Use the reel to make a contradictory arrow ~
Use the reel to make a contradictory arrow ~
Toilet paper scrolls come in handy.

A finalist for optical illusion in 2019 was posted in the previous paragraph. A model of optical illusion can be made by simply cutting a paper tube. In a certain angle, it looks like a "contradictory arrow". Point in the mirror and outside the mirror in the opposite direction.

(the video is this)

I like this work because I think everyone can imitate it, so is it actually that easy to make? I tried it with the paper tube in the roll the other day.

the imitation effect is as follows, which seems to be good?

specific practice:

first, trim the upper end of the paper tube as shown in the video (you can cut it shorter first, it doesn't need to be so high). The method of cutting is to gently flatten the upper end of the paper tube, leaving a little crease on each side of the opposite side, and then draw a short vertical line on the crease (I drew 1cm on each side) Then connect the point at the upper end of the vertical line on each side to the point at the lower end of the vertical line on the other side (as shown in the following figure).

next, cut the upper part along these drawn lines. Put the two vertical lines in the middle, pinch the flat paper tube again and fold it into the following shape:

at this time I put it in front of the mirror to find the angle. The way to find an angle: tilt the mirror slightly down, turn on the phone camera, and adjust the position of the mirror and the phone until you see the right look in the phone screen. The above angle should be said to be close, but it still looks strange, so the arrow needs to be trimmed a little bit below.

the way of pruning is roughly like the following picture (round the sharp corners), but it is best to trim and see the effect through the mobile phone and mirror when cutting.

after trimming, you can take pictures.

PS: like other similar contradictory stereoscopic illusions, the illusion of contradiction between things is only true at a specific angle, and the effect will be weakened by people's binocular parallax. Therefore, the general way of appreciation is to look at it with one eye or take a picture with a camera.

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generally speaking, I think it is relatively easy to make. You can give it a try.