Venus's first wife was as beautiful as a flower and was still pregnant when she divorced. How are things now?
Venus's first wife was as beautiful as a flower and was still pregnant when she divorced. How are things now?
I live a better life than anyone else!

"you should remember three people in this life, give birth to your mother, raise your wife, and teach your sister Jin."

"if a person does not offend me, I will not commit a crime. If a person commits a crime against me, he will be courteous. If a person commits another offence, he will wipe out the roots."

"if you don't succeed in something, it's your own fault. Don't give yourself excuses."


you may not know Venus, but you must have heard the words of Venus.

maybe it's about life, maybe it's about marriage, maybe it's about friends, maybe it's about humanity.

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Venus can always hit the nail on the head and show you the truth of life.

dare to say dare to do the character, let people call "Sister Jin Hao Gang".

in recent years, everyone has been paying attention to the entertainment gossip controversy of Venus, but few people really know the story behind the legend of Venus.

married for 10 years, no sex, no love

as a man, Venus actually has a 10-year marriage.

at that time, Venus was studying in the United States because of a cultural exchange program between China and foreign countries.

accidentally, I learned that my classmate Eric and his girlfriend Ken Boleyn were worried about renting a house.

warm-hearted Venus, decide

put your own living

A vacant room in the apartment is rented to Eric and his girlfriend.

at that time, Venus planned to stay abroad for a long time, but never got a green card.

when I saw Eric and his girlfriend Campbell on the day of the move, Venus suddenly had an inspiration:

how about I rent the house to you for free, Campbell


girlfriend) marry me, so you have a house to live in, and I have a green card. Isn't that the best of both worlds?

thought it was a joke, but Eric and Campbell gladly agreed to Venus's proposal.

because they know that Venus is not interested in Campbell.

so the three went to the marriage registry together.

Venus and Campbell got the marriage license,


as Campbell's boyfriend, she became a witness to the marriage between Venus and Campbell.

the three people who got the marriage license smiled at each other for this incredible sense of wonder.

the staff all think that they are happy after they have formed a good marriage, but they do not realize that they are happy after taking what they need.

after marriage, the feelings of the three also quickly heated up and became rare best friends.

while Venus and Campbell do not have the "reality of husband and wife", this marriage is empty, and no one cares about them.

until 10 years later, Campbell suddenly contacted Venus to ask for a divorce because she was pregnant and planned to get married.

Venus realized that this joking marriage lasted 10 years.

Venus, who was willing to stay abroad at that time, devoted himself to modern dance.

in 1991, Venus completed "half Dream" at the International Dance Festival.

with this work, Venus won the award for best choreographer and established his position in the industry.

after half Dream, Venus left the United States and went to Italy to do dance choreography.

it was an ordinary day, and Venus was attracted by a long-haired hostess on the stage. In addition to her low voice, the hostess beautifully fascinated Venus.

the staff next to Venus looked at Venus and told him mysteriously that she was transgender.

Venus was stunned for a moment and thought: transgender people can be so beautiful!

change bravely and break the cocoon into a butterfly

Venus said: "the idea of becoming a real woman is not a sudden epiphany at some point."

that's true.

Venus has had gender awareness since she was 6 years old and feels that she should be a girl.

likes to be beautiful, likes to wear my sister's flower clothes, and envies the girl's life.

when I grow up, I want to be a "woman" even more.

this idea has never disappeared, but it has become more and more intense over time.

after Venus returned home, he decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

so he visited Professor Yang Peiying and expressed his appeal. Professor Yang Peiying understood Venus's idea, but was surprised why Venus chose to return home for this operation.

Venus is extremely calm, "I was born in China, rebirth should also be in China."

Venus has always been bold in order to get what he wants, and he is not afraid of the pain caused by sex change.

the only thing that bothers him is that he doesn't know how to explain it to his parents.

parents with physical hair and skin should obtain their parents' consent if they want to put a knife on their body.

Venus's father is a soldier, living in the frame all his life, and has never had any unusual experience. Venus thought his father would be furious and beat him up.

Venus (front row, middle) childhood family photo

unexpectedly, after hearing this, my father was silent for a while, then solemnly said to Venus:

"finally match the number, congratulations, found yourself."

when my mother got the news, she just asked, "are you sure?"

then supported: "whether it is a boy or a girl, you are my child, I just want you to be healthy and happy."

parents' support makes Venus feel at ease.

in 1995, Venus walked into Beijing Xiangshan Hospital.Gu is ready for the next sex change surgery.

in order not to let the anesthetic affect the effect of the operation, Venus decided not to use anaesthesia. Under the shadowless lamp, he clenched his teeth, endured to cut open the flesh, removed the hair follicles, and suffered a sharp pain.

does the operation hurt?

it hurts, but Venus survived because of his faith.

