Wang Yuelun announced his divorce, and it was exposed that Li Xiang was looking for a new lover: their love, can't pretend to go on?
Wang Yuelun announced his divorce, and it was exposed that Li Xiang was looking for a new lover: their love, can't pretend to go on?
When the pace of each other is no longer the same, separation may be the best outcome.

the entertainment industry has been really busy recently. Less than half a month after Big S announced his divorce, another star announced his divorce.

Last night, Wang Yuelun first deleted Weibo to express her love to Li Xiang, and then unilaterally announced the divorce information to the public:

"Ms. Li Xiang and I broke up peacefully in July this year because of long-term personality differences and years of emotional breakdown." May Li Xiang and her loved ones grow old forever. "

he explained that he and Li Xiang had already divorced, and at the same time satirized that his wife had a new love.

to tell you the truth, after watching the news, Uncle thought Li Xiang was having an affair.

but anyone who knows Wang Yuelun in the past knows that the matter is not that simple. The so-called Guan Xuan divorce is only because of his latest affair.

recently, Wang Yuelun was photographed holding a beautiful woman back to the hotel.

have a familiar feeling?

Yes, Wang Yuelun was exposed for cheating.

around 3: 00 in the morning, a girl in a denim coat and a suit brother helped Wang Yuelun walk out of a KTV.

I don't know if he was drunk or drunk. Wang Yuelun put his arms around the girl's shoulder and greeted the people around her with a smile on his face.

then, the girl took Wang Yuelun's arm in her arms and drove with him to a hotel. They didn't show up in the hotel restaurant until the next afternoon.

the two talked and laughed, had afternoon tea, and walked out of the hotel to hug goodbye.

interestingly, after the incident went viral, Wang Yuelun himself did not come out to "refute the rumor."

at this point, everyone must have come to a conclusion.

netizens commented:

"the last sentence is really not good at green tea."

" mean by the last sentence? Isn't he the one who is often photographed cheating? "

"while announcing the divorce, he secretly stepped on his ex-wife, to tell you the truth, the man's price was a little lower."

it can be said that he is the one who cheated, and he is also the one who beat him up.

with the picture and the truth this time, Wang Yuelun is finally unwilling to "pretend" any more.

some people say: "there are only 0 and countless infidelities."

I think this sentence is more suitable for Wang Yuelun.

because this is the third time Wang Yuelun has been "exposed" to have an affair.

the first time is 2018.

Wang Yuelun was photographed walking out of a restaurant in Beijing with a girl in yellow, getting in the same car and walking into a hotel.

incident was exposed online, Wang Yuelun explained:

"this is my friend's girlfriend. He originally asked the other couple to have dinner together, but then he asked us to meet him at the hotel and drink with other friends. "

Li Xiang directly swore the oath of sovereignty on Weibo at that time, angrily denouncing the woman: "my friend's girlfriend can't be my car either!" Piss off! "

seeing that his wife did not point the finger at him, Wang Yuelun began to show loyalty, saying that he loved his wife most, swearing that he had never done anything wrong to his wife, and angrily denounced the unscrupulous media for secretly filming and spreading rumors, affecting their family harmony.

is spreading rumors, but Li Xiang obviously chose to forgive.

the second time is in 2020.

the video that Wang Yuelun was secretly filmed on KTV came out.

he staggered out of the box with his arms around the shoulder of a girl in white.

then, an amazing scene happened.

Wang Yuelun turned around and propped up the wall with his hand, pressing the woman in the corner and pressing her head against each other's shoulder, acting intimate and ambiguous.

after public opinion fermented, Wang Yuelun apologized.

claimed that this was an inappropriate behavior after drinking, saying that he was very remorseful and decided to quit drinking in the future.

although there is no final conclusion on whether he has had an affair or not, he himself admits that his private life is disorderly.

what is even more ironic is that Li Xiang was diligently broadcasting the goods in front of the camera that night.

from 7: 00 p.m. to 1: 00 a.m., it was broadcast live for five and a half hours.

after the incident, Li Xiang said nothing but replied to Wang Yuelun's apology statement with three hearts to show forgiveness, completely losing the domineering style of that year.

but it's not over yet.

before long, Wang Yuelun suddenly issued a lawyer's statement on the social platform, saying that the incident was maliciously operated by someone behind it. He had investigated it and threatened to fight it to the end.

the statement details what happened before and after the drunken incident that day:

the woman was specially found by someone else. She deliberately took the picture after Wang Yuelun was drunk and approached him, and then carefully planned and exposed it on the Internet. The purpose of doing this was to deliberately discredit Wang Yuelun and his family.

in order to restore the image of Wang Yuelun, Li Xiang immediately retweeted and supported her husband.

but careful netizens found that the three companies they had partnered together had been quietly cancelled.

cheating again and again, making their marriage shaky.

now, they are finally divorced.

when it comes to this couple, most people's first reaction is "strong women and weak men".

Let's talk about Li Xiang first.

Li Xiang has always been a model of winner in life in the eyes of outsiders.

as soon as he was 20 years old, he was taken over by Hunan Taiwan Committee.The programs "dim lights" and "Evening News" have become news anchors, and they are also the key training objects in the station.

with his own class birth, excellent hosting ability and good appearance, he stood on the stage of "Happy Camp".

Li Xiang is a veteran of fast books.

also cheer him up on the stage for the first time, "Don't be afraid." Live broadcast is nothing to be afraid of, so just follow me! "

be confident enough because you are capable enough.

when the fast edition was broadcast for the first time, it jumped to the top of the ratings list, and Li Xiang became the ceiling of the host world, sitting on the position of the first sister of Hunan Satellite TV, and few people surpassed it.

the improvement of popularity has given Li Xiang the opportunity to perform in more fields, whether it is cross-border singing or filming, each identity has become easy and handy for Li Xiang.

later, Li Xiang left his former employer, Hunan Satellite TV, and began to work behind the scenes, investing in film and television projects, running the company, and becoming president.

at the beginning of the live broadcast industry, Li Xiang has already made great achievements in live streaming.

in the first public live broadcast on Taobao on the evening of April 22:

watched more than 500,000 yuan that night, the number of fans in a single game increased by 75000, the total number of orders per game exceeded 10,000, and the total turnover per game reached 1 million.

Li Xiang took the script of the big lady and took every step neatly.

her super career ambition is her ability to face life directly.

that's why I said bluntly in the program, "I am rich and a superstar."

Let's talk about Wang Yuelun.

compared with Li Xiang, who has long been popular, Wang Yuelun was not famous before she got married.

he was born into an academic family and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, but he has not been engaged in this major all the time, but has engaged in a lot of work related to art and design.

by chance, Wang Yuelun saw a recruitment advertisement for a documentary director.

Wang Yuelun is eager to try. After several twists and turns, he has become a documentary director.

but I got nothing, and I didn't have anything to do with it.

later, his MV "the New tenant" and "Cambrian" for Faye Wong were nominated for best video director of the year CHANNEL V in 2001.

for so many years, Wang Yuelun has always regarded himself as a director.

few films have been sold.

the only work that can be compared, "Ten Quan and Nine Beauty," was sold by Li Xiang to him for investment.

really let the public realize that Wang Yuelun, or he and his daughter Wang Shiling participated in "where is Dad going?" because of the gentle and honest father image, it has been loved by some audiences.

in his 20 years of debut, he made four films with an average score of 4.6, not even a passing line.

however, while enjoying the fame and wealth brought by Li Xiang, he thought Li Xiang was too strong.

in an interview, he will accuse Li Xiang of being too strict. No matter what he does outside, he must go home as soon as he makes a phone call.

he accused Li Xiang of being short-tempered, too capricious, speaking regardless of occasions, not giving face, so that he had no self-esteem, and was very unhappy.

Li Xiang is strong, but even if Li Xiang is so strong, when he sees the rumors of Wang Yuelun's affair again and again, he stands up again and again to defend him and clarify for him.

Wang Yuelun does not understand and does not cherish it.

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in the interview with "very quiet distance", Wang Yuelun said something like this:

"I hope she (Li Xiang) thinks a little more slowly, just a little slower, not too fast, but I can't keep up. "

he has always stressed that Li Xiang "slow down", which shows that he is under a lot of pressure.

on the other hand, Wang Yuelun, who has been married for more than ten years, seems to have been at a standstill. Not only has he not achieved any success in his career, but he has been constantly exposed in his private life.

the woman is advancing by leaps and bounds, while the man is like an encumbrance, constantly holding each other back.

how can such a marriage last?

at present, according to Zhongxin Jingwei report, the two people's business territory is no longer related.

there are 24 companies under Wang Yuelun's name, of which 8 are in a state of existence, and these 8 companies are not directly related to Li Xiang.

the division of property seems to herald the breakdown of the relationship between the two.

but I don't worry about Li Xiang at all. Shouldn't the real worry be the one who can't be independent and has a chance?

for Li Xiang, divorce is the real salvation.

throw away the extra burden, she can concentrate on her career and move forward faster.

likes a sentence written in Jane Eyre very much:

"Love is a game, and we must always be neck and neck with each other before we can depend on each other forever. Because too strong opponents make people tired, too weak opponents make people tired. "

Marriage is when both parties are in the same boat hand in hand, not one party dragging the other forward with a heavy load.

when the pace of each other is no longer the same, separation may be the best outcome.

Marriage is not easy. May you and I open our eyes, find a loved one, and spend our lives together.