When you are more and more silent, you don't want to say it.
When you are more and more silent, you don't want to say it.
May the rest of my life be quiet, smile Enron and bloom the most beautiful flowers.

I don't know when I became more and more silent and didn't want to talk.

I no longer like to argue with people, I am no longer in a hurry to complain to others, and I no longer worry about people and things that are not worth it.

as Mr. Lu Xun said: "when I am silent, I feel full; when I speak, I feel empty."

if you also become more and more silent, then congratulations on finally becoming a mature adult.

is not because the words are poor, but disdain to argue

when I was young, I used to argue with people about trifles.

if others say something unpleasant, they must use enough firepower to fight back.

if others express different views, they must win or lose by right or wrong.

in the end, those who lose are even more angry; those who win also waste a lot of time and energy, and the loss outweighs the gain.

have seen such a short story:

Rabbit and sheep are good friends. One day they discuss what is the most delicious food in the world.

the rabbit said it was a carrot and the sheep said it was green grass. The two men quarreled bitterly. In a fit of anger, they asked the wolf to be the referee.

Wolf swallowed and said, "the most delicious thing is not carrots or grass, but meat!"

and ate both the rabbit and the sheep.

in this world, many things are not absolutely right or wrong, and many people's cognitive level is not at the same level. Naturally, there will be many differences in views, which cannot be changed by a few words of argument.

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reasonable people don't have to argue at all; stubborn people can argue no matter how much they argue.

instead of entangling over little things that don't work out, it's better to keep silent and leave unrestrained.

as the saying goes, "still waters run deep, but wise men are silent."

A true wise man does not refute directly, but only thinks quietly; he can see through at a glance, but seldom says it.

they disdain to argue with others, not to do useless work, but to concentrate on practicing themselves.

only by not entangling with bad people, arguing with fools, and not being consumed by fools, can we unload our baggage and move forward light.

doesn't become indifferent, just learn to be bearish

when I was a child, I couldn't help telling others immediately when I came across a little thing:

when you see beautiful scenery, eat delicious food, meet someone you have a crush on, and when you are in a good mood, you always like to share your happiness with your friends at the first time.

I failed the exam, quarreled with my lover, and was disciplined by my boss. When I was sad, I would habitually talk to a friend all night. After spitting out my bitterness, I felt much more relaxed.

but gradually, you find that the messages you send are getting later and later and more perfunctory.

below your moments, there are few likes, and sometimes only one or two weird comments are left.

until one day, you see a beautiful sea of flowers and take a lot of beautiful pictures, but you don't know who to send them to.

you have been hit hard by your life. You can't sleep over and over all night. You can't find anyone to talk to through your address book.

you feel that you are sharing happiness, others only think you are showing off;

you feel that you are pouring out your pain, and others only think that you are pretentious.

instead of feeling sad about this kind of thing, it's better to look down on these relationships.

everyone has their own life to be busy, everyone has unknown bitterness and tiredness, it is impossible to revolve around you forever.

when you learn to be bearish, you will find a lot of things. in fact, there is no need to let others know, let alone say to everyone like Mrs. Xianglin.

when you are happy, just enjoy it; when you are in pain, just grit your teeth and carry it.

you don't have to disturb others all the time. You can still live a swaying life by yourself.

it's not that you become vulnerable, but that you grow up

once upon a time, we wrote all our joys and sorrows on our faces, laughed when we were happy, and cried when we were sad, for fear that others might not know.

now, we have learned to swallow what we say silently and be a quiet adult.

growing up, sometimes it's really just an instant.

when you experience the wind and frost of life and the warmth of the hearts of the people, you will find that no matter how powerless words are, it is not as good as a precious silence.

some people, when they see it clearly, look down on it and do not have to tear their faces.

if you look down on some things, you can forget about it, and you don't have to talk about it.

there are some things that are useless even if you say them. You might as well not say them at all.

some pain, doomed to no one to understand, slowly heal on their own.

half of your life is over, it is better to be silent.

Silence, not because the words are poor, but because the heart is empty; not because you become fragile, but because you have grown up.

you finally find that you can only go your own way, and your heart is stronger than before.

you don't need to prove yourself to anyone, you don't need to get attention from others, just do a good job of yourself silently, you can have your own splendor.

Life is short.May you not be slow, slow, restless, and walk gently and firmly.

, may the rest of my life be quiet, smile Enron and bloom the most beautiful flowers.

this book is published under authorization.