"when the Civil Affairs Bureau goes to work, I'll get a divorce!" Why is it that I raise you is the most poisonous love word
"when the Civil Affairs Bureau goes to work, I'll get a divorce!" Why is it that I raise you is the most poisonous love word
Only by yourself can we live with peace of mind without fear of wind and frost!


"when the Civil Affairs Bureau goes to work, I'll get a divorce!"

after her best friend Wenwen sent this sentence, the group exploded.

after careful inquiry, it turned out that it was only because of 2000 yuan.

Mandy met her husband in college. She fell in love at first sight. As soon as she graduated, she walked into the hall of marriage and envied everyone.

because the man's family is well-off, Wenwen's family advised after she got pregnant: "if you have a busy child, you might as well quit your job and raise the baby at home, and then you can have a man to support it!"

although she was uneasy, Mandy believed that the relationship between the two was stronger than gold, and did not hesitate to become a full-time wife at home.

at first, we often fed sour lemons, raised flowers and read books to our working party, which often worked overtime for many years, and lived a comfortable and comfortable life.

but after a long time, especially after the birth of the baby, the taste has changed.

the husband dislikes the noisy children and often uses "overtime" as an excuse not to go home. When he gets home, he keeps complaining:

"how did you become a mother? If you don't have a job, you should take good care of your baby. I'm exhausted day by day, and I can't be clean when I go home. "

Mandy tried to retort several times, and when she thought of her husband's hard work, she shut up and endured it in silence.

but the child is young, there is no reason not to cry, the relationship between husband and wife is not as good as it used to be.

what is more fatal is that her mother-in-law often insinuates her:

"if you don't make money and buy so many things, you really don't spend your money. Pity my son to earn money by himself and spend it by several people."

Mandy looked at the things she bought for her children and her husband all over the room, full of grievances and no way to tell.

and this time, the contradiction between the two is even worse. Because she couldn't go back to her mother's house for the Spring Festival, Wenwen transferred 2000 yuan to her mother.

Mandy thought that 2000 yuan was not much, and her mother helped them give New year gifts to their relatives in their hometown, so she didn't say hello to her husband in advance.

unexpectedly, her husband was furious when he knew about this, and even threatened to let Mandy get her money back.

Mandy held the frightened baby in her arms and shed tears on the sofa all night. This was the beginning scene.

Wenwen said, "what's wrong with me? I feel sorry for him to work hard outside, so I try my best to take care of my family, but why does he only see that I don't have a job? he asked me to resign to support me."

most of the quarrels in the world are right or wrong, let alone love.

he swore that he was the one who raised you, but now he's the one who retorted. He has always been him, and the mistake is that you believe in "I raise you".

once you accept such an offering, it means that you have to do everything he wants and everything he wants. This

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people's first-class love is of course at the mercy of others.

the affectionate sentence "I raise you" before marriage has revealed its ferocious appearance after the precipitation of time, and has become full of accusations that "I raised you!"

what an irony it is for the love that once envied others.


there is a classic passage in King of Comedy. Yin Tianqiu said to Liu Piaopiao: I raise you.

when I was young, I don't know how many girls cried for this line.

but then I learned that there was never a free lunch in the world.

the phrase "I raise you" itself is a rose with thorns, enjoying the beauty of the flowers, you have to bear the risk of being stung.

I am convinced that when saying this sentence, men are not impulsive, but really full of love and connivance, from the bottom of their hearts to give girls a good life.

but slowly he will have a sense of superiority and feel that everything in your life is given by him. When he looks at you from that God's perspective, he is full of difficulties and dissatisfaction.

so he will no longer cherish you, or even despise you.

Love has no permanent shelf life, it will become more and more insipid with the passage of time.

and living needs not only sweet words, but also the courage to fight hand-to-hand with firewood, rice, oil and salt, and be willing to face the dusty face of life.

there is a famous saying on the Internet, "you are responsible for making money to support your family, and I am responsible for being as beautiful as flowers." You see, the premise of being raised is to be as beautiful as a flower, but those who serve the king with color will eventually grow old, then fall in love and love, love and grace.

how many girls mistakenly think that "I raise you" is dependent, a sense of security that lives no matter how stormy it is outside.

from now on, you don't have to worry about the sword and halberd of life, and you won't face the miserable wind and rain of society. You just need to feel at ease to be his little princess, let you act like a spoiled girl, take care of you, give way to you, and spoil you all your life.

but what about the truth?

most of the ups and downs in life are brought by the man you regard as everything.

maybe as the network joke says:

Look no further than lace long sleeve prom dress and shine like Venus rising from the sea. Explore our new merchandise online shop now!

Girls think that when a man says I raise you, it is the kind that allows you to grow flowers and recommend you at home, learn piano painting, practice yoga, go shopping with your sisters in the afternoon, drink afternoon tea, do manicure and apply your face.

in the eyes of men, I raise you because I want you to wash and cook at home, take care of your children, honor your parents and pass on to their families.


Yi Shu has a very "intelligent" female character, Xibao.

although he is only 21 years old, he knows clearly what he wants and what price he needs to pay for it.

so when she met a middle-aged man with rich wealth, she was willing to trade her youth and freedom for "I support you".

in the end, Xi Bao got his wish and put on a huge pigeon egg, but he also lost his goal and direction, and became a body without a soul that would only squander money, wasting his life.

all the gifts given by fate have long been priced secretly, and feelings, especially, to put it bluntly, is just an exchange of interests.

the experiment of "pairing men and women" by a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology illustrates this.

he recruited 100 young people, half male and half female, and affixed a number from 1 to 100 on their backs.

Experimental requirement: everyone goes to find a heterosexual pair, and then you can get the sum of the two numbers and multiply the bonus by 10.

because people can't see their own numbers, they try to form teams with high numbers, and as a result, those with large numbers are surrounded by members of the opposite sex.

at the end of the experiment, the professor said: marriage is an accurate matching game, the most important thing is how valuable you are.

you see, only a well-matched relationship can last long. If you want a stable and long-term relationship, you must first have the ability to match.

the word "raise" has always appeared only in "dog", "cat" and "pet" relationships, and should not have appeared in marriage.

Smart women all know that it is absolutely impossible to rely entirely on a man to become a rootless duckweed, because once there is a change, there will be nothing.

as Tang Jing advised Luo Zijun:

when two people are together, the one who makes rapid progress will always get rid of the one who stands still. In any case, women should have their own career, so that they will not be too passive in marriage, and will be able to choose their own life at any time.

Carina Lau also said: without economic independence, there will be no self-esteem; without ideological independence, there will be no autonomy; without personality independence, there will be no self-confidence.

only by yourself can you live a secure life without fear of wind and frost!


A good marriage is never one person discord behind another person's back, but two people facing the wind and rain side by side.

cut through difficulties with each other, in the baptism of the years by the original two independent life forms, a little bit run-in into a just circle, so that it is warm and strong enough.

the big tree in the sky can stand on its own, just because it is trying to take root. Although the attached dodder can leap to the branches in a season, it will die out after the severe cold and heat and be replaced by new ones.

Dear girl, it's good to marry love, but there's nothing wrong with giving yourself a way back in this happiness. It's hard but safe.

you have to believe that efforts will never be failed, and that there will be bright sunshine waiting for you at the end of all sufferings and setbacks.

encourage each other!


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.