Whether a woman is blessed or not can be seen by her mouth.
Whether a woman is blessed or not can be seen by her mouth.
May you continue to make your ordinary life interesting.

Happy people are always alike.

those women who have a good life have a characteristic, that is, they have a good mouth.

they are delicate and always have an insight into human nature, which makes people feel like a spring breeze.

day after day, while bringing warmth and kindness to others, I have also reaped a lot of blessings.

A woman who can talk had better be lucky

Chekhov said:

"A book is a note, but conversation is a song."

those women who can talk can always combine words into pleasant words.

it is comfortable and admirable.

Dong Qing is a talking woman who unleashes her high EQ charm as soon as she opens her mouth.

makes people have to sigh: "the belly is full of poetry and books."

in a Spring Festival Gala rehearsal, a singer accidentally fell on the stage.

in the face of such an emergency, Dong Qing not only wants to comfort the singer who fell, but also wants to give a decent account to everyone at the scene.

so she said calmly:

"the people who can stand on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala are the best people, and they all fall and get up before they get here."

words not only resolved the singer's embarrassment, but also praised all the performers of the Spring Festival Gala.

as a result, a small episode sublimated into a philosophy of life, and the atmosphere of the scene began to become active.

A woman who can talk is always welcomed and liked by others.

it is not so much that sajiao women have the best fate, it is better to say that women who can talk are the best.

their every word is to bond with people and make people happy.

my own road ahead becomes broad, and my life becomes happy.

the woman who knows silence is the noblest.

Dong Qing said:

"Women are the soul of a family, they carry a family with a broad heart, and warm every member of the family with love and companionship."

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Women are not only important figures in a family, but also half the sky in today's society.

they are burdened with innumerable pressure, and most of the time, they can only vent with words.

so women who know how to keep silent at the right time and find other outlets for their emotions are the wisest.

A woman who knows how to be silent speaks at the right time at work, and every word she says carries weight and is convincing.

they will neither lose their grip on others nor offend others, and they will be like a fish in water in their career.

A woman who knows how to be silent will shut up at the right time in the family and will not chatter endlessly and destroy the family relationship.

when family members are out of date, they always exhort them with good advice and try their best to be considerate.

they can make others feel guilty and apologize without shrew swearing;

they don't need to be unreasonable to let their children know what's wrong.

as a result, the family is harmonious and the marriage is happy.

the woman who knows how to be silent at the right time rather than arguing for reason is the most elegant and noble.

it is not only a man's blessing, but also a family's blessing to be able to join hands with such a woman.

A woman who likes to laugh had better be lucky

there is a saying like this:

"people who love to laugh won't have too bad luck, because people with bad luck can't laugh at all."

through a person's expression, we can see a person's mood, life state and state of mind.

happy people can't hide their smiles.

when they are expressionless, they also look kind-hearted.

approachable, it makes people feel that the more they look, the more they look.

A woman who loves to laugh can always give positive energy to the people around her.

make people positive and happy.

No matter how cloudy the weather is, it can be brightened by their smiles.

No matter how bad the mood is, it can be made clear by their laughter.

Life becomes interesting with such a woman.

Women who love to smile, it is not that they will not encounter difficulties, but that they will not be anxious, deal with them calmly and smile.

as a result, no matter how big the hurdle is, you can laugh it over.

A woman who loves to laugh is weak on the outside and strong on the inside.

being with a woman who loves to laugh can make the first ray of light in the morning illuminate all the beauty in the world.

A woman with a good mouth must have a Bodhisattva face and a compassionate heart.

they are lucky because they can talk, they are noble because they are silent, and they are lucky because they love to laugh.

every day, I am accumulating blessings for myself, changing my luck for my family, and making the road of life more and more smooth.

if you are such a woman, may you continue to make ordinary life interesting.

if your partner is such a woman, may you cherish and cherish it with your heart.