four kinds of ungrateful people, you must not make a deep acquaintance and stay away as soon as possible.

selfish, always benefit first

writer Natsume Shushi has a profound remark:

"there is no such villain as carved out of a mold. Usually everyone is good people, at least everyone is ordinary people.

however, it is precisely because it will suddenly become a villain at a critical moment, so it is terrible, so it can not be careless. "

and at a critical juncture, it is often the time when self-interest is involved.

after receiving the call, the rescue team rushed to the mountains to save people.

because of the steep mountain, rescuers searched the mountain overnight and safely escorted 18 trapped travelers down the mountain 18 hours later.

in the process of going down the mountain, in order to take care of the hikers, the rescuers gave them the only water left, causing themselves to be completely cut off in the second half of the night.

but under such difficult circumstances, some travelers even asked the rescue team for water even though there was water.

after going down the mountain, he immediately took out two bottles of water from his bag and began to boil water to make tea. in the face of the confusion of the rescue team, the traveler smiled and said, "you need to be a man."

Professor Qian Liqun of Peking University once mentioned a word: exquisite egoist.

refers to a group of people who have high IQ, high EQ, secular and sophisticated, good at acting but also know how to cooperate, and are very good at exploiting loopholes to achieve certain goals.

in their eyes, it is their nature to protect their own interests, and the rest is just a means.

selfishness is indeed a part of human nature, but they forget that conscience is also indispensable to human nature.

people come and go in life, choose what kind of person to approach, is what kind of life you choose.

staying away from exquisite egoists is not only a way to protect your heart, but also a way to protect yourself.

greed is boundless, the bottom line has no lower limit

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the best criterion for judging whether a person is good or bad?

there is a highly praised answer that hit the nail on the head: the bottom line.

what is the bottom line?

the bottom line is a person's principle, ranging from speaking to three values.

bottom line is the yardstick of a thing, knowing what can be done and what can't be done;

but for greedy people, the bottom line is like a bottomless pit, which can be pulled down at any time.

I wonder if you have ever met such a person:

if you ask him to collect debts, he will criticize you brazenly: "you are not short of money, so why do you cling to me, a poor man?"

if you help him ten times, as long as you don't help him once, he will turn against you and discredit your character.

even if he is a good friend for many years, he can give up your affection for money, betraying only in an instant.

this kind of person is not only vicious, but also unfathomable, and no one can predict when his fall-out will happen suddenly.

the kindness and feelings of the past will only become worthless in the face of their desires.

there is a saying quite right: kindness can never fill the gully of desire; sincerity can never bring back the source of evil.

their inner greed will make them cross the river and tear down bridges again and again.

the loss of the bottom line will make them kill the donkey again and again.

people like vampires are everywhere in life. We can't avoid it, but we can stay away.

Dogs are not well fed and people are not well fed.

to meet those who have no scale and no bottom line in life, no longer have no bottom line tolerance, is their best bottom line.

gain an inch and consume the kindness of others

in his speech at the Nobel Prize ceremony, the writer Mo Yan described a personal experience:

during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the family rarely eats dumplings, and each person has only one bowl.

while he was eating, an old beggar came to beg, so Mo Yan handed him half a bowl of dried sweet potatoes.

who ever thought that after the old man took the bowl, he said angrily, "I am an old man. You are eating dumplings, but you let me eat dried sweet potatoes. How do your hearts grow?"

Mo Yan said angrily, "We can't eat dumplings several times a year, each person has a small bowl, and we can't even eat half full. It would be nice to give you dried sweet potatoes."

as the old saying goes, "kindness is the liver and lung of a donkey".

We think that people will compare their hearts to each other.But too often, some people only take an inch.

your kindness seems to be taken for granted. they accept it all, but they don't remember any kindness.

blindly patient, only in exchange for step-by-step pressure, and finally push themselves into the abyss.

the so-called advance by an inch is still ungrateful and unmeasured.

in interpersonal relationships, what I fear most is to make use of the kindness of others to achieve my own happiness.

Mr. Yang Jiang wrote in "walking on the edge of life":

"in this materialistic world, life is really hard enough.

if you intend to be an honest man at peace with the rest of the world, people will use you to bully you.

if you have a little bit of talent and moral character, people will envy you and exclude you.

if you give in magnanimously, people will infringe on you and hurt you. "

that's true.

with people who take an inch, the more you step back, the more you have no way out.

the best solution is to keep your kindness, no longer indulge, no longer tolerate, and leave room for your life.

complain, never reflect on yourself

when listening to Guo Degang's crosstalk before, I was very impressed by a passage:

"I'm not afraid of my incompetence. What I'm afraid of is that I think I can.

thought he was capable, so he blamed the failure on others.

thought he was capable, so he blamed others for his failure in life.

thought he was capable, so he was never willing to admit his mistakes. "

I remember that when I was in college, there was such a classmate in my class.

ask other students to help mark the key points of review before the exam, and then sleep in the dormitory every day, resulting in many failing subjects in the exam, and then blame the students for marking the wrong key points.

Be in our stylishly fashionable short marriage white lace attire. Pefect for formal affairs or an informal ceremonies.

later, after graduation, she asked her former roommate to help introduce the job. When she went to the company, she was often lazy, which led to the bottom of her performance, and then complained that the work was too intense.

people who only complain when things happen, their lives are full of grievances, do not see any hope, and will never see the help of others.

even if you give him as much help as you can, he will feel that you are not giving enough.

if you give a sum of money, you will want more money, otherwise all the difficulties will be due to too little money.

if you give a car, you will want a better car, otherwise life will fall because the car is not good enough.

if you give an apartment, you will want a bigger one, otherwise the misfortune of life will be because the house is too small.

all sins belong to others, and innocence belongs to oneself.

immersed in "complaining" and unwilling to come out, there is always an endless need for other people to help, and there is also an endless emergency.

Mencius said: "admiration is worthy of heaven, and does not bow to others."

while being a kind person, we should also remember: don't give kindness to the wrong person.

while being a magnanimous person, don't forget: stay away from the losers who consume you.

the rest of life is short, the heart is unfathomable, and human feelings are cold, but sincerity is always the most precious.

the best way to love yourself is to put a "edge" on your kindness and make your heart no longer easily delivered.

, may the people you meet are all good people, and your heart will never be let down.

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