What kind of magical competition is it to turn textbooks into cakes?
What kind of magical competition is it to turn textbooks into cakes?
Whether it is delicious or not, it is the taste of knowledge

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can't memorize the complicated physiological processes in the textbook, what else can I do but tear up the book and vent my anger? Maybe you can also turn your knowledge into a cake and use it to participate in the competition.

screenshot Source: physoc.org

Biobakes: bake a cake for physiology

"Biobakes", this magical baking competition comes again. It is hosted by the British physiological Society (The Physiological Society) and has reached its sixth session this year. There are no restrictions on baking entries, as long as the theme is related to biology /physiology. Contestants do not need to pack and mail their works, just take a picture of them-along with a small note describing the theme of the work.

after the collection, the Society awarded three awards: the physiologist Choice Award, the Baker Choice Award, and the Mass Choice Award-the last of which was voted on the Physiology Society's website. Of course, because the contributions of the entries are only photos, the award criteria do not include whether the works are delicious or not.

the three winners just announced this year are as follows:

physiologist Choice Award: skeletal muscle Cake, author: Rachel/The Grange School

popular Voting Award: tooth Section Cake, author: Annabelle/The Grange School

the above two cakes delicately reproduce the various structures in the muscles and teeth, but I must say that they are far less shocking than the baker's Choice Award below.

Baker's Choice Award: a real breast model cake with lactation function. Author: Talented Apple

I think this is the most powerful work of the year. The design is very ingenious, but it also makes people feel that they have no appetite. The following is a dynamic demonstration of too strong lactation cake:

[A syringe connected to the pipe can squeeze out liquid | Chris George]

so what prize can these winners get? This year's prizes include: "I love physiology" apron, "biological baking" spoon, and some physiology-themed biscuit cutters. There is no bonus to earn, but as long as everyone is happy.

more entries

here are some other entries from Biobakes this year and previous years:

knee reflex cake. Author: SportTherapyUoB.

gingerbread on Agar medium, perfect reduction of plate marking. Author: Hannah Robinson.

photosynthesis cake, by Jane Masters.

Human skin model cake. Author: Jane Masters

Blood-brain Barrier Cake, author: Takata (61)

do you want to make one yourself?

this year's selection is over, but if you are interested, you can continue to contribute to this amazing competition next fall.

can't decorate the cake, can't handle frosting and cream? It doesn't matter, in fact, creativity is far more important than technology. Small snacks on the market alone can make a lot of biological-themed dessert decorations. Below I casually made a few for your reference.

viruses and antibodies.

A simple virus model is obtained by inserting a thin cookie stick on a spherical marshmallow as a surface antigen. The cookie stick can also display a Y-shaped antibody molecular structure on the surface of the cake.

(you won't know from the photo that the cookie stick inserted on the marshmallow is actually winter yin)

this time, put two tails on the marshmallow and let it pretend to be a phospholipid molecule. Think the phospholipid bilayer is too monotonous? The transmembrane protein made of dried mango can also be arranged.

cut the dried mango to leave a gap, and it can also play the ion channel


as long as there are four different colors of sugar, you are free to combine base coding, and bear candy tastes better. Unfortunately, I didn't buy the slender fudge, so the DNA molecule lost its helix. )

in fact, there is an easier way to look for physiological structures that are similar to dim sum. For example-pink doughnuts are really consistent with the cervix!

(pink mini doughnut VS healthy cervix diagram)

even if this idea doesn't help you stand out in the competition, it will probably help you eat fewer doughnuts and lead a healthy life.

friends who are interested in this competition can follow: https://www.physoc.org/supporting-you/public-engagement/biobakes/

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