Venus said, "I have to pay something for such a big favor from God."

there is nothing easy to get in this world, not to mention the difficult operation of transgender.

but Venus never thought of it, survived three surgeries and four hours of massive bleeding, but did not escape the surprise of life.

due to the mistake of a nurse, she did not notice that the shelf in Venus's calf ran off and got stuck in the blood vessels, resulting in the necrosis of the muscles of the left calf to the nerve of the toe.

Yes, Venus, disabled.

unwilling, skeptical, and puzzled, Venus is so confused that he can't help asking himself, "Why is this?" Is my choice wrong? "

when his relatives and friends felt sorry and indignant for him and hurriedly helped him file a lawsuit to safeguard his rights, Venus was extremely calm.

he stared at his left leg all day, and suddenly one day, he found that his left middle toe moved, and Venus was instantly resurrected with blood.

he still has a chance, he can still stand up, he is not useless.

Venus decided to fight.

during rehabilitation treatment, Venus was tortured by electric shock and rehabilitation training all day, and his weight was reduced from 120 jin to 96 jin.

after more than 4 months of rehabilitation training, Venus, who was declared "disabled", was released from the hospital with a limp.

at this time, he really became "her".

A year later, Venus returned to the stage after throwing away his crutches.

Dancing in Beijing Poly Theater.

she smiles and enjoys the stage blooming after her new life. She may not dance as vigorously as before, but enthusiastically and freely.

Life is good or bad, it all depends on yourself

Venus has always been called the "variety mouth".

in recent years, the appearance of variety shows has always been mixed.

some people think that she dares to say and act bluntly and truthfully, while others think that she has a sharp mouth and shows no mercy.

but Venus never worries about the voice of the outside world. She has her own principles and bottom line. Her principles tell her that there are some things she must say and do.

so, in her show "Venus Show", she used to worship foreigners, the greasy face of the nouveau riche, the hidden rules of show business, and the clandestine operation of the show group.

Venus is like a "fighter". She touches what others dare not touch, and she says what others dare not say.

later, the "Venus Show" was canceled, and many people stood up for Venus. When asked why, Venus was not shy about it:

"villain trick"

the Venus Show is gone, but Venus is still unaffected and lives freely.

as she said, "I'm not a TV man. I don't live on TV. I live for the stage."

the reason why, in the big dye shops in the entertainment industry, dare to say and dare to do, Venus depends on its real ability.

Venus in front of the screen, heaven and earth, Venus in life, but gentle and kind.

Venus likes children very much. she has adopted three children, loves them wholeheartedly, educates them, takes good care of them, and often shares interesting stories with her children in the program, which is true and kind.

the eldest son, du du, was abandoned in the hospital as soon as he was born.

when Venus knew about it, he took the baby home without even thinking about it.

looking at the baby in swaddling clothes, Venus is deeply distressed:

"at that moment, I suddenly felt that nothing was important and my life settled down. It doesn't matter if you can't make a dance in the future, and it doesn't matter whether you have money or not. my whole world is the most important thing for children. "

later, Venus met fate. Hans, a German businessman.

when the two met on the plane, they saw each other and exchanged contact information.

under the fierce pursuit of Hans, the two fell in love.

Hans doesn't mind that Venus is transgender and is deeply attracted by her bravery.

even if Venus told him that "children are always more important than him," Hans accepted it gladly and regarded the three children as his own.

good love is probably about loving you and respecting and understanding what you do.

Venus found the right person and married love.

I like the words of Venus: be kind to yourself in adversity and others in prosperity.

in both career and life, Venus is always doing what he wants to do and living the way he wants to be.

not influenced by the world, not forced by others, have a clear understanding and open-minded attitude towards life.

she is like a rose, with thorns on her body and a gun. She is always aggressive. This is her unique aura and the confidence given to her by the years.

Why do so many people like Venus?

I think everyone loves her bravery, truth and freedom.

these are experiences that we yearn for, but cannot be satisfied because of the shackles of reality.

, I hope everyone can sparkle in their own choices and have nothing to fear.

have as much asVenus-like confidence: I live a more beautiful life than anyone else!