What is the most important thing in a life that cannot be repeated?
What is the most important thing in a life that cannot be repeated?
Look at all the gains and losses of right and wrong, put the present and live poetically.

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A few days ago, I got a hot search on Weibo

# can I restart 2020? #


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540 million readings and 188000 discussions indicate the desire of countless people to start all over again.

eager to go back to before the epidemic, before Grandpa died, before falling in love and breaking up.

however, life cannot start all over again, and everything is a foregone conclusion. No matter what happened, it can't be changed.

Today, an uncle brings you Shi Tiesheng's "the matter of the Soul." I hope that after reading the article, you will regain the courage to live.

since I have come to this world, instead of waiting in vain for time to restart, it is better to seize the present and live my life when it is not too late.


about health:

except for life and death, they are all trivial matters

the documentary "the World" focuses on the hospital, where every day is a test of life and death.

there are fathers who rack their brains to think of various ways to awaken the daughter of a vegetative person;

there is an old woman who first finds a nursing home for her wife before she dares to die at ease.

there are also parents who are about to suffer the loss of their children, but donate their children's bodies free of charge.

some people say that it is only after watching the World that they understand the world and that life is so fragile that it cannot withstand the slightest twists and turns.

everyone is mortal, and no one knows which comes first, tomorrow or accident.

Shi Tiesheng encountered great changes in his life when he was 20 years old.

when he was herding cattle in the mountains, torrential rain and hail poured down, he was drenched, and he came back with a high fever.

he had thought that according to his healthy body, nothing would happen. But unexpectedly, it left the root of the disease for life.

first he was paralyzed in a wheelchair, then he got uremia.

his health is getting worse and worse, and in his illness, he misses the old days more and more.

he wrote in his book: "when you have a fever, you know how refreshing it is when you don't have a fever; when you cough, you realize how peaceful your throat is without a cough."

most of the time, we are lucky to think that disaster will not come, but fate never gives preferential treatment to anyone, and those who do not treat their health well will be ill-treated sooner or later.

the greatest blessing in life is to live safely and healthily.

be more in awe of life and pay more attention to health.

the only thing we can do is to cherish the present, live well, leave no regrets, and live every day.


about feelings:

know how to cherish before you deserve to have

people always subconsciously think that lovers will not be far away, parents will not be angry, friends will not go away, and time will not take everything away.

but never thought that the future is not long, not every injury, there is no time to apologize and make up for it.

after his legs were paralyzed, Shi Tiesheng became grumpy and often lost his temper with his mother.

when Shi Tiesheng learned everything, he regretted it too late:

"this stubbornness only leaves me with regret and no pride at all. I really want to warn all the children to be so stubborn. I already understand, but it's too late to leave. "

in the dance of life, the person who first taught you the dance steps may not be able to accompany you to the end.

some people walk with you all their lives, but more people just go through a journey with you and then wave goodbye.

if you do something wrong, you will always regret it. For some people, if you lose it, you will miss it forever.

so don't let the inertia of feelings blind your eyes; don't let the one who really loves you chill your heart.

Life is very short. Don't miss what you have got. If you are enjoying it, you can cherish it and be grateful.

Love what you love while everything is still there.


about life:

instead of complaining, change

Shi Tiesheng said in "the matter of the Soul"

"people have a bad habit of remembering bad luck and not remembering luck. This is really unkind and unfair to the gods."

Yes, there are two sides to everything.

even if you are in bad luck, you can still have your own light.

the key is what you think and what you think.

have seen such a story:

once upon a time, there lived a crying old woman near Nan Zen Temple. Others called her "crying woman". She cried when it rained and when it was sunny.

the monk in the temple asked her, "Grandma, why are you always crying?"

it turns out that the crying woman has two daughters, the eldest daughter married a shoe seller, and the younger daughter married an umbrella seller.

after hearing this, the monk said, "Old woman, when it's sunny, you should think that your eldest daughter's shoe store is doing brisk business, and when it rains, you should think."When you go to the little girl's umbrella shop, you must be full of customers. "

after hearing this, the old woman immediately smiled through tears and never cried again.

the truth of life is always the coexistence of thorns and roses.

No matter what stage of life we are in, we will face regret and loss.

when you reach a certain age, you will understand that many things are out of our control.

but when you face it, what you need to do is not to escape or complain, but to accept and take the initiative to change.


about yourself:

look down on life and death, life is complete

the matter of Soul, Shi Tiesheng wrote a very interesting prose called "good Luck Design".

he gives full play to his imagination and designs his ideal life through pen and ink.

of course, have a good body;

secondly, it is best to have a happy childhood and smooth learning experience;

when you are old enough to fall in love, you have to meet a girl who falls in love with you.

but even if the life he designed is so smooth, he still doesn't feel happy.

after all, if there is not even the slightest setback in one's life, where does happiness come from?

so he began to add all kinds of flaws to his designed life.

in the end, he realized that everything he had designed was the life he had now.

only then did Shi Tiesheng suddenly become enlightened: originally, the life he had was happy enough!

the world kisses me with pain, and I will sing in return.

even if he has not been given preferential treatment by fate, he is still willing to see the world with warm eyes.

No matter what kind of pain and situation you are in, you still treat it with indifference, accept it with gratitude, and learn to make peace with all the troubles and pains.

Roman. Roland once said: "there is only one kind of heroism in the world, which is to still love life after recognizing the truth of life."

since we can't choose life, we can choose our own attitude.

Happiness is a day, sadness is also a day, it is better to live a more chic life and be nice to yourself.

the world gives everyone a heart and a life.

Life is perfect if you take care of your life and settle your heart down.


Life is only thirty thousand days. What matters is not the past, but the day when the sun rises again.

people live, after all, to look forward, to meet people who are more worthy of cherishing, to do more meaningful things, to see more beautiful scenery.

there is no incurable pain, no insurmountable winter.

from now on, leave all the gloom to the past, no matter it was regret or perfection, never look back.

when winter is over, the stars and rivers grow bright.

May you put aside all the gains and losses of right and wrong, take what is in front of you, and live poetically.

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