Whether a person loves you or not, just look at the details.
Whether a person loves you or not, just look at the details.
I hope you also meet the person with sense of security in the details as soon as possible.

when I went to my aunt's house for dinner last Saturday, I happened to meet my cousin taking my girlfriend home.

as soon as I entered the door, I saw my cousin coming out of his bedroom, then trotted to the kitchen and whispered to my aunt.

when he walked away, I went into the kitchen and asked my aunt what he said just now.

Auntie laughed and told me:

"he said the little girl couldn't eat anything too spicy, so he told me not to put too much chili peppers in the stir-fry later."

I laughed too, because in my impression, my cousin has always been a careless person, and he is famous for his carelessness in our family.

but in front of my future sister-in-law, I saw him who was completely different from before.

when we ate, each of us had only one bowl, but my cousin went to the kitchen to get an extra soup bowl for his girlfriend.

when picking up food, he will first put the first chopsticks into his girlfriend's bowl. His girlfriend didn't like it or couldn't finish it, so he naturally picked it up and ate it himself.

after dinner, we sat in the living room eating fruit. He also sent the first piece of fruit to his girlfriend's mouth.

his girlfriend murmured, and he knew what she wanted, and then he pulled out two paper towels and handed them to her.

he is very familiar with these movements, as if he had done them countless times in private, as if that's how they usually get along.

looking at them, I remembered a sentence:

"sometimes love doesn't require you to do something earth-shaking, but starts with details."

compared to sweet-talking sugar-coated shells, girls prefer the tenderness and thoughtfulness that naturally comes out of the details.

for example, he knows you are afraid of the dark, so he will leave you a bedside lamp every night when you go to bed.

for example, he knows that you will not eat on time when you are busy, so instead of telling you on Wechat to remember to eat, he will bring the meal directly to you.

this kind of inadvertently, not routine, but out of instinct, subconsciously care and care for a person, is the most sincere.

Li Yitong and Wang Yanlin chatted about Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin while chatting.

Li Yitong asked Wang Yanlin if he knew them, and Wang Yanlin said yes.

then Li Yitong said:

"when I saw the girl in his memo online, I thought it was so romantic. He remembers what she likes to eat cherries, her habits, she likes to laugh, these are very detailed things. "

then she said that when she took part in the "Harper's Bazaar" activity, Tang Yixin sat next to her, and Zhang Ruoyun also walked over.

there were countless people around there at that time, but only Tang Yixin was in his eyes.

"if you want to know who likes whom, look at them first, because they don't lie."

event, when everyone was walking into the meeting hall, he followed her all the time, helping her with her skirt.

she likes cherries, so he planted one at home.

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the day they first met, they went to a traffic light intersection. In order to commemorate this special day, he carried a mini traffic light back home.

his ankles are tattooed with the same lovers' tattoos as hers.

every time he talks about her, the corners of his mouth rise unconsciously.


True love never needs to be deliberate. If a person loves you, he will certainly make you feel his love in daily trifles.

there is always a moment that will make you feel that happiness is so simple.

the simplest happiness is often hidden in the most ordinary and real trivialities of life.

Life itself is bitter, but having a good lover and a good love can cure and fill most of the bitterness of life.

True love itself is never vanity floating on the surface, but tenderness and sense of security buried in details.

sometimes all it takes is a subconscious action, a firm look, a warm embrace, and a personal word, which can melt the hardness and dispel the tiredness.

"what really drives love is not strong love, but trivial time.

True love is also in the details. In his subconscious mind that he raised his hands and feet to protect you. "

the so-called happiness probably means that when you want to talk to someone about the bits and pieces of your daily life, you can clearly picture your lover's face in your mind.

Love is traceable, and those who love you can withstand any test.

the rest of my life is so long, I really hope you can meet someone who will give you full sense of security and tenderness in the details.

spoil you appropriately in the way you like and want.

, I hope you also meet the person with sense of security in the details soon.