When you are bored, you can take a look at these websites which are more boring than you.
When you are bored, you can take a look at these websites which are more boring than you.
People are really afraid of boring creatures.

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if it's really boring, take a look at these websites, which can not only help you kill time, but also make you exclaim "what am I doing?" (

gluttonous Snake + Tetris

the interface is very simple, the content is very evil web game. Here, you need to use a set of arrow keys to control Tetris and Snake games at the same time. Either side of the game over will lead to the end of the whole game.

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how difficult is this game? The high bar at the bottom of the page is very illustrative.

URL: grgrdvrt.com/codevember_2019/9_game/

Blank window

websites with a lot of blank windows can be dragged around, resized or stacked at will, but nothing else. Layers of windows may remind you of the old days when Windows crashed (Hello).

and the most time-wasting thought is: what's the bottom of all the windows?

URL: www.blankwindows.com

Maze Generator

as long as you enter parameters, this site will generate a maze map of specified size and shape for you, as many as you want. Relive the fun of playing maze charts in newspapers and magazines when you were a child.

URL: www.mazegenerator.net

this person does not exist

every time you refresh, the site shows a new portrait. What these photos have in common is that they are all synthetic images made by AI, and the people in them have never really existed in this world. The AI behind these photos is called StyleGAN, and it's from NVIDIA. These synthetic portraits have reached a high degree of simulation, but there are still some unnatural details that can be found when they are bored.

URL: thispersondoesnotexist.com

Voice Simulator

A simple voice simulator shows the structure of human vocal organs (extremely simplified version). Dragging to control the position of tongue and lips can produce different sounds, and you can choose pitch and sound intensity. Friendly tip: the sound of this website is very …... Magic, please control the volume, "always voice" this button is also recommended to turn off. For more details, see the video demonstration above.

URL: dood.al/pinktrombone

fluid Simulator

A simulated fluid made up of many fine particles flows around with the shaking of the mouse, you can adjust the fluidity and speed, and you can also change different perspectives.

URL: david.li/fluid/

virus coloring

if you visit a confusing website twice, you can't stop your boredom like a surging river. Then you can also try this very eye-challenging and patient activity: color the polio virus.

this picture is from Coloring Molecular Machinery: A Tour of the Protein Data Bank, a coloring book from the protein Database (Protein Data Bank), and the PDF version is available for free download on their website. Of course, to be fair, the other pages of this coloring book are not so evil.

URL: pdb101.rcsb.org/learn/coloring-books/coloring-molecular-machinery