Wang Baoqiang remarried? After the identity of the new girlfriend was exposed, netizens couldn't sit still: it was her!
Wang Baoqiang remarried? After the identity of the new girlfriend was exposed, netizens couldn't sit still: it was her!
Haze has become a thing of the past, I hope he can regain happiness and perfection!

Wang Baoqiang, who has not appeared in public vision for a long time, was photographed having dinner and chatting with his brother by the media.

the reason why the news quickly went viral was that Wang Baoqiang's girlfriend Feng Qing also appeared in the picture.

several people who attended the family dinner talked and laughed all the time, and the atmosphere was super good.

Feng Qing, sitting opposite Wang Baoqiang, smiled and listened attentively to him, and the proper little girl looked at her.

after the dinner, the two walked out of the restaurant side by side, chatted and got along naturally.

because Wang Baoqiang drank some wine at dinner, Feng Qing ran and opened the car door for him in advance, and then drove away with Wang Baoqiang.

seeing that Wang Baoqiang met such a considerate and considerate "good wife", netizens guessed:

willing to take his girlfriend to a family party, I'm afraid Wang Baoqiang is going to remarry? I feel like I really got the right guy this time!

girl just for money? No, it's not!

when it comes to the name Feng Qing, it is estimated that many people are not familiar with her. After the girl is also deeply scraped, she is really a treasure girl!

Feng Qing, born in 1987, is a native of Shandong.

because of his good face and proud height and figure, Feng Qing has always had a dream of supermodel.

in 2004, only 17-year-old Feng Qing won the best vitality award in the Miss Tsing Tao Beer contest for her lovely and playful stage performance.

in 2005, she won the top ten models in China in the Kingway International Super Model Competition.

this time, she went through five hurdles and won the runner-up in the swimsuit event in the China final.

I have to say, Feng Qing is really suitable for eating a bowl of rice as a model.

look at this enviable hip-to-waist ratio.

and this full screen of long legs.

and the vest line that countless girls dream of having.

many netizens sigh: being beautiful, this sister is a real peach!

but at the same time, all kinds of gossip began to attack Feng Qing:

"if you are so good-looking, if you like Wang Baoqiang, you must be looking for his money. Maybe she is the next Ma Rong."

"is this girl here for money or fame? Don't say it's aimed at people, it's easy to laugh! "

"over, another woman who takes a fancy to Baoqiang money. Baoqiang is waiting to be green again."


these grotesque comments seem to judge Feng Qing as the "girl" of money by all means.

but in fact, Feng Qing himself is not short of money!

in addition to having a supermodel figure, Feng Qing, who graduated from the University of Berkeley in the United States, is a proper high achiever.

after giving up modeling, Feng Qing began to start her own business. now she already owns three companies and has more than 10 million personal assets at a young age.

after work, Feng Qing leads a rich and colorful life and has a wide range of hobbies.

learn to fly a plane? Take hold of


go on a cross-country jungle adventure? Needless to say


skydiving? Piece of cake


well, yes, it's very clear, and every hobby is quite domineering.

not only that, she is brave and domineering, but also has a warm heart.

Feng Qing likes doing public welfare very much, has participated in public welfare activities at home and abroad many times, and even went to Tanzania to visit orphans.

it is no wonder that such a person with beauty, strength and kindness can capture Wang Baoqiang's heart.

True love is to accept everything from each other

there is a saying, "husband and wife on the way are always thieves."

although it is very realistic, this spell is really difficult to break, especially for people like Wang Baoqiang who have been betrayed emotionally.

although many people are belittling their relationship, Feng Qing has been proving her firmness with practical actions.

when Wang Baoqiang's mother died, Feng Qing accompanied him home for the funeral to deal with his mother's affairs.

you should know that for a wife who has never been through the door, it is a duty to attend a funeral to observe filial piety, not a duty.

but when Wang Baoqiang was most miserable, Feng Qing was willing to put everything down and stay with him.

Feng Qing treats Wang Baoqiang's son Wang Zihao as his own child.

when Wang Baoqiang joins the group to shoot, Feng Qing will basically accompany Wang Zihao.

the more a child is, the more sensitive she is to the perception of love. Feng Qing's concern and company for Wang Zihao makes her sincerely change her heart and like to mention a warm-hearted cub.

on Qixi Festival, Wang Zihao will prepare a bouquet of flowers for her as a surprise.

will also call Feng Qing "my little Feng Feng Dabai Didi" in a short video posted by his Po.

it can be seen that Feng Qing and Wang Zihao get along very well.

Wang Baoqiang was photographed in poor health and went to the clinic.

Feng Qing is also by his side all the time, sitting opposite Wang Baoqiang, who is hanging bit by bit, keeping watch over him.

then, go home with Wang Baoqiang, who has finished hanging the drip.

in the relationship between two people, although there is no intimate action, but it is precisely such an ordinary couple-like companionship, the most warm.

Feng Qing gives meticulous care and care to Wang Baoqiang and his family.

I think that only those who really meet love will be like her willing to accept everything from each other and pay for each other regardless of gain or loss.

if you say goodbye to the wrong person, you can meet the right person

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as we all know, Wang Baoqiang's last marriage ended with chicken feathers.

even after the divorce, the entanglement between Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong did not end immediately.

Ma Rong, who lost her marriage and custody of her son, not only caused a lot of notoriety, but also lost her financial resources.

she is not willing to end up like this, so she will come out as a demon as Wang Baoqiang's ex-wife from time to time.

in the media interview, she burst into tears and accused Wang Baoqiang of using public opinion to frame herself.

but what about the evidence that he was framed? She can't take it out.

, Ma Rong posted several pictures of her face covered with scars on Weibo Po, claiming that she had been "beaten" by Wang Baoqiang.

the posture of taking selfies on the floor left the policeman beside me speechless.

this photo that looks like the cover of "bosom friend" is even more unconvincing.

can be said to be full of ugliness.

has the smell of "bosom friend"

stop for a while, and when everything seems to be calm, Ma Rong, who wants to start all over again, embarks on the road of live broadcast with goods.

however, she still can't get rid of the notoriety she once had for being unfaithful to her marriage.

her studio was eventually banned because of indecent behavior reported by netizens.

what about Wang Baoqiang?

after hard divorce and cutting with Ma Rong, Wang Baoqiang was silent for a long time.

he seldom appears in public, and he can hardly be seen on hot searches.

he has become calm and low-key and more sober, but what has not changed is his unique sincerity and simplicity.

since then, Wang Baoqiang has devoted most of his energy to his work.

Kung fu lives up to dedicated people. the hit release of "Tang Tan 3" during the Spring Festival this year has made Wang Baoqiang's cumulative box office exceed 15 billion, making him a real leader among Mesozoic actors.

in addition to being a good actor, Wang Baoqiang is also living his life seriously.

like every ordinary parent, he will accompany his son to do his homework and try not to miss his child's growth.

during the Spring Festival, he will also return to his hometown and chat with the villagers in the village in his familiar native dialect.

like the stupid kid in the neighborhood, he doesn't have the air of a big star at all.

when dealing with new feelings, Wang Baoqiang chooses to keep a low profile, and he seldom reveals his relationship progress to the outside world.

but occasionally see the news of him and Feng Qing from the media, from their comfortable and relaxed state, we know that their relationship is solid and stable.

this relationship without hype, away from the limelight and keeping a low profile for more than three years is probably the best form of love between Wang Baoqiang and Feng Qing.

although Wang Baoqiang has a new relationship, some people still feel sorry for him and feel aggrieved about his affair and marriage.

in comparison, Wang Baoqiang himself is more calm, as he said:

"when you come to this world, you have to experience ups and downs, all kinds of things, and all kinds of life. This is the law of nature. If you don't experience anything, you will live for nothing."

therefore, after waving the wrong person, he does not struggle, does not look back, does not nostalgia, all the way forward.

A man like him who is not trapped by the past deserves a better future.

it, bless this down-to-earth actor, the haze has become a thing of the past, I hope he can regain happiness and perfection